March 10th, 2007

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Chocochip Cookie Dress Question

I've been looking at this dress by Chocochip Cookie and I have three questions.

1) What are the measurements on the dress? Chocochip doesn't seem to post the measurements for dresses, only "free size".
2) Does the shirt come with it? I am honestly confused about it. 'Cause, in the dress name it says "shirt", but the page description doesn't seem to mention the shirt.
3) Does anyone have pictures of the dress being worn?

Thanks <3

Wal-mart fabric

so i was at wal-mart looking for stretchy lace for foam falls, and i was meandering through the fabric department, looking at allt he lovely fabric a sweet loli would like, and i saw this fabric on display.

it has the stretchy part sewn in! its great for any sweet loli wanting to make a skirt with the stretchy section around the waist. Unfortunately i do not wear sweet loli, but thought i'd share, and sorry for the phone pic, it was the only camera i had on me at the time.OH, it was 8 something a yard i believe.
(PS-if someone has mentioned this before, please let me know and i'll delete the post. thanks!)
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Vivienne Westwood Sunglasses? o.O

I know this isn't totally lolita, but Vivienne Westwood is a pretty big icon...
Are there any Vivienne Westwood sunglasses? o.O For the Lolis that drive, they might like to break out their Viv Westwood shades just like their trendy counterparts with their Guccis or Pradas.
(Or maybe brand sunglasses? xD You never know. If Baby makes underwear, Meta might make shades or something..)

(no subject)

I need help (especially with translation with a pretty simple bloomer pattern form gosurori. i also included the pattern incase anyone else would like to make them. I just need help with instructions. Thank you sooooo much, sorry if this isn't allowed!
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Bodyline question

I'm sorry if this has been posted before but I have a question about the prices of Bodyline here:

Are the ones in red the ACTUAL prices? After successfully ordering using Celga as a shopping service I'm thinking of trying again, and then I saw all these prices in Bodyline I'm like, WHOA. O__O If those are the actual prices then I'll definitely be buying.

And thanks again to all those who previously commented with answers on my Double-decker question. They said they don't accept credit cards yet but they will be doing so at Spring. I had my first order and it went gorgeously well. :)
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Hi San Franisco/Oakland?

Evening! Two questions.
In couple of weeks, Im going to visit San Franisco for a break and see my sister. My sister, pnaomi is going to take me around SF,Oakland,and possibly Berkeley. So I was wondering if there was any lolitas might want to meet up and become friends! I'm deaf, I can read lips a bit, not that well,so If you don't know sign language, we could have to write back and forth or gesture but it should be fun!

Is there any cute places there I should be going?

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Thoughts on AP

I am curious what people think of this JSK (and the OP, whilst we're at it), from Angelic Pretty. Despite my better judgment, I find it kind of awesome in the blue/pink...

Anyone own it, or have pictures of it worn? I really do quite like it, and I don't know why!

(This is quite a pipe dream post as I am pretty sure it wouldn't fit me - doesn't seem like it has shirring).