March 9th, 2007

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Wig Help

So I really need some help now.
I got a nice La Croix Noire wig which was mostly perfect but some of the curls had begun to come out... I got some foam rollers and rolled them up and set them with hot water.

The sections did curl, but they didn't curl the right way. Instead of getting the nice sausage curls, I got rather spindly curls.
The wig is basically the one on the far right in a different colour:

I just can't figure out how to get nice curls like that and I'm getting really frustrated and bummed out.
Any tips are appreciated, I really want to fix this up ;_;


I've only seen this style a few times in lolita, and it's usually with maid-type stuff. But I saw a sweet lolita dress on bodyline (granted, I don't like it, especially the back looks bad and that weird collar)... but it made me wonder about the style. What does everyone think about underbust JSKs? Too sexualized/Anna Miller-ish? Does it depend on the color contrast between blouse and JSK? is the one that I saw... bleh. Again, just an example of the style that ISN'T a maid dress...

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FanPlusFriend -- design changes?

I tried to ask this of fanplusfriend directly, but stupid mail (mine) is brokey.

does fanplusfriend ever change their design stock? That is to say, do they ever get rid of a certain style of dress/shirt/whatever?

I know brand does, and fanplusfriend copies/mimics brand, so I didn't know if maybe they changed their stock to follow the trends, or just kept the same things on hand all the time because they are 'staple pieces'.

Whats the "to old" age for lolita????

Lets see.. where to start, I just want to know, what is really the age people think a Lolita shouldn't be. In any style, sweet, classic.EGA, etc. etc. I mean can their be an age thats to old... for the fashion/ lifestyle? I myself in my 20's ....25 I still think I can rock it pretty well, cause I look so younger then my age. What are your thoughts.
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Seeking cute T-strap shoe sources

I lovelovelove these shoes with their wedge platforms and cute T-strap, and had saved up the money for them, but... then I tried them on in a store and they were horribly uncomfortable. Three separate parts of my foot were unhappy with me before I even took two steps. I felt so very let down.
I found something a lot like it at ye olde Electrique Boutique, but I think they're kinda cheap looking, no? Plus they're patent-like, and I'm not big on that. And since I don't really like patent, I'm well aware of these from Demonia but don't want those.
I found these that are also very similar, but the wood (or faux wood probably) looks really yellowy. Does anyone know what stores might carry this brand so I can check them out in person? Or at least have any experience with how well Gabriella Rocha shoes fit?
Or does anyone know where I can get a pair of shoes like these that fit well from any other maker? I know there have to be a ton around as they're a knockoff of a popular runway shoe from a while back. I'd even be happy with non-wood-look soles and non-wedges as long as they're black, T-strap, high heeled and cute.

Meta's Quaility

So I've heard some people say that they have a thing against Meta because it's bad quality and made with cheap materials. Is this true? Is the quality as bad as, say, regular Wal-Mart clothing? Is the lace bad or something?

Pictures would be really helpful. x3

I love Meta's designs, and I love how Meta makes bigger sizes, but now I'm wondering if their clothing is really worth all the money.

Oh boy...

More race, oui oui? e_e
What're everyone's opinions on these? I kinda like them black and white ones, buuuuuut...all that lace D:

Something tells me that if they had a heel-heel instead of a back platform, they'd go perfect with Meta's wedding things...

[Also, Baby re-stocked on heart bags! <3]

Has anyone seen those cherry shoes...? *puke*