March 17th, 2007

【food】 → カプケク


hello, does anyone know if 6%dokidoki ships internationally?
if not, does any know of a place that sells 6%dokidoki and ships internationally?
I tried yahoo!jp auctions and suprisingly enough there's nothing there. :[ [I was looking it up on rinkya.]

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Lolita Fashion- The essay!

I don't knoww if this is allowed, but I wrote an essay about lolita fashion {what it is, how it a way of life, etc.} as part of this home-study writing program I'm in. Anyway, since we're all lolita-chans here, I figured "Why not share it with the community?"

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Socks with lace - wash?


Okey, my white Btssb socks with lace is dirty. I need to wash them. But how do I do it the best? Should I just wash the foot, over part and just stay away from the lace?

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[Culture] 125 magazine

I just bought the new 125 and it's dedicated to Japan. Besides being full of super incredible photography it also has pics of two lolitas and a bunch of cool looking people. I decided to scan the two lolitas for egl_portugal but i thought i should post them here too.
I really recomend this edition for all the japan fans out there especially if you're an artistic person.
It cost me 15 euros (due to import price) but it says £6.99 on the cover.

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Angelic Pretty - Bunnytheme


Does anyone have AP official pictures on anything in that bunnytheme? Hope you all now what things I mean, for example it was some cute socks with a little bunny and ribbons that you tied crisscross over your leg. Skirts and dresses with a cute bunny application...

Best regards
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Guuuh. Need Stain Removing Help.

YES I CHECKED MEMORIES THX--and I could only find posts on completely white or completely black clothing.
My problem is this: today while I was out shopping I got a mystery stain on my green BTSSB sweet check one piece. The stain is pretty small, but it is noticeable and it looks like coffee to me.
How can I get the stain out without ruining the fabric? I've heard that some brand fabrics bleed color (ie. black fabric turns white lace gray)...will this fabric bleed do you think? What would be most effective? Would dry cleaning ruin it?
Any input would be appreciated.
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BETH Photo request

Blah beth site is not working for me and im trying to get the pictures for art purposes but i cant T_T so if anyone has pictures of the girls in the clothes from Beth POSTPOSTPOST

ALSO i saw a picture with two girls in lolita clothes, obviously proffessional and they had animal heads (this was a photo) and i assume it was beth because of t heir front page picture.. does anyone have photos from that?

Cupcake Lolita!

Inside Mini Hat?

I was wondering if anyone who owns a Brand Mini Hat or Hats could possibly take a photograph of the inside of the hat? I am looking to make a mini hat and I am not sure of how to attach the ribbon to the inside. If anyone can help, please send your photos to doona_chick @ yahoo . com . au

The more photos the merrier ^^ 

Thank you,


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lace, trims and such

Hi, I am new to this community so I hope this question will not be too off topic.. Anyhow, I was wondering where is the best place to get high quality lace, trims, cotton eyelet, etc.. I can only find cheap looking sheer cotton eyelet in the stores (from toronto) ... so is there a good place I could buy from online? I have never bought from cheaptrims before.. how is the quality? Also I noticed I missed the group order.. will there be one organized soon? 

T_T sorry for so much Qs.. Thanks!

Tigger & Rabbit

What's Mai Ozawa's e-mail?

Meh, I hate to ask the comm more questions about shopping services, but...Mai Ozawa's "About Me" page on ebay doesn't seem to be working, and I really wanted to ask her a question about something I wanted her to bid on. Could anybody give it to me? I didn't save it, and I just knew I should have...

Finally...does anyone know her buyer name on mbok? I have a suspicion I might have won the thing I asked for, but I'm not sure yet...(it's been two days, and no reply from her yet!)