March 18th, 2007

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Photo post: my birthday

My birthay was in February. I, being a loner, didn't have any friends to invite to a party. So, I decided to celebrate by dressing lolita, going to a teahouse, and visiting Vizcaya Museums and Gardens. This was my first time wearing lolita in public and I was really nervous about the negative comments of others.

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Hair help!!!

I'm going to be helping my friend do her hair for an upcoming meetup & I need some help as to how to accomplish the hairstyle she wants. She wants to do the following style: Collapse )

The hairstyle is from the GLB Hair & Makeup special. Here are the instructions it comes with. If someone could translate the instructions or explain how to make her hair look like this, we would be very very grateful :D

Also, I'm at a total loss for what I should do with my hair. This is what my hair currently looks like (minus the pink). My outfit is a cross between classic & punk. Any ideas would be most welcome. Instructions would be an added bonus =^_^=

Art Post

So, I am infatuated with Angelic Pretty's art style. So I tried it out. It didn't turn out so great because I used traditional materials instead of a computer. So I think I'll just leave this drawing style to the original artist, who does it wonderfully.

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Pictures of You in Your Rocking Horses?

I've been wracking my brain for days now trying to decide on what style of Rocking Horse shoes to buy. I can only get one pair right now, so I’m trying to get the most versatile. If you have a picture of yourself dressed up and wearing Rocking Horses, would you mind sharing it with me? I'd love to see what clothing styles you’re putting with which Rocking Horse shoe style. =)

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Hey gals!

Hope you all are having a good day. :) I would like to request your help and suggestions in deciding what to do with some gorgeous fabric I bought a while ago!! I would really appreciate it~ &hearts

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Thanks for looking! ^_^
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New dress! A great find!

I found this jsk at the Valley Markets (Brisbane) for $60. For those who don't know the Valley Markets is a big outdoor, weekend market that's thrown in the artsy part of Brisbane town, lots of cool second hand stalls and jewellery.

Please excuse craptacular photographs, no one loves me enough to hold the camera still and take a picture of me.

What's worst is that I put on make up and pretty shoes and the photos show none of that DX I suck.

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