March 16th, 2007

Prom Hair

Being a high school senior and all, prom is rolling around the corner and I'm freaking out like a bug on sticky paper.
I'm sewing myself a lolita prom dress (lordy lordy I haven't started yet!) because I'm too busy gathering up ideas.

The most important question is "WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY HAIR"?
My hair has been generally short for years and for prom I've decided to grow it out. It didn't seem to grow out as long as I hoped so I'm in the "middle" stage where it's not exactly long, but it's not short either.

Pictures and more questions under lj-cut :D
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Bust magazine article

Hoping this isn't a dupe. If it is, let me know and I'll delete. I haven't seen anything yet and I'm pretty up-to-date on egl.

I don't know how many of my fellow lolis read Bust magazine, but there's a pretty good article in there about gothic lolita. I read through the whole thing and it's not bad. They use real street snaps, talk to people from Gothic & Lolita Bible and give a pretty accurate representation of what gothic lolita is and what it is not. They even go into descriptions of a few substyles.

So, next time you're at your favorite book store, take a look!


Not sure if anyone's seen this... But...

I came across this the other day, I'm also a big fan of BJD's as much as I love Lolita. (*_* )

I'm sure we had the VOLKS & h.NAOTO, also BtSSB & BPN before. But this is recent I'm guessing, considering it's Dolpa in Osaka 3 & she's limited. Anyway, enough BJD rambling and onto the BABY dress! (needs moar race? XD) (thank you  __averagepsychofor the extra link! o(^.^)o)

Mods please feel free to delete if this post isn't relevant (^^ );;


I know people have posted individual things about their phones, but I wanted to make a biiig thread just for fun.

What does your cell phone look like? Pictures of mine: One, Two. (Pink Razr with BTSSB Key  Charm + a Suigintou Charm from Rozen Maiden)

What ring tones do you use? My current ringtone is *Glamorous* by Fergie, but I keep an odd sort on my phone specifically for when I wear lolita. It's more fun to hear KILL EM AND ROB EM AND BEAT EM AND DUMP ALL HIS BODY PARTS INTO MY TRUNK when you're wearing a frilly, pink dress at a bus stop.
Other songs I use:
Body Parts 2 - Three 6 Mafia
Body Parts 3 - Three 6 Mafia
Dead Men Don't Talk - Indo G (feat. Project Pat)
D Suckin' H - Three 6 Mafia
Kyomu no Naka de no Yuugi - Malice Mizer
Le Ciel - Malice Mizer
Ridin' Clean - Project Pat
Saffron's Curse - Cradle of Filth
T'es Pas Cap - Ilona Mitrecey
Rozen Maiden Traumend Opening Theme
V For Extreme - (DDR Song --> Originally Vivaldi)
Aijisai Ai Ai Monogatari - Biyuuden
Dinosaur comics

Twin Loli

Twin loli coodinate help!

I'm putting together a set of twin loli outfits for a friend and myself. We have the same build, height and the same length hair (her is brown and mine is blonde). Our dresses are blue and white seersucker stripes with matching head bows. We also both have white blouses for underneath and white socks.
Picture >
Close up of fabric >

My question is: What color shoes should we wear?

We both have black shoes but mine are RH and hers are MJ. I have white shoes. . but she dosen't. And neither of us have navy shoes to match the dress.
(Let me knwo if I need to put this under a cut)
Remember... The Magic

Cruse outfit request

Good day fellow lolita! I come to-day with a request.
In a few months, I'll be going on a cruse with my friend. Now, because I don't want to bring anything brand on the boat with me, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a cute outfit which I could make and bring instead.
Cruses have always struck me as something which a proper sailor lolita would love (what with being pampered and enjoying the sun) but I've been having trouble finding dresses that would be cute and apporpriate for the holiday.
I would love any suggestions for outfits that you think are cruse-friendly so I can get to sewing. :3
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Btssb - Skirtwaist?


I just wondering how far Btssb skirts can stretch? It often says waist: 64 cm, but then it seems to be quite often a strecth part in the back. So is it 64 cm if you strecth that part ore is it like 68 cm?

Best regards
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Which brand for a tall girl?

So, my sister is in Japan right now. In Taiwan, she bought me some kind of Vivienne Westwood jewelry for my birthday (ekks!). She's promised to buy me a JSK (which I will have to pay her back for, of course) and I don't want to waste her time. I'm six feet tall and a US size 8-10. What brand would fit me most likely? I've already given her the map and directions to get to Meta in Tokyo, but I love Baby's and I don't know if they'll fit.

Any suggestions? Even if it's an indie brand, she can get to it in Tokyo. Remember, the main problem is height and bust size (waist is not an issue.)

(Look! That's my leg over there!)
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Rose Chocolat's "drawers":

Has anyone bought a pair of these and if so how are they? I assume they are just really short bloomers?

I bought some bloomers and ebay and sad to say was less than impressed (should have known). I'm going to need some better ones when I can afford them.


I went snap cruising at the BLOOD concert in Hollywood last Monday March, 12.
There were many loli's and seeing BLOOD was like they walked right out of a page from the previous Gothic & Lolita Bible. At times I felt like I was in Japan, when I talked with Japanese loli's that showed up. They were pretty good live too. Enjoy ^_^

Hope you enjoy the shots they are all located in a directory here:
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