March 11th, 2007

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Sunshine Loli ^-^

Just a little doodle while bored with nothing to do in Photography class. :3 I was thinking how nice yellow Loli can look, which eventually led to the idea of Sunshine Loli, complete with sun accessories! xD

Please excuse her scary face, the obnoxious notebook paper lines, and the weird yellow of my highlighter. X3;
Oh, and please excuse the weird erased sword emerging from her unseen left hand also. A friend of mine thought it would be good if she was armed. x.x;

[Large] Doodle under cut! ♥

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so.... this is kinda tenative... but!

I have for a long time, hosted an EGL accessories shop, and now that i have learned to sew am possibly thinking of launchhing a more full line of actual clothing... it would be pricey for sure, since i am a stickler for acuracy, detail, and quality. but i thought a fun way to start things off would be with a cut-sew while i work on some basic items and designs. So tell me what you think of my little cut-sew under the cut XD! (also any advice would be welcome about my brand, which i call Delicacy)
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Fabric and Skirt question

I work at an awesome local quilt store, in the Tristate area, that has hundreds of high quality fabric (not the stuff joanns sells) these are made in Japan, Spain, USA, all over the place.
And there are some prints that would be suitable for a tote, skirt, or headdress, etc...possiblities are endless.

I took it with my LG chocolat, so the quality is good but the fabrics are bit brighter then that.

*bigger picture* behind cut
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Has anyone seen this?

Slightly off topic... but she has a gloomy bear! >_>

Not sure why the video isn't directly embedding itself, but just click on it - it's worth it.

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...Especially in that dress.

I have a sudden urge to buy a BTSSB dress and breakdance now.
Except that I would suck.
lolita twins

The post about shoes

Hello everyone.  I've been lurking around the EGL community for a little while now (very, very nervous about posting), but a little while ago I saw this big post about where to get non-brand shoes and I'm in desperate need of new egl shoes (like a dip I didn't save any of the links).  Could someone please point me to that post or give me a general idea where to buy non-brand shoes.  Thank you.
EGA me.
  • _videl

A Gothic & Lolita inspired iPod designs survey! ^^

I'm currently doing my Design for Multimedia 1 subject in the university.
I required to make a design theme for an iPod, and i choose Gothic & Lolita.
I've done 2 sketches; 1 based on Gothic Lolita, and the other one is Sweet Lolita.
*sorry! not a clear pic because i don't have a scanner right now, and i'm not good in drawing. ^^;;*
I really hope the outcome will be good. XD;;;
i'm not good in Illustrator.

So, i have made a survey/questionaires so I get to know what target market wants and strengthen my presentation based on the survey. ^^'s not really a good one because it's my first time doing Marketing thingy. XD;;

Hopefully i can get lots of responses by this sunday and early monday morning so i can do my first presentation in the evening. ^^

Sorry for my bad English. T^T
and please tell me whether i can't post in here or i need an approval first or put everything under a cut. ^^;;;

Thank you for participating! ^o^
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Lolita Birthday

My friend Fala and I had the same day of birth and I was turning 19 (March 9) and she was turning 21 so she decided to hold a picnic where everyone was supposed to dress up Victorian. I went in Lolita. Here are four pictures from the event.

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Yahoo Japan question

Just a translation inquiry. I did look in the memories but could not find anything about this specifically. Usually translators work fine and I can get the gist of what the auctioner is saying on Yahoo Japan. However, sometimes it's a little fuzzy. With a text like this:
"希望落札価格: 3,000 円"
My translator says that is:
"Desired successful bid price: 3,000 Yen"
Is this akin to Buy It Now or a reserve price? It appears under highest bid in the auction and is highlighted in pale yellow, if that means anything. Thanks for any help!

Necto Night!

I posted an entry a few days ago about getting stains on my apron. Well, I used Zout and it worked really awesome! Anyways, I got pictures of me from when I went to Goth Prom that night. I'm wearing a Meta apron and dress. The pictures are from several people so each set will look different from others.
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