March 12th, 2007

Innocent World Calendar scans

I've scanned my IW calendar I received a while ago (I wanted it so bad I bought a pair of socks just because the calendar was included in the auction XD). Although it's already march, I thought maybe some people could be interested ^^
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It took a while to scan and edit everything, so comments are appreciated ^_^
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Moi Meme Moitie dress?

I have been searching for this dress for awhile and now it is gone from CD Japan Moitie and Rakuten Moitie (I was saving up to get it too *cries in corner*).  I was wondering if anyone had bought it and had a picture of them wearing it because I know it has shirring so I wanted to see how far it could stretch.  Thank You (^^)


Spring Lolita

DIY Cupcake Skirt Pattern

I know y'all hate these kinds of posts, but I have to know! A month or so ago, someone posted a diy skirt pattern for the perfect loli skirt, and for the life of me I can't find it in the memories! (or using LJ seek for that matter!) For two days now I have looked, and for the life of me I can't find it!

Can someone please help me out? I am trying to put together something for St. Patties day, and I think all of the creative juices have flown right out of me. I swore that I bookmarked it so I could find it again, but I think I bookmarked the wrong entry (it was a DS entry instead).

Thank you in advance, and sorry for the inconvenience. (and yes, you can make fun of me or chastize me all you want. This is my fault>)

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Over Knee Socks

So, for those of you that own over-the-knee socks from either Baby or AP, how do they fit on calves that are about 14" with above the knee measurements of 16"?
Do they fall down? Only barely cover the top of the knee? Look like someone is trying to stuff a sausage?

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Edit: Thanks for the comments! I think I've decided to just stick to the knee high socks, if the others are just going to fall down/get stretched/look awkward. ^_^'
Lenore Twang!!

First Gothic Lolita attempt

Last summer I went to Argentina to visit my family, and one day I decided to wear Gothic Lolita (or that's what I intended to do).
Excuse de lack of petticoat, loli-hair, shoes (I forgot them here in Spain T_T) & a cute place to take the photographs ^^

♥♥ Thanks for looking ♥♥
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Tea cup pictures

Hello. This is my first post after a little lurking, so please help me to correct any of my mistakes. =]

I went to this giant, yellow antique store today and found these really beautiful tea cups, saucers, and a teapot. I enjoy seeing others' collections, so I thought I might post to encourage more pictures among all these DS's and WTB's.

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Fan+Friend Short Skirt Length?

I'm going to be going for an EroLoli look, and I was wondering just how short the "short" corset skirt was? I know it shows a picture, but it doesn't really say how tall the girl is or anything. For reference, I'm about 5'2". x3 (Pictures would be especially helpful.)

And also, what kind of pannier/petti could I use for it? o__o Regular ones would be too long and the only ones short enough that I know of - this one and this one - don't seem like they would hold up much.

Thanks for any help~ ;D