March 1st, 2007

picture request

not to be a pain in the ass but...
does anyone have pictures of a jumper skirt or one piece with vertical stripes?
I don't mean like Angelic Pretty's very subtle stripes, something a little more obvious?
It doesn't have to be on you, just any pictures would be great.
just dresses please!

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thank you!!!

Looking for Punk Lolit Cloths

That might now be the proper word for what I am looking for but like more punk style lolish Cloths *If that make since at all* I am very pick sadly I just want to know if you have any good website or if you make clothing and could help me with this. *sorry if I am sub post to live Journal cut this I don't remember how. >_<
Thank you for your help and sorry for the bad spelling. ^_^
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Skirt and Bow :D

I made these a few days ago :D Just some experimenting. The skirt didn't really come out that well, but It still is cute. I also learned how to make the bows :D. I am proud of myself XD.
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Imai kira birdgcage

looking for artposts..

I tried the search thing but for some reason i came up with absolutely nothing "/
Im looking for both carnet's (?) and.. i cant remember who did the last one but they were both art posts of lolita/hime pinups. If someone could direct me to them, that would be great!

Vintage poodle series!

Yay I'm so happy, after I thought that there were no reservation spaces left on Meta's vintage poodle series, they got me a place and I bought mine today ^_^ anbody else ordered theirs yet? AND they let me have the matching pink headress even though the resevation site said it was sold out!

Anyway, the point of this post was to say that for all of you who missed out on this line, I got the new Gothic Lolita Punk mook yesterday and it appears that Baby will be bringing out a pretty similar and possibly even more frilly (oh noes!) poodle line soon!EDIT: no they aren't I'm just seeing poodles where there are no poodles!!

(btw if anyone wants me to scan in some of the images from the mook then i can, although there is only one small pic of the poodle print, but there are some larger images of some of baby's new pattern designs)

EDIT: I didn't have much time, but until i can upload more from the mook, here are the (not) poodle dress and one of the other pages! ^_^

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Shoes too big?


I hope it's okay to post this here..
So my Rocking Horse Shoes arrived a few days ago, and unfortunately they are a bit big on me.
It's just like 1cm, and if I tie the leather straps tightly around my ankles I hardly notice, but I wonder if there is a way to make them fit with, for example, shoe lifts or something like that?
I think I've seen something similar in Japan, but I can't seem to find anything..
And I also might want to wear them barefoot in summer, so wearing two pairs of socks won't help me. ^^;

Thank's in advance!

If you were wondering...

I emailed BTSSB about this dress and how much the shirring stretches.


Here's the reply I got:

Dear Tiffany,

Thank you for your mail to BABY.
I'm sorry for our tardy reply and poor English !

I measured the size of 131-203;
it streches 94cm at the chest and 80cm at the west on maximum.
Please feel free to ask us if you have any other questions.
Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hear from you again !



Just in case anyone wanted to know. :)
Imai kira birdgcage

Art post!

I was inspired by Carnet's and Sakurafairy's pinup pictures, as well as marie antoinette and the song from the party in the movie "Aphrodesiac". I drew it by hand like usual and i spilt some things on it >_< so im sorry for any smudges, marks and sloppyness. I might colour it but i want to wait until i get my glasses!
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Larger Mary Mag Dresses/Skirts? o.O

I know Mary Magdalene as one of the "smaller" brands, and I had always had no hope of ever fitting into an authentic piece. But I recently perused through, and noticed one dress that went up to 27" inches. It's still a decent five inches off, but this made me wonder if there were any cases that were a little more "forgiving" in the waist? I would be so happy to get a dress or skirt from my favourite brand. :/

Image request: F+F Pirate jacket owners! (plus an image)

I bought a FanplusFriend Pirate Pleat short jacket and received it in the mail, but I'm worried that it doesn't look right. I bought a custom size to my measurements... and it fits but... the lapels are funky.  I emailed the CSR and they don't seem to want to fix it.  So I'm stuck with it as it is, or else getting a refund.  Debating whether or not to return it, as I really need a jacket, and because of my petiteness I have limited other options.

1.  I want to ask the egl members what you think - does it look ok to you?

2.  For those of you who own this jacket, do you have any photos of yourself wearing it? I'd like to compare with what I got...

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Loli at School...

So ever since I bought my first pieces, I've been considering wearing them to school. I have some doubts though....

I'm not worried that I'll be ridiculed, but I'm worried about my pretty clothes. I don't want them to get dirty, stained, smushed or otherwise mutilated, yet at the same time, I'd really like to wear them.

So for those of you who wear your loli clothes to school or any other place where harm might come to them, do you take any special measures to ensure that they stay clean and nice?

Certain things I worry about -

-petti getting smushed and lopsided after sitting on it in classes for long amounts of time
-food or other subtances getting on them - particularly when walking through smelly nasty freshman hall
-clothes getting wrinkled/petti deflating while in PE locker

Any help or solutions to these problems are appreciated! <3
Evil Cute 2

Winter Hat

So, I have this hat that I've never worn, and never really had anything to do with it. It's a good warm winter hat, and I like it, but I couldn't think of anything I could wear it with. Well I was sitting in my room and got an idea, I think it will now go really well with winter loli stuff.

If this doesn't belong here, let me know and I'll delete it.

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Cupcake Lolita!

GLB send in

I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to send in artwork to GLB? They seem to have a section somewhere towards the end of each book where one usually finds drawings (mostly) and artwork and photo's.  Has anyone ever tried to send in anything or does anyone know if it is at all possible. Being that I cannot read japanese, I am completely ignorant to what it says!

I'd like to know if we can send stuff in, and if we can, how and where to...?