March 20th, 2007

Realistic-looking wigs

This may have been posted before, but I could not find anything in the memories, so hopefully this question is okay. Has anyone bought a lolita-ish wig or any wig for that matter with fairly good or excellent quality from an ebay store (preferably for a somewhat cheap price)? I'm not sure if I should steer clear of cosplay wigs or not. Some of them look too shiny...

harajuku map

^_^ I'm agmenting my harajuku map and was wondering if you folks have any suggestions?
we all know about the gothic and lolita stores there,... but what about other stores that you might enjoy while you are trekkin to laforet? Hopefully this is allowed since it will help G&L shoppers have a nice well-rounded exploration.

could you suggest your favorite restuarants and interesting stores in harajuku?
(if possible please include street maps, addresses and/or websites...)

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Just out of curiosity...

Because so many people have talked about their parents not liking lolita. And how they had to hide it from them....

Lets have a discussion about it. Talk about your experience with your parents, guardians and etc.

Personally (and I know this isn't at all what anyone would expect from me) I hid my lolita clothing from my parents for the longest time. My grandmother was the only one who really liked my dresses. My father was strictly against it, as he thought I was involved in some strange sex thing. My mother hated it because she thought I was asking for rape.

I always thought this was funny though because as a lolita you have more body parts covered and hidden than in any other fashion.

What do you all think? Who has had similar experiences? Who has had different ones? Discuss.

cork bottom shoe pictures

Hello, I am in the planning stages of a shoe customization project, and I was wondering if anyone could post some pictures of the Cork bottom shoes that were such a fad a bit back? ( or still are? I have not seen them on the Brand sites much anymore, but maybe thats because they sell out so much?)
Close ups of the shoes are even better!

Much thanks
side face anime by icon_kitten

(no subject)

This is pretty late seeing as Im actually due, and maybe not appropriate for this community, but Im having a baby girl and I still havent found the perfect name, Ive been busy trying to make very lolita based clothes for my little living doll, and I just thought I'd ask, what would be your perfect lolita name? Does anyone (even privately) have an alter ego lolita name? Its just people are so creative here and so much about lolita encompasses my vision for her, just looking for suggestions that I might not find anywhere else.


Im sure there are some messed up people in this world that want a baby as a doll. I say 'doll' as an affectionate term just as i would say 'swetie and sugarpie'. I actually dont even dress lolita I just love the creative beauty of some of the people in this community. Some lolita looks are inspired litterally by little girls are they not? I just happen to 'invision' my little girl to be beautiful, as Im sure all expectant mothers do. I have no idea of her personality and i carnt wait to see who she choses to be. She isnt going to be dressed "lolita" i just wanted to make a few original outfits for my baby so she isnt dressed in the same 'winnie the pooh' outfit that i see on every second baby.

There are obviously people here who want to twist this into somthing sad just people looking for an argument as I should have expected for livejoural i guess. Thankyou to people that actually understood I was just looking for unusual femminine names from as i said creative people.
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Confusion with baby?

Ok so I wanted to order a skirt from BABY. I received a response the next day, they said the skirt was not in their stock but they could look for it in their stores. I replied with "Yes, please" and it's been two days and I haven't received any response.
Well, yes, I know baby takes a lot of time for reply, but my first email was answered really quick.

Main problem is, when I sent the order it was to, and when they replied it was from And of course, I sent my response to the second email, and I don't know if I did it wrong. Should I sent my response to

Thank you lolis :)

Pricing Question^_^

Hello everyone^^ I'm new here but had some questions.

I'm planning on opening a small store on ebay for headdresses that I'm making.

How much would be the smart thing to sell them for? I've looked and most stores have them at buy it now at 20, is that a good price, or so so.

Input would be lovely >^_^<

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pink princess

terribly confused.

So I have been diligently hunting for a dress to wear to my senior prom (May 24th). I've looked at a great deal of classic dresses (see public posts in my journal if you're interested; they're tagged as 'polls' but are also on top.)

I've been checking Mary Magdalene and Victorian Maiden for updates lately hoping to find a dress I liked better than they had recently. I've found several I like particularly, including this. But after I clicked around a little, I see that it's estimated to arrive in June if reserved now? I have never used a shopping service before (leaning towards Celga) nor have I ever shopped at Mary Magdalene. I'm not sure if I have missed the window on these dresses, or how long it would take to arrive (i.e. arrive in time!) If someone could explain it to me I'd be very grateful, as I'm rather languishing right now. @_@
What was once...

Gothic Lolita Artist

My apologies if this site has already been presented here. Just tell me and I'll delete it.

I just discovered this japanese artist. Her website design is very "gothic lolita" and a lot of her artwork is also. I find it adorable. I wanted to share it with you ^_^x. Please go take a look at the gallery! ♥.

Click here to access the main page
Artist: Tama
Website: Suigyo no magiroari

Lolitasnap is up in its last beta version, I think most of the bugs are removed now, but I changed servers so not everyone will see the site yet. Everyone should see it within two days.
I hope you'll like the site, I have spent more time on that site than what's healthy so I really hope you enjoy it;)