March 13th, 2007

Liv Tyler

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I need some help quickly! Crescent Shop said they can preorder this blouse for me but I'm having trouble understanding MM's measurements.

From babelfish:

Posterior waist length 53cm
Bust 90cm west 69cm
Shoulder length 31cm (puff sleeve amount is not included)

I have no clue what posterior waist is, and whether or not "west" is the actual waist or whatnot. I also don't know if these measurements are maximum or minimum.

My measures are:

Waist: 62cm (24 inches)
Hips: 84cm (33 inches)
Chest: 79cm (31 inches)
Shoulders: About 32-34cm

I am extremely thin (100 lbs, 5'6) so I always thought that MM would fit me, but I really can't make heads or tails out of the babelfish translations (whats what). About the only thing I can tell is the bust, for which I'm 11cm small, but that's what padded bras are for. As for the shoulders, I imagine that the puff sleeves add on several cm. Do you think this would fit me? Help! >.< The deadline for preorders end in about an hour or so.

(Sorry if this is supposed to be behind a cut - I'm not sure. If so please just let me know and I'll stick it behind one ASAP)

unexpected loli hobbies...

Hey dolls!

I'm "new" here, seeing as this is my first post, but I have enjoyed reading this community for the past year or two! It is great to see all the beautiful clothes and read many interesting topics! Anyways, I present you all with a question I have wondered about sometimes- Do any of you have really unexpected hobbies or careers? Like, ones that could be considered "un-loli"? Do you sometimes do these things while dressed in lolita?? (It would be fun to see a lolita carpenter..! Or a lolita math teacher! Or extreme skateborder! ...I'll stop now ^^;) We all know that embroidery and collecting teacups sounds cute, but.... personally, there's no way I could do loli things all the time. My unexpected hobby is solving puzzles, like rubik's cube, and I am also a student of computer science :) I'm really interested to read the responses ^__^

Thanks guys! &hearts
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lolita maps and designer questions

Two things!

1. --- does anyone have any other maps of gothic and lolita stores in Japan other than Sumire's ? (which is great)
on that note... Could anyone show me where Takuya Angel and Innocent World are on the Harajuku map?? (or any other stores you think off the top of your head that aren't included in the Harajuku map...)

2. --- If you could ask your favorite lolita (specifically lolita) designers anything, what would you ask them? :)
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dog, mcdonald&#39;s

boston flower show + hello

*official intro post*

was just wondering if anyone else was going to the boston flower show (march 17-25th?)

aaaand. . .i will admit to beind dorky enough to make an lj account just to join egl. . .  -_-;;;

[edited to include info]

2007 New England Flower Show, hosted by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society
March 17-25, Bayside Expo Center
student ticket $12
adult ticket $20

snow white


(If this isn't allowed, please delete, or if it needs to be under a cut please let me know!!)

I've been saving up for a while for a new dress, and I've finally got a decent amount, and after looking around a bit, I've decided to go with something from Fan Plus Friend since I've heard some good things about them, and their replicas seem nice.
I settled my choices down to two dresses,
this one:
and this one:

I e-mailed them to ask, and they've assured me that both dresses are the same color (I guess the lighting and background are just kind of wonky.), and I've asked my friends for advice on which to get. It ended in a dead tie, which was incredible unhelpful. xD;

So I'm asking advice from you guys! My situation is this; I have EXACTLY enough for the Alice in Wonderland dress (which has detatchable sleeves, a bow that can also be a headdress, and removable apron), and with the Baby Doll dress (I live in California so the fact that it seems fine to wear without a blouse is like a godsend) I'll have enough left over to order some bloomers from ITS and still have money left over to go see my sister's performance at school(but it's only $5, which I can mooch off of my friends anyway as revenge for being so unhelpful. xD).

So any advice, experience with either of those dresses, or just which one you think looks better would be very very very helpful and appreciated!!!
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Polka Dot Dress Reconstruction

yeah, so i was looking through my closet trying to find something to wear when i came across this polka dot dress. it was a cheap-ass dress i found in one of those boutique stores on the clearance rack. lol, good thing i didn't throw it away!

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