February 28th, 2007

Any Lolitas in Taiwan?

Hello... This is a stretch, but are there any lolitas here from Taiwan or know people in Taiwan? I want to order from the BTSSB in Taiwan, but they do not ship overseas, so I need a shopping service or somebody from Taiwan. If anyone knows of anybody, please let me know! Thanks! :)

How do you cope?

Okay, this is literally my biggest issue ever. So I just have to post this.
I'm sure I'm not the only one when it comes to liking multiple things . . .

But what do you do when both of your hobbies are expensive????

I am and still am one of the biggest music whores lovers, and my friends know this about me. The type of music I like is visual, but I definitely love different genres of Japanese music. And I was a music nerd before fully getting in lolita.

But after I did, I find the problem that I don't really have that much money to buy both things regularly. My mom copes with the fact that I burn through money for music constantly, but I think she got a bit irritated when she found out I started to now spend money on clothing too.

And I'm not one to really download, because I feel guilty so I end up buying all these cds. And I also buy a ton of magazines so I can keep up with the artists I like.
But I was looking at my big pile of magazines, and 3 magazines alone cost me $70. >___<

So how do people cope when they love two things dearly but both cost a lot of money? Or even if it's not your predicament, do you have any advice? I don't plan to really drop one for the other. And I have a really bad spending habit.

So any advice, or if you feel the same way, please comment. XP
Cupcake Lolita!

Touch Up - big time

I bought this dress from the White Peacock about a year ago and I was very unimpressed and disappointed by the quality for the amount I paid for the dress. I has the worlds cheapest lace and the blue is not exactly a nice sky blue. All in all it is rather crappy and therefore looks crappy.

But with that said, I am looking to spice it up so to say. I think it is too flat and needs maybe some added on ruffle layers and ruffles and frills and the like. Does anyone have any ideas that they could help me out with at all? I'd love to hear any suggestions! What I would like is to keep it blue and white as it is my Alice in Wonderland dress but other than that, please do tear it a new one.

Also the dress is a whole one piece and there lies the problem with the mid section (waist area) cannot really be deconstructed. Its stupid really, I know and I should have sent it back but yeah I didn't so I have to work with it.

Heres a picture of it:

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Any suggestions? 



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ai lolita

Varsity Girl...

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Bored at home this morning, trying on looks...I've been thinking about this coordinate for awhile, sort of a 50's prom queen look, but maybe this much pink doesn't suit me? XD...everything Meta except for Claire's headband and mother's pearls.

  • kakaiyu

Question about shoes sizing...

I am a US size 9.5 or 10 and I was just wondering if there were any brand shoes out there that ever come in that large of a size. If so, could anyone post links? Of course there are places where I can get shoes made a custom size, but I'm just one of those kinds of people who feels a lot more confident in brand clothing. x3
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Alice-themed Tea Party

Perhaps this is not the most appropriate place to post, but I wanted the opinion of my fellow Lolitas:

I will be hosting an Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party in several months time (it is in actual fact a birthday party)... I have done some MAJOR research on what others have done in the past for parties, but I would like some ideas from the ladies on EGL, as I trust that most of you are very exciteable and brimming with ideas! Suggestions on activities would be much appreciated, particularly. -Victorian party games would be splendid, if anyone knows some good ones.

So please help me make this party (my first in thirteen years T_T) a success!

Thanking you,

P. Vox
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By me!

UK/Manchester lolis!

Hey there everyone!
I ment to mention this earlier but I've only just found out all the details, is anyone else going to the STRUT fashion show at Dry Bar on Oldham Street tomorrow?
I was talking to a Goth Loli that worked at Cl@ires (o_0) about it the other day and she told me that Tokyo Royale are going to be there representing and stuff.

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Good idea for a impromptu meeting, does anyone else think?
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Dress Forms and Art...It's Loli Apartment Time!

Hello all,
I finally have settled into the new apartment, and am glad to have a spare bedroom (about twice the size of my old closet, but not being ungrateful here). So now I have an offical sewing/craft room, and am in need of a dress form for my Goth Loli creations. Where would one find one (adjustable would be nice, since the old waistline seems to adjust throughout the year)? Also, I am going crazy decorating the walls (gold stripes, fake waistconting), and need some truly Gothic artwork for my lovely abode. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Thanks in advance!
PS: The Goth Loli car is still in progress, but I found floor mats that look like oriental rugs at Victorian Trading, and pearl license plate frames on the Home Shopping Network website, so I'm getting close to done! (and broke)