March 14th, 2007


more stretch fabric

So i was out, once again in search of stretcy lace for foam falls and went to joanns fabrics (and found it there) and then went to hancock fabrics in search of the black fabric with rusching (i don;t know how to spell!) and i found them. So heres for USA lolis what fabrics are there.

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Lolita - Roses

[thesis question] brand openings

Hello everyone!

I'm contextualizing Lolita in popular culture for my thesis, but found myself coming up a little short in one department. Could anyone out there tell me when brands like Angelic Pretty, Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden and the like were established?

Specifically, I'm really looking for brand stores that opened in the early part of the 1990s, a period that falls within the worst of Japan's economic recession. Right now I have Baby (1988), metamorphose (1993) and Atelier Boz (1995).

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

EDIT: I edited the date on Baby. I'm a retard and sick so I hit the wrong key. DX
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Harvey- farscape

Design help?

I drew a design that I originally meant for a solid colour fabric, but when I returned from the store I had a patterned one (it was a that or nothing type of situation). So elements that were included before that made the design work would not work for the pattern. So they had to be x-ed. I changed it around and thought that it would work. But I've found I'm none too thrilled with the results. So if anyone has some helpful suggestions of just honest critiques, I would love to hear them.

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glasses loli

I've Got a Brand New "Palasol"!

Hello everyone!

I just received my brand new, brand name parasol--score! I was lucky enough to be on Meta's website at the right time (and thanks to some quick alerts here on EGL that parasols were back in stock!).

So i thought i'd pose around a little bit with it, since i love it like crazy! It's perfect now that the weather's warming up and the sun's out more.

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Thank you! ♥

F+F shipping question

I plan to make a large order from F+F and have a question about their shipping. One of the skirts I am getting is made out of PVC ( ZOMG how un-loli of me!!!). I was wondering if any of you have bought something made out of PVC from F+F. How do they ship it? Do they dust it in baby powder, or something similar to prevent from sicking or melting?
Mary Jane Feet

San Francisco Meet-Up

After many years I'll be back in San Francisco! I'm very excited and was wondering if anybody would be interested in meeting up at Golden Gate Park? Sunday April 1st seems the best day according to my schedule as I'll only be there a couple days. Please comment if interested and we'll work out a time!

EDIT: I just had a stroke of brilliance that solved all my stressful problems right now. Another poster was planning on meeting on the 31st so 31st it is now that I can!
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Kino gun

(no subject)

Meet up posts! Lots of meet up posts lately, so I thought I'd ask...

Are there any lolis here from Nevada, in particular Las Vegas? This spring break I'll be traveling a lot (a stay in New Mexico, a short trip to Colorado, then 3 days in Las Vegas) and I'm kind of tempted to bring something cute to Las Vegas with me. I don't have much in particular to do though. I'm going with my boyfriend because he's never been there, and I want to show him all the neat stuff on the strip and wander around AND SEE PENGUIN *_* (omg Flamingo). Does anyone else think it might be silly to wear loli on the strip? I think hey, it's a weird place, why not? Has anyone else done this?

Help me identify the brand of these shoes!

Okay, so I have this one pair of shoes that I keep seeing people wearing. And I really really like them. But I'm not really sure about the brand. They look kind of Angelic Pretty to me, but I thought that I'd ask you guys since I can't seem to find them on the angelic pretty website. Um...i feel kind of stupid but I found this one picture of someone wearing the shoes, so I just went on to paint and cut out her face so that I don't just post her picture up without consent XD. So if these are your feet....sorrry....tell me and i'll take it down. 
If this isn't really appropriate, or it's spamming up the community feel free to delete this.

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