March 22nd, 2007

Wedding plans

So, as some of you may know, I am getting married. I will be getting married next week, but my actual wedding ceremony will be October 2008. I come to you for advice on how to lolify a wedding with out going too overboard.
Ideally, I want it at a bed and breakfast, outdoors, with only about 30 people. I am also on a budget, so I need your creative minds. I am open to hear any ideas, and maybe will even considering hiring an artist lolita to make my invitations or even wedding cake(if you are located in NY)
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Icons :)

Took a break from working on the new layout, and decided to make some icons (I wanted to look at pretty pictures, not ugly coding). Hopefully someone will be able to find some use out of one~


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After watching the "gothloli look" video in this thread and hearing the guy seemigly squak the words gothloli as if he were saying 'gawth lowly', I wanted to know how you prouncounce goth loli and the word lolita.

Do all Americans pronounce loli as in low-ly? Personally I say loli as Lolly, it sounds nicer. SO lol-ee-ta, kind of O.o; (I ask about Americans pronoucing it becuae they seem to pronounce things diffrently to EVERYONE else in the world or at least the ones I know. Think that Supersize me movie where the American says die-a-beet-us instead of dia-beat-ies. :p) Americans/English seem to pronounce their o's diffrently aswell.

What do you say folks?

what about ro-rita? :p

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I hope these aren't stupid questions- I've checked the memories, but I didnt see anything. Although knowing myself I probably missed something. But yeah-

What would be a nice way to uh..put my hair up? I have culinary class in school and it requires my hair to be up and out of my face. I cant do pig tails and the only hair I'm allowed to have near my face are bangs, or if my hair is too short to put up. I have seen a few pictures, but they're so elaborate and I cant seem to figure them out. :( My hair is a little longer than shoulder length, thick, and wavy. I'm also looking for something kinda simple since I dont give myself a lot of time in the morning. I know a lot of you are probably saying "Just put your hair up in a pony-tail!" but when I do it looks pretty sloppy. I'm sorry if this is silly.

And this is probably more sewing related, but I hope it's okay to ask here. I dont own many shirred items, but I was thinking of buying some. I'm trying to lose weight- so I figured something shirred would be ideal since it should still fit nicely when I lose weight, rather than having something oversized which I can no longer wear. But.... can I "over stretch" (Not sure about the right term) the dress/whatever? Like, if I wear it too much will it stretch out and never regain it's original form? If so, is there a way to fix that?

Once again, I apologize for my stupidity. And if something like this needs to be under a cut, please let me know.
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My first lolita photo post ^_^

Hello Everyone
Well today I went shopping and bought  a lovely shirt from a charity shop. I thought it would go well with a dress I bought a little while back, also from a charity shop! (i'm a charity shop whore!)
So I was wondering, is this dress to short?
My overall question is...Is it lolita? *_*'

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Picture request and... Stuff.

First off, I want pictures of sweet loli things that are in plaid. I got a gorgeous blue plaid fabric and I can't figure out what to make D: .

Also, I got a good deal on some AWESOME quality lace but the catch is, that it's colored (light blue to match my fabric, yay!!!). Will it look good on anything as long as it matches? I never really saw something with colored lace. Feel free to post pictures.
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My First Blouse!

Yay! I just made my first egl style blouse! Even though I've sewn for many years I don't think I've ever sewn a true egl garment. Every other time I've tried it starts out egl and turns into something unrelated. This is a protype blouse for future blouses.

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I learned a lot making it and hopefully my next blouse will be much better! In fact I think I start right now!
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Bizarre Question

Is it a faux pas to wear one brand into another brand's store? They would want the business right? So perhaps it wouldn't matter as much? (as long as you buy something? XD)
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Ring sizes??

Does anyone knows hoy does the meassuring ring size works for baby... cos I would love to buy the amblem one... the on with the big B on... but havent found anything up in the moemories...


ps... ( and very offtopic) dont you just love Baby cutsew stuff because it's way much cheaper and comfy? O_O

I do

1st Meta outfit ^^

I just recieved my first Metamorphose, actually lolita, dress today ^_^ As you can imagine, I am ecstatic. Anyway, I took pictures, and if anyone is interested, check them out here

And thanks again to everyone who gave me advice in my prior post ^_^
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(no subject)

How long, on average, does it take for Baby dresses to arrive in the US, from the first email? (Assuming you do the payment ASAP)

Also, how much does shipping cost on average for a one piece?

Sorry for such n00b questions...but I'm buying my first-ever brand dress for prom, and I need to know if it will get here in time (because I don't want to have to sew it...) Thank you for your help ♥
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Question (stupid maybe)

Is there a shopping service who doesn't require the buyer to pay the price beforehand (deposit) for a reservation good before it gets released?

Like, I submit my order and they (shopping service) wait till it is released and want you to pay then? (I mean Meta charges you when the items are released). Or does the site want them to pay right after reserving?

It's me being HOPEFUL. Beause I have the funds ready when the timeline for the reservation is due/over. I have to transfer my money to my paypal account and that takes some days.