March 2nd, 2007

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Nail scans

I was flipping through my new Nail Venus mags that I received earlier this week & saw a pair of really cute nails that seemed like they would be perfect for a sailor loli outfit. So here they are plus some that seemed like ideas you could do yourself & others that you could probably never do yourself. I suck at commentary so it's mainly just pictures. If you have any better commentary though, please do share so I can add it XD Also, if you want the crappy, unsized, semi-full page scans, I uploaded the .rar of them here.

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Tigger & Rabbit

Angela wants a hime cut...but can she HANDLE the hime cut?!

Dear lolitas,

Time to dash my dreams. Ever since I got into lolita style I wanted to get the hime cut. I grew my hair out and decided to wait until spring to get it...well, spring is fast approaching, but it remains to be seen whether I'll actually get it or not. However, I was thinking of getting a modified hime cut...basically, a hime cut without the bangs.

Would this work? I mean, do the bangs MAKE the hime cut, or what? My forehead gets really greasy, so bangs are outta the question for me. Secondly...would this even look good with a face shape like mine? I've been dreaming about this for a while, but if it turns out to be a lost cause, I would want to give it up sooner. high maintenance is the hime cut? I get my hair cut like once a year, so I imagine that would have to change as well...

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by kisa_chan
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LA Treasure Hunting


So the dress on the right was send to me by LA Treasure Hunting. Since it took a month to get to me (with a $70 fee >.<) and they were very vague about it, I was pretty sure I was scammed. I had a Paypal claim opened and all, but in the end it arrived anyway (I hyperventilated when it did XD) So I was wondering, was anyone in the end actually scammed by LA Treasure Hunting?

Geeky question: Gothic Lolitas in Second Life?

I finally got around to installing Second Life... Are any of you on EGL also logged on?
I ask because I've found in the "groups" page, there is a "Gothic Lolita" group there. 

For those of you who don't know what Second Life is, it is a kind of free online community chat with 3-d avatars and world spaces.  It's been in the news lately because of the involvement of real world retailers coming into Second Life, building virtual stores to promote their brands, and because of the sheer amount of real money that traffics through there.  Because you can customize your avatar in such detail, there is a lot of emphasis on shopping and fashion design culture. 

Running SL takes a good chunk of computing power though...

edit:  I realize that this might constitute posting about another community... please delete if necessary
shocked Mikoto (Puri PuriD)

Sewing help

Hey my fellow lolis, I need some help with a dress I'm working on. It's a long-sleeved, knee-length red dress (not bright red, but a more rose-like hue) with red lace on the top of the skirt's ruffle. The base of the whole garment is this lovely red kona cotton, but my design also calls for embroidered fleur-de-lis appliques (about 8 total) going along the skirt just above the lace. This is where I need help; I can't decide what color to make the fleur-de-lis appliques. I was thinking of using a kind of gold color, but I think that might look too cosplayish. The other color option is to use a deeper shade of red so that it doesn't blend right in with the cotton and look too plain.

deep red, or gold? Which color should I use for the appliques?
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Lolita in news articles

Hey guys,
I've been trying to find some of the news paper articles about gothic lolita's that have been posted here on EGL but the search feature is not working at all for me and is not even turning up things from EGL when I have picked the option to only look on EGL.
Could anyone help me?

Question ! !

Please help!
There is a model named (as far as I know) "G".
I've seen ehr in GLB 16 & 18. She mostly does punk/aristocratic stuff.
Please, does anyone know anything about her? Des she have a blog? Personal site? 
She's so pretty !

Zorak in a Wig

Fabric Swap Pairs

Attention, all you lovely ladies (at least I assume you're ladies!) who signed up for the fabric swap! I've paired you up. (:

Here's the list of partners:

lil_pandi with _soozie_
wonderlandloli with ashurie
t3h_janitor_jim with xochismallbear
inspiredcat with maiocox
rh11 with becausedead
gothic_sugar with mo0nlynxxx
abbie_chan with miscy

For more information on your partner, you can read the survey they filled out in the orignal post. Please get in contact with your partner ASAP!

Any questions or problems? Just leave me comment.
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New York Shopping - Help!

I'm going to NYC (Manhattan)  for the weekend leaving tomorrow early on the train (from Rhode Island), and I was wondering where to shop for sweet lolita style goods. Anything that fits with the asthetic, or which actually sell the brands (although I doubt they exist). I really would just like some ideas of where to shop. Also, any ideas of things to go, places to see, etc. would be really cool. I like art museums! This is last minute, so I really haven't had time to plan, and I really need ideas

Hair bow tutorial?

Hey all! I know that there used to be a tutorial on how to make Hair Bows, but when I looked in the memories I couldn't find it. I managed to find it in the search, but when I clicked on it, it said "post no longer exists." Am I missing something? If it is gone, is there a website or another post I should look at? Thank you!