March 7th, 2007

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Public Service Announcement

Since this dress made quite a hullabaloo and was sold out pretty quickly, I just thought I might mention that the blue Marie Antoinette Jsk is already up for auction at yahoo japan here:

Please don't bitch at me for posting it. Yes, I know that everyone has the ability to check YJ, I just thought I would mention it for those who may not check very often. Sorry for cluttering up the forum, but my heart was in the right place jerks! I don't have to defend myself to you! *weeps*

First Day of Loli to School! =D

So I decided to wear loli to school today! I had many obstacles in my way such as PE, breakfast, lunch, walking around...but I lived! (it actually wasn't that hard...xP)

I didn't receive any insults, only compliments and a few stares but not too many. Some people thought I was Alice or Little Bo Peep. xD My high school is urban and not very conservative so I wasn't that out of the ordinary. Only problem was navigating tight areas with a poofy skirt. All-over it was a pretty nice day. And it's true what's been said - Old people LOVE loli. <3

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Angry Alex mode!

NY meetup in April?

Hi, everyone! I'm planning to have a picnic with a friend and my boyfriend during the Sakura Matsuri festival on April 28th :D.

I'm wondering if any of you ladies (and gentlemen XD) want to do a meetup at the time. Also, if anyone wants to help me plan this, that'll be great, since I am a Jersey girl myself *shields self from flying rocks*. Just ask for my MSN and we'll discuss.

The Sakura Matsuri festival will be at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden from noon to 6PM but I was planning other things like a picnic and we can get bubble tea (or takoyaki?). I want your suggestions, please. You can also bring one or two of your friends because I don't want my friend and my boyfriend to be left out.

EDIT: If anyone doesn't wanna go to Sakura Matsuri due to allergies, don't like the area, etc. etc., suggest something else :D

I'll keep you guys updated once the date comes closer!

El Shopping Service

As some of you know, I'm taking a trip to Japan in May - I will only be there for a few days (three, max, I think), but I will definitely be visiting brand stores. Looots of brand stores.

I am considering running a shopping service. The only hitch is I have never attempted one before, and I want some tips/experiences from people who have run them/are running them currently. Since I'm going on holiday, and after Japan will be going to the US for two weeks, I wouldn't be able to carry much (assuming I can't use the US postal service, if I'm just on holiday? Not sure. Do they accept non-residents lodging packages? It would certainly make shipping cheaper!).

I would love to do this for egl'ers, since I think you're all super fantastic people, and I know how hard it is to get a hold of brand, but I also don't want to get in over my head.

Advice? Potentially, who would be interested in participating?

Where is miwitch?

Hi everybody! I have a little question for you >.<

In December/ January I mailed miwitch ( ) because I wanted to organize a group order for my italian friends... she told me that the order was too huge and I had to wait until their chinese new year holiday were finished, as they tell actualy on their website... anyway for 2 month we kept in contact, everything seemed to going perfect, I organized the order and my friends sent me their money... but now their holiday should be finished on 24th february, it's the 7th March, I mailed them twice and they seem to be... disappeared °_° it's really strange, also because for 2 month miwitch answered my emails really fast! do you have an idea of what's happening?

Midwest Loli Meetup

I remember reading about a midwest/ chicago loli weekend sometime in late june, and I was at school when I read it so I couldn't save the info. I'm interested in going, can someone re-post the info? sorry to ask, but trying to go through the archives was insane! D:

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Ohio lolita Meet up

I am not sure how many of you live in ohio but my few lolita friends and i are trying to get a lolita meet up set up. We would go to the Cleveland art museum. Umm if anyone here is intreasted let me know and then i'll figure something out..