March 21st, 2007

6p asuna x kirito

Angelic Pretty Shoe Question

I've been wanting to buy shoes for a while now to go with the blackxwhite lucky pack I bought but I don't know which ones to get. I'm not fond of the newer Tea Party shoes because I don't like flat shoes. ^^;; So I'm looking at the other shoes with higher heels but for some reason there's no way to order it directly from the website. Does anyone know how to go about ordering them?
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Can lolita be cocktail attire?

I've been invited to a very exclusive club with a strict dress code. According to thier dress code I need a cocktail dress. While I know lolita is more formal, I'm not sure it would be considered appropriate cocktail attire. I was planning on making a dress this week anyway and was going to wear it to this event. However, my sister told me that it wouldn't be ok (she isn't stupid about lolita), so now I'm not sure if I should wear it.

Cuuu~ute Swimsuits!

Hello everyone! Hope you had a good day ^_^ Just a quick little post to share something I saw today! I was out with my mom looking around at Target when I saw a cute white ruffled bikini with little strawberries printed on it! There was also a (less ruffle-y) bikini with a pink background and strawberries, which I can't find on Target's site. Here's a link if you are interested in the white one, though: cute white top to which the model does no justice XD, the matching bottom, and a bonus pink and blue plaid ensemble with EYELET LACE!! &hearts~ Enjoy, gals! It's so hot where I live x.x If only they made cute onepieces... I'm kinda shy v.v Anyone seen any cute onepiece bathingsuits?? :D
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Swimmer phones

Hey girls..

I was wondering something from owners of the Swimmer headphones. I used mine for the first time today, and admittedly it was pretty extensive use, but I was gentle with them and made sure they didn't get bumped around or hurt. Yet already there's a problem; it has something to do with the metal piece that you put into the headphone jack. Whatever it is, it's making only the left speaker play, while the right ear is silent. I know it's the fault of the metal jack part because when i move that part around, it "fixes" itself on and off (know what I mean?), but when i just let it go it's broken again.

I was wondering how everyone else finds the quality of their headphones, and how much you use them? I have to say I'm pretty disappointed. I'm going to take them to Radio Shack and see if they can't replace the part, because I like the design of the phones so much, but I really expected better quality.

Sorry if this is too off topic, I'll get rid if it is; but I really am curious to hear input.

Victorian Maiden Contact?

Goodevening all, I tried emailing VM using one of the email addresses listed on the websites contact page. However, not long after sending out the email it bounced back. Does anyone know of an email address that works? Any help is appreciated! Many thanks.
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phoenix wright

Lolita motifs~

Discussion time ^_^ Obviously there are themes/motifs that show up over and over again in the brands/wherever (candy, bows, strawberries, fairytales, crowns, etc.). So the question is... which frequent motif do you like best? Which do you hate? DX And what themes do you wish showed up more often?

I personally love crowns and bows... <33 Also piano keys! (thanks, IW!) Florals too, although I don't know if that can even be considered a theme, really. As for my least favorite, I reaaaaaally don't like poodles. :/ I feel like they give a skirt or whatever way too much of a sterotypical "poodle skirt" look, like the 50s. I dunno. Not my thing...

As for more often, I think it's weird that strawberries and cherries are on so many things but not other cute fruits like apples. o.o I'd like other fruits. Also like.. little bees or birds maybe. It'd also be awesome if there were less sterotypically girly themes--I want dinosaurs! :D Not likely though.. guess I'll have to make my own! ^_^;

Picture Post!!!!!! *o*

Good evening all of you lovely lolitas out there in internetland! ^.^ *hello* *hello*

So. Some time ago, I remember reading a post about lolita-themed rooms, so I finally got around to taking some pictures of my own humble abode!

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Carry on...

EDIT: I fixed the codes now! >.<
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Less Talk, More Rock

The other day my dear friend industrialkitty came over for cookies and tea. AND, most importantly, to pick up her part of the Meta order we'd done recently. When she got her skirt on we noticed that it was a) super-DUPER cute and b) made of the very same material as my blue Marine Stripe jumperskirt. Aaaaand since my house is but a few short blocks from the beach, we took a walk to take some photos. Only trouble was, this is Chicago, and therefore the beach was still half frozen!

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