March 8th, 2007

Funeral Procession of Roses
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Removing Nail Polish From Clothing

I meant to do this little writeup quite a while ago but I forgot and for some reason I randomly remembered again.

Anyways, this is a guide to removing nail polish from your clothing. I have tested this method and it worked incredibly well.

I traded with pour_me_coffee a while back and received an awesome Atelier Boz dress. She had alerted me before trading that there was a bit of nail polish on it and that it was mostly hidden. Well, I received it and that was true, it wasn't bad.. BUT I didn't want any polish on it.

So I poked around and found a great way to remove the polish. Don't bother with stain removal products, water and/or acetone, this works much better.

So here's my little guide.. and yes, ALL of the nailpolish has been completely removed from my dress. Even the spot that was rubbed in (in an attempt to remove it) is completely gone... and this was a BLACK dress with pink nail polish on it (I'm still wondering about that one..).

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Yesterday was my 19th birthday! *mild dash of confetti* I didn't do much, but I did dress up for class (as well as get contacts and new frames, whoo).

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Next time, you actually get to see my new frames (maybe) and the use of a Candy Violet petticoat by someone with a waist over 30" (possibly)!

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I'm likely not going to get any responses to this, but I'm wondering if any lolitas/people interested in lolita fashion attend California University of Pennsylvania (it's a small university). I'm going to be going there next year and would like to make loli friends if possible. ^^

Gothic Lolita Meet Up in Philadelphia

My gothic lolita community is having a meet up on March 10th (I know this is pretty late to post, sorry) and it will be at the Philadelphia Flower Show.  We will go to the show at 1:30pm, walk around, take pictures, and have fun.  Then we will walk down to street to chinatown to eat and go to the cute little shops there. 

Pennsylvania Convention Center
12th & Arch Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19107-2299
The Philadelphia Flower Show

The Convention Center is right in the middle of Center City, lots of close parking.  We will meet in front of the Convention Center at 12th & Arch st. on the right side of the street at the entrance.  Come and have fun in lolita, kodona, dandy, and visual kei.  Hope to see you there \(^^)/  

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Lolita cuisine!

I love the idea of lolita cuisine, but I really don't see much written on it (besides the recipes at egl_cooking)
So I compiled a list of some inspiring lolita foods (that I found on flickr, haha!)
I figured that I would share with you lovely ladies

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The common theme seems to be anything that is frilly, fruity, green, pink, or colorful. Also, as we all know, sweet things are very lolita.
If anybody else has anymore examples of lolita food, please do share! I'd love to see lolita salads, but I couldn't find any that I liked.
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Is this possible?

I know that there are people like Ling Lam and Rosechocolat who make replicas of brand shoes, and since I am pretty much out of options for acquiring the "Heart Buckle Shoes" from Baby (These ones if you're not sure:)

would it be possible to have one of these stores make me replicas of these shoes? Would they be impossibly expensive, or would I have to find people to order a certain number before they would make them? How would I go about doing this? Just email the stores and proposition them?? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to just give up on attaining these shoes, even if I have to go out kicking and screaming.

Bodyline and location question

I have two questions that I hope could be answered. I bought a wa-loli outfit from Bodyline on Rakuten. After I got the outfit, I didn't know that there was an official web site. Well, the one on Rakuten is 5,000 yen but on their official site, it's over 20,000 yen. Is the outfit made with better quality on the official site or is it some sort of sale or misprint?

Here's a quick photoshoot of myself wearing the skirt of the outfit.

The other is, I'm wondering if there are any NC lolitas? Say, Jacksonville to Wilmington area. >.>; I feel like the only lolita around here.

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How do you ladies keep white clothes white without them shrinking? I just lost more than 2 inches (!!) off a Meta skirt just from washing it. I didn't put it through the dryer; the wash alone made it shrink and now the lining sticks out ;p If I don't wash whites on the white setting they get really dingy. Is there a white-brightening technique that doesn't use any warm water?