March 5th, 2007



I've searched the archives and what not and couldn't find anything, but I could just be inefficient and tired after finishing up a report for tomorrow morning. XD

So, I was wondering what all your opinions on lace trim are - when making skirts specifically. What kind of lace should I look for (any search terms, famous types, etc)... and what should I avoid?

I've never sewn a damn thing in my life... lol.

But, I want to make a skirt out of this fabric:

Yeah it's BUSY. I usually don't like busy, but I like that. I think it'll look really cool and unique. I was trying to think whether or not to consider lace for the bottom of it, or to wear a straight-looking petticoat underneath that is a tad longer than the dress, like this:
I don't care for the back of that dress, but the effect I was thinking of if I didn't go with lace is like what that looks like from the front. Maybe a stiffer fabric, even.

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Gothloli x Dolls outing

Last Saturday, a group of us had a gothloli x dolls outing at the Singapore Arts Museum. Besides the owners dressing up in gothloli, our dolls were decked out as well in EGL/EGA =D

Due to the very shy and retiring nature of the attendees, I'm not allowed to post pics of them but posting their dolls' pics should be fine =P

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Picture Post!

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So, I made my first Lolita dress a while ago but figured out the camera today!  No one's here so they Are Unfortunately Bad Mirror Pictures.  This dress is made from Gosu Rori with some adjustments(I ran out of lace...) and I think it is cute so ha.  On to the pictures.
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Emilie Simon

^^  I found this video is someones Gaia profile, it is in French and I loved it but my friend sent me another video by the same person.  I just have to share these with everyone as they are just so... cute/interesting.

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This is something that I've been wondering for awhile...

Let's just imagine that one day, the Lolita fashion is dead. All the brand stores, online and in the streets, goes bankrupt and no longer sell any of their apparel. EGL has then become just another faze, and the Japan fashion craze moved on. Even this egl community lost all it's members and your interests are left alone.

What would you do? Continue wearing what you got or sew some new ones? Would you be dissapointed or happy that your style is a rarity?
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Question for those with the Velvet Meta LP skirts...

First: I received BOTH my White and Black Velvet Meta LP skirts today (two different sellers). I was amazed how fast they arrived! I am ecstatic. They are my first skirts in both white and black (first black loli item at all, actually, that and the headdress I also bought).

Second: Now I know they really ARE heavy! Well, I knew before, but still. I'm thinking about making a petticoat. I know they are pretty easy to make and have a good idea how to make one. What I'm wondering is if anyone else here has made a petticoat strong enough for skirts like there before? How much tulle or netting did you use? What kind? I know they sell them in rolls but I'm not sure which to pick since I've never made this kind of thing before and you can't really feel them in the rolls. And what technique did you use to make the petticoat maybe? I just want some input. I know SOMEONE has to have found enough support for these things!

Third: Unrelated, but I'm thinking of making a skirt. I have an idea in mind but I don't want to give it away until I've sketched out a good design. What i was wondering is if anyone has pictures of cartoon character or general cute thing themed skirts/outfits. I know I've seen some skirts that have like an applique of some cute character near the bottom or just some cute characters incorporated in the design (please, no Baby Gloomy Bear ;_;). I was wondering if anyone has any photos of that kind of thing? I remember seeing a sketch for something similar before but it was a long time ago.

Thanks for any help!
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Lolita's Most Wanted? Discuss

Okay, so I haven't seen anyone ask anything like this,  and I'm a major list-aholic.  Also I thought this would be fun to discuss, so help me out people......What would you say are the top 15 or so most coveted lolita items?  It can be a specific piece, or an entire line/design.  I have a few that I've sort of been pondering.  However keep in mind I'm a relative noob, and have only been actively pursuing lolita for about a year and a half, so this might be biased towards newer stuff.  Apologies if I got any names wrong

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Btssb in Paris

I was wondering where the Baby store in Paris it is located, and what were the prices like, I know they were inflated, I just dont remember how much. Im sorry, because I know this has been talked about but I couldn't find the post to save my life, if someone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.
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Colour Combinations?

I've been eyeing up brand name dresses and while most of the ones I've chosen are black, white or blue (Because those are the colours I like and have already) there's some really nice pink ones too.

Problem is I'm a natural red-head - especially since my hair's so long, I look like I'm out of a Rennaisance painting some days >.< - and I'm worried that it's going to clash. I don't have a lot of experience of wearing pink... well, not baby pink at any rate ^.^

Are there any other red-headed/auburn/whatever lolitas out there? Does anyone have a problem with pink brand name clothes looking odd with red hair? The brands I'm looking at are mostly Baby, Putumayo and Angelic Pretty.

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Ok so some of you may remember me asking questions about Japan a while ago...originally I had been planning a trip for this April with 2 of my friends. Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances they will now being going this month...which I cannot do.

{edit} Adding the lolita bit in have any lolis found navigating round to shops etc difficult on your own? Would any Japan based lolitas be willing to meet up?

My main reason for this trip is to visit places like Btssb but I also want a cultural experience too. When I think of it, the whole "lost in translation" thing springs to mind...

Any advice and help would be much appreciated.


i've never posted pictures here before (´Д`). but i was bored and decided to throw a few outfits together. not many accessories because i was too lazy. pictures are small and blurry~ sorry m(-_-)m. also mostly taken in the bathroom! it's the only full-length mirror in my house. ok i hope to hear from some of you (≧∀≦)

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Brand + lolita??

There is lots of discussion about the brand names lately. What is your opinion on using brand name accessories with gothic and lolita? I do not mean brands like Vivi West but brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Some say is it more for the hime-gyaru and gyaru-lolita but I am not sure... I think some of the Dior bags would be good with the brands like BSSB and AP and can maybe be sweet lolita with the right styling. ((Maybe the pink is different blah blah but I think maybe sometimes the different pinks are cute together))