March 3rd, 2007

Mary Jane Feet


My boyfriend always makes sure to take photos of my street fashion which I then post in my LJ. I try to get at least a pic every day. Lately we've been doing mini shoots that give us a few good photos. Now that I've a decent haircut I wore a couple of loli outfits. Hope you enjoy!

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shopping services

I checked the memories about this, but I didn't find what I was looking for =/
What is the best shopping service to use? My order will be to Angelic Pretty, and the items that I want to get will add up to 51,900 yen. I know abou celga, but cost-wise and quality wise i'd like to check with all of you to see which service I should choose, since I've never used a shopping service before. Thankyou in advance!

Two devils

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I remember a long time ago, just after I joined this community someone had posted about the living dead dolls sold at Hot Topic and Spencers.  ANYWAY, the dolls were actually featured in volume 23 of the Gothic and Lolita Bible.  I have a few of them and one that was shown.  ^.^   Does anybody have them as well?

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Looking for the bright side.

So.... way back when we had a skirt exchange, this is set off by the recent post about the Valentines. I never heard how it went for people. I hope it went well. It was such an awesome idea. I got forked over and I'm trying not to let it get to me. I was so excited... I hardly have any skirts. I was really impressed with the blue and white plaid one I made... I wouldn't wear it... but the fabric was so pretty. My partner was from TX. I guess the whole group order she had just beefed should have tipped me off... but I didn't know it was her until the whole thing was ready to be shipped. She had good reasons, or so it sounded. Something about a stolen computer. I allowed plenty of time for oops I forgot. No dice. I'm really trying not to let it get to me, so I'm venting here. Anyway... what I was hoping for was some delighted with their own results stories. I'd like to see how these things could go well. And if a skirt in blue and white plaid with pearl drapes comes up for sale here... please don't buy it.