March 6th, 2007

BTSSB sizes

Hey, I have a probably stupid but quick question.
I was wondering why it is that BtSSB's RRH jsk seems to have waist measurements of 76-82 cm, while the skirt of the same design is smaller at 62-68 cm. Am I maybe reading it wrong, or are the sizes true, and can the jsk be laced any smaller than that?

Thanks for any help!
Pinky Deer

Cleaning Flocked Tulle?

Quick question!

(Because searching on Yahoo! brought up vintage wedding dresses, etc...)

Can flocked tulle be drycleaned without the little flocked dots/hearts/decoration falling off?

Type of material:

I'm terrified of taking a skirt to the drycleaners because they warned me against sending things with glued on appliques, as it might come off... but how about flocked tulle?

meta replica?

 I was wondering if anyone know if they're are some meta shoes or boots replica made and where can we found them?
i'"ve seen many times replica from ap or btssb but meta???

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arms spread wide

(no subject)

I have recieved my money from honey_rivenwolf if you haven't, contact her and I'm sure she will remedy it. Please do not harass her personal journal or anything else. She has done something wrong, but is making amends to it. As much as it has upset everyone, she is doing the mature thing--and I beg that you keep levelheaded and mature about things, too. Thank you.

Scheming and Dreaming...

One of the things I'd really like to work on as my 25th year goal (I do them by birthday, rather than calendar year) is to start dressing in lolita almost full-time. So I started wondering what all I would need to actually do that. How many of this, how many of that, etc. I was forced to consider a few things:
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Some of you may be familiar with Lucky magazine here in the US and the fact that they have a book that details how to build the ultimate wardrobe. So, I used their numbers as a base for my list and here's what I came up with:
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It seems like a LOT and it is, but remember, this is the ultimate end-game wardrobe! Have I missed anything? Something I have too much of? It's going to take me years of sewing, hunting and buying to get even half of this, but a list is a good way to start. What do you all think?
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Yesterday, I went to Gothic Prom at the dance club Necto. (Click on Monday nights)

Very ungothy though.. I went to Goth Prom as a sweet lolita. I was worried about getting stains on my dress so I wore my metamorphose apron.

Well, lucky I did because someone spilled pink alcohol on my apron. Now I have a pink stain from last night on it.

How can I clean it without hurting my apron? Can I just bleach it or should I go and buy some sort of stain remover?

I check memories and couldn't find any questions like this. If this is wrong, please tell me.
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Jane Marple!

Kill me if this is a stupid post or if I'm stupid, let me just say! xD I've seen so many pictures of really cute Jane Marple accessories ect, so I thought I'd go look on the site to see about purchasing some..But I flipping SKEWERED that website and found no signs of an online shop!
Does Jane Marple even have an online shop?
and if so, how do you order from them?
And if not, how would one go about getting some Jane Marple?! xD

thanks a bunch<3
angel sanctuary

Underthings question

can someone tell me the diffrence between a petticoat, a pannier, and a crinoline? I always thought they were about the same thing, just with a different name, apparently I am wrong haha. Can you provide pics for examples? I am a little confused, haha, I don't know which to get etc. @_@ I'm sorry if this seems like a stupid question m( )m
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dixie twists love.



I had to order some new rocking horse shoes (cuz I've worn my black ones to death, I swear), so I thought I'd try linglam but it's been like three weeks since I ordered them and they still haven't showed up. Do you think it has something to do with me being the UK?

At any rate, does anyone know where I can find some rocking horse shoes that sell a UK size 7?
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Shun Chu

~Boy style~

Well I dug out some pics from a while back, where I took a break from my normal lolita dresses and went Boy XD

Excuse the shoes (at time I didn't have any better ones and they look lighter on camera), Socks (didn't gom thought they did at the time) and Butterfly on face (it was for a photoshoot from earlier that day and it hadn't come off >.<)

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I see there is some discussion about the design of Lolitasnap.
The old code that Lolitasnap was based on doesn't work any more, there was a bug.

I have discussed how the new Lolitasnap should be with the previous owner and one moderator.
The design will be very simple at first, but I will have a contest where people can send in suggestions for how they want it to look.

The beta should be up really soon, it will have a profile and a gallery. I'm also working on blog features and communities.
My developers are also working on many other features, that will come later.