March 4th, 2007

Sewing Tutorials help

Hi there,
Someone posted a sewing tutorial for a skirt that was covered in pin tucks and ruffles with a bunny print.
I was wondering if anyone saved it. I can't find it in the memories or with the search feature.
Thanks a bunch.

Houston Lolitas ?

Hello, I have been on this comm and mostly lurk and everyonce in a while I post.  Well anyways I guess this is an introduction of sorts.   I have recently moved from DC to Houston and was wondering if there are any Houston lolita's. Moving is hard; moving to a place where you have no friends but family really sucks.  

About me.  

Name: Nydia
Age: 20
Favorite Brand: Mary Magdalene (but I can't fit them. T_T) Metamorphose H. Naoto
Lolita Style: Classic and Punk 
I am what I call a part time loli. I love lolita clothing but its only in the last year or so that I have started to dress in Lolita.  But even then its maybe a once a month thing (mostly because I have very little lolita stuff if I had more I would wear it more).  

And I was going to post some pictures of me and a review of my new F+F items but I am getting called for church so I have to go later.

I'm the girlfriend of the new owner of Lolitasnap.
The page is under construction, and of course the coding and design will be much better once it's done;) The pictures that are there now are just random, for testing. Obviously, we haven't gotten to correcting the web designers English yet either..;)

We told the web designer not to put up the site until it was wholly done, but it seems he did not listen. It'll probably go down again for a little while, until we get it done.

Please be patient:)

Storing accessories...

I was clearing up my room today and realized that all my accessories were all over the place (I usually just chuck them in some shelf >>;;), so I was wondering how you girls store your accessories for lolita and punk, like headdresses, armwarmers (I don't want to put them in my sock drawer, it's messy as it is...XD), chokers, hats, eyepatches and stuff.

Any ideas? :3

lol...saint october.

I am watching a series called Saint October.
I really only wanted to watch it 'cause the screenshots I saw were of a crazy looking guy mix of Howl + Tuxedo Mask haha.
If you look at that Wikipedia article I linked all the titles of the episodes include "Loli" in the title, and I guess the main female characters are supposed to be gothic lolitas?
Has anyone else seen this series?
You can download the first two episodes here if you don't have a Torrent client.
I haven't seen enough to tell if you it's genuinely "gothic lolita," but it's entertaining nonetheless.
Just thought I'd share.

I'm sorry about how looked yesterday, the developer was uploading the test site to my server, and something was wrong with the server. I'm changing server now and the site will be up in beta mode in a few days.
I have the old database with usernames and passwords, so I hope that you can keep those.

If anyone wants to have their picture on the front page of to show what Goth Lolita can be like, please send a picture to or post it as a reply.

If you want more info about the site just ask, and feel free to give me suggestions now and when the site is up

Various Questions

Okay, I've been lusting over lolita clothing for months, but am now just starting. I haven't started until now because I didn't know how my mom would react to it, but thankfully she's fine with it.
So here are my questions:
1. What are the lowest priced Japan ordering services that you know of? (Since nobody on YJ ships out of Japan...)

2. When do all of the brands release their lucky packs, which brands release the best ones, and once they are released can you buy them from their website (talking about the brands that ship overseas, of course)? This is my biggest question...

3. Are Baby's skirt's generally as resizable as Meta's are, with elastic in the back? I've heard that Angelic Pretty's aren't.

4.  Has anyone ever thought of managing a website that lists all current good shipping services and upcoming group orders? I think it would be a very handy website. I would do it but I'm not very resourceful and am not a master at web design.

If this is too long and needs to be under a cut, let me know!
Cupcake Lolita!

Beaded Crown Tutorial

I've been making mini beaded crowns using the Beaded Crown Tutorial ( ). I have been making mini-mini beaded crowns, by halving the materials but I cannot seem to finish off the last bit of the cross on (the horizontal piece), I just don't understand how to do it. How does one "tie off" the horizontal beads? And how do I attach the horizontal piece to the vertical cross piece with out it looking bad? It says to "wrap" it around the other piece but it does look really ugly the way I am doing it which is probably the wrong way. Does anyone make these and know how to make the cross the right/better way? 

Any suggestions would be great thanks ^^.

If there are any other mini-crown toppers (other than the cross) ideas such as a heart etc, I'd love to know how to do those as well! Just to vary the crowns from each other. Also are there other little accessories that could be purchased as well to attach it to the crown that one could purchase?


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I need a Little help please.
All of you know how wonderful Mai is with her shopping service, I have used her service many times with very satisfactory results. She usually replied to my emails within the same day, replied to any quiry and her packages would arrive in 10days at maximum by airmail to Spain. She always included a little gift so that was even better! Last time I think she got cross cause I was surprised when making numbers that she applies 20% (item+internal shipping+external shipping) although I had bought to her many times I had never stopped so carefully to calculate and thought it was 20% (item price)+internal shipping+external. I just went and asked her if it was that way and it seems she didnt like my question saying that it is very clearly stated on her ebay ID page -which is not so clear to me as it says 20% item+internal+external shipping-. Anyway, Im not doubting of her professionality, not saying she got angry and never sent my package. But I paid on the 5TH and havent received anything yet, it was  a 200$ order and Its not very likely for the package to be in customs since I have already made bigger orders and from Japan never got caught by them. I have tried to contact her asking when did she ship it and all that and she doesnt reply.Has anyone had any news about her these last days or can be of any help? I know you girls are very experienced in this.

Ah and sorry! I dont know if this should be under a cut. Thanks in advance to everybody and sorry for my bad english! 

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Hello lovelies. I've been rather bored and in need to get out of the house. So which leads me to this. Would there be anyone in the Olean, NY area who would like to meet up perhaps for some gelato in town and then go from there? In any case it was just an idea =)

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IW - Alicetheme?


I was just browsing through IW site, ans it occurs to me..where did all there Alice things go? The three layerd skirt, umbrellas, jewellery and so on..

Did the stuff sold just like that *snap with fingers*?

I´m quite sad now..
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Imai kira birdgcage

Lulz, loli razer.

My dad took my sisters and i to this place to go through all the antique shops and my sister and I started laughing when we saw this.. and instantly thought "Lolita Razer".
It looks sooo cute in person, my camera just blows. Its baby pink, like brand pink and it has a little crown emblem on it and is called the remington "Princess".. i thought it was hillarious and incredibly fitting lol and maybe you guys might find it entertaining too.

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Big brands - not worth it?

Just wondering if anyone else was of the same opinion - That brand clothes really aren't worth the money or of good quality. I'm not talking about little indies brands either, I'm talking about things like BABY. After seeing some in real life, it all seems ok, but nothing great. The fabric is kind of yucky, and the sewing's not all the great. It's nice, but is it really $290 nice, even with brand appeal?