March 15th, 2007

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Red Coat Photo Post

I promised to get more pictures of the red coat I made a while ago. Now finally (3 months later) I have some to share... It did not turn out as lolita as I had planned, but I like it anyway. Buttons still not added due to Denmark apparently suffering from a national shortage of red buttons. Critique is welcome although I'm probably not going to alter it any more. Originally I was going for the sweet look but it ended up being more classic ^^.

Last night J and I went out for a walk and I convinced him to take some photos.

Me: Okay, I'm ready... No wait, I just have to take this call.

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Partly x-posted from my own journal. There are some more pictures in my journal that I didn't want to spam the community with as they weren't strictly lolita.
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Colourful socks - coordination?


Do anyone here have any general tips how to coordinate socks with patterns (candy, bows, strawberries..) to skirts/dresses?

I have so major problem with that so I always tend to use just plain black ore white knee socks with lace. But I really like all those cute socks with pattern, but I chicken out when it comes to buying them >_<

Every other girl here seems to do it really great, but I don’t want to copy right away a coordination.

Best regards
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rakkasei-mini by [nks]


today is the day before finals start
so decided to dress up to cheer my spirits X3
not strictly lolita, but lolita-inspired punk or something, that i do all the time XD

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Lolita Ad Art! <3

So the Oregonian newspaper has a design an ad contest for 4-12 graders each year, and this year, my art teacher made it an assignment. We got to choose from a bunch of companies so I thought...which would be the most rori? x) SO I ended up doing Oaks Amusement Park. If I win, I'll probably buy loli with the prize money. Wish me luck!

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If this is inappropriate, or someone else has already made a post about this, please feel free to delete it. 

I went onto the new lolitasnap today, and i was happy to see that we can now make an account. So I made my account, uploaded pictures to "my gallery" and such However, I found it really confusing. In the main community gallery there were bizarre pictures and such. I take it that the site is not finished yet? Or did I miss navigate? Hmm... Is everyone else experiencing this?

Lolita sims?

I checked through the etc and dolls categories of the memories, but couldn't find anything related to this so...

Does anyone here play Sims/Sims 2? I recently picked up the game and I desperately want some pretty lolitas so I can create a neighbourhood just for them!

I have an account over at and I found one lolita dress there.

The only other "lolita" type Sims I've found are this one and this one. They're absolutely beautiful (I can't believe Sims can be so pretty!) and have lovely loli hairstyles, but no clothes that go with them. D:

Anyone here know where I can find some nice loli Sims and meshes?

Necklaces I made

I had a whooooooole lot of beads and trims and jewelry findings sitting around, so I set myself a challenge to make some necklaces from only what I had on hand already cause I spend far too much buying supplies to make stuff. These are my results. Not purely loli...some of it's really much more suited for EGA and stuff.

It was really fun to make, and I ended up with a whole bunch of stuff that's totally different from what I'm used to making as well. =D

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Tigger &amp; Rabbit

Your experiences with alteration

Dear lolitas,

So...I messed up. I really wanted the BtSSB Sleeping Beauty Shirred JSK, and it's gone. And nowhere to be found on Yahoo Japan, except for the non-shirred version. After e-mailing and WTBing and all that, I'm...frustrated. I'm sure it will probably pop up somewhere in a few months, but I have this little bubble of money that I'd like to spend on that silly JSK.

Now, the non-shirred Sleeping Beauty JSK is still available...and being that I really want it, I'm thinking of just getting that instead. Problem measurements are 40-36-40 inches (101-91-101 cm) and the non-shirred version is way too small for me. So I was thinking...what about alteration? I could send it away somewhere, to be shirred in the back so that I could fit into it. However...that might be a REALLY BAD idea. My question...have any of you altered dresses by adding shirring/elastic so it fits? And who have you sent it to? I was thinking ITS, but I also don't want to ruin a perfectly beautiful JSK by altering it too much.

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