March 19th, 2007

Ugh..Not another Rocking Horse Shoe Question...

Sorry I know everyone is tired of blah blah blah rocking horse shoes.  But I looked in the memories and I saw nothing that answers my question.  

I know Double Decker shoes have a wood heel. They also have the special where for $100  you get 2 pairs of shoes. But with Shipping to the U.S it makes the total go to $175. Giving you a value of $87.50 for each shoe.

With Ling Lam she has a wider variety of styles but hers are foam and thus cheaper.  Depending on what style you get the shoe (including shipping) costs $62-$75 dollars.  So in essence I could get 2 pairs of her shoes for cheaper than 2 of Double Deckers.  

Now at this moment the money isn't the issue.  So the real question (s) Is (and I know this has been asked before but I couldn't find the page) Which is easier to walk in, has more comfort.  And also which shoe has the better value the Wood or Foam?  I have head stories of the Foam easily scuffing. The leather is sometimes cheap and scuffs also. But the wood shoe Dents easily and sometimes may have the same problem with the leather. So my question again is which shoe has the better value, is more comfortable, and is longer lasting.  I am VERY hard on shoes. For example I have to buy a new pair of white tennis every 3 months because after 3 months they look dingy and like I had them for 3 years instead of 3 months.  So I am looking for the shoe that some would say is longer lasting and thus has the best value.
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I'm sorry if this post isn't particularly useful to anyone, but I do recall that a while back someone posted asking for Lolita shops in Hong Kong.

Well, a few months ago, I managed to stumble upon a Lolita store, not in Hong Kong exactly, but in Shanghai, China, called Westmend.

According to the employees there, Westmend's a small Lolita brand located in China but with a Japanese designer. It has three or four shops around Shanghai.

The website is

I don't know if the shop ships internationally and to be honest, I haven't gotten much of the site to load on my computer. When the catalog does load, the images for the clothing doesn't.

I bought a coat and a petticoat at the shop, and the quality does seem to be pretty good.

The coat was about 980RMB, equaling around $126. If any of you do manage to order from the site or are in Shanghai anytime, I think buying from there'll save quite a bit of money, since the type of coat I bought probably would have cost at least $200 elsewhere.

I hope that bit of info is useful. I've been lurker for some time now, so I thought I'd post.

~ Constance
red Fashion Show Photo Share #1

What made this event special was the venue and the audience. It was a mainstream fashion show and a semi-formal event. We were brought in to bring something new to the show. XD We are proud that we are bringing the fashion we adore into a wider range of audiences and competiting with the traditional styles.

There was a total of 25 outfits showcased so there weren't enough petticoats to go around, please forgive the lack of poof in a couple of the skirts.
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Meta Pannier Dissapointment?

I recieved my metamorphose organdie pannier in the mail today, and I have to say after all the reports of its legendary poofiness.. I'm a tad dissapointed. Its soft and fluffy organdie allright, but there's not much of it.. and it seems to do only an average job of giving shape to a very light skirt (I tried it with an Angelic Pretty cotton and chiffon skirt for example). I don't know, maybe their quality has dropped a bit since others on this community ordered it? I was just hoping for something that would give a fuller shape to my skirts and well, I've seen tulle panniers that do a better job.

Has anyone else been similarly dissapointed or do you have tips for washing it to improve the poof etc?
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Contacting anis_faye/Lorelei

You guys are probably getting sick of these posts, but really do need to get in contact with her. As most of you know, there was a Ling Lam Group Order that took place last year in which items were sent out to people in December. According to an earlier post, mine was sent back to anis_faye since Australia apparently has size issues with boxes =/ Since my mum was the one who paid for my dresses, she's been hounding me every week about it and I'm just getting sick and tired of her nagging.

So, I was just wondering (or hoping) if that there are people on this community that can get in contact with anis_faye and ask her a few things for me regarding me order. I know there was another girl who replied to one of my earlier posts who also lives outside the US and hasn't recieved her packages either (sorry, I don't remember your username =[ ).

If you are able to contact anis_faye, I beg of you to do a favor for the small group of girls on this community who have yet to recieve anything or have not been able to contact her due to distance or lack of comminication details and give her a call and ask some questions for us.

My questions:
  1. Have my dresses been sent out?
    • If so, when?
    • If so, does it have a tracking number?
  2. If not, when will they be sent?
    • If not, can she include a tracking number on it?
To those who have comments or questions for anis_faye, please post in here.

If you can contact anis_faye in one form or another, please post in here and do a group of us a favour.

Thank you~
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Shoes question

Hello everyone, I have a brief and in my opinion rather specific question regarding shoe's toe shapes that I'd like you to share your opinions on !

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Comments are much appreciated. Thanks in advance !
(edit: Wow, I noticed there are quite a few shoe questions lately ! Or is it just me ?)
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Quick question! Did Fanplusfriend discontinue their crown shoes? I've been waiting for them to be put back up on the site and am kinda wondering if anyone knows. Thanks! [edit: if anyone has an image of them that'd be pretty hardcore too.]


video clip help

So sorry if this is too vague but I need help!

i have been looking everywhere for a video clip i am sure was posted on here.

It has 3 Japanese chicks and they're wearing wa-loli/decora style outfits.

Film clip is probabaly j-pop , very happy, up beat and lots of colour and dancing.

if ANYONE has anything REMOTLEY close I will be sooo apprecative!

Thank you so much in advance!
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question about finding a cage

I love this Suppurate System necklace here: and I was wondering if any of you guys knew where to get miniature cages like that so that I could make myself something similar.

I've tried ebay, but the cages there are too small and attached to stands. Are there any good websites out there? Or do any of you think I might be able to find something similar at a craft store like Michael's or Beverly's?

Thanks for your help!
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