February 27th, 2007

Skirts without petticoats

I'm curious to how certain lolita skirts look like without petticoats. I know it is ideal to wear a petticoat, but i'd like to wear brand clothing but more casually. Bustle skirts or skirts with a lot of ruffles probably wouldn't look too great without some kind of poof, but how would pleated or gathered skirts look? Like these:

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As many of you know, I'm studying abroad for three months in Europe and by sheer coincindence (really!!) I happened to be in Paris the week that the first international BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT boutique opened in Paris! I know some of the lovely French lolis have made posts here about their experience, but I figured I'd share mine anyway. :)

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Couple photo!

It's still February, and I know I'm practically the last person to do it, but we went for a loli outing this past Sunday and I finally got my adorable boyfriend/photographer in a photo with me!
So without further ado, here it is:

Photobucket, makin' me link to em

Still working on getting him in some aristocrat stuff, but at least we match!
My outfit: Skirt, Blouse, Hairbow, and Parasol all by Baby - Socks by Meta - Shoes by An*ten*na!

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YEAH - My first Btssb order has arrived


I´m so happy at the moment =^^=

My very first clothes from Btssb is here..in my hands *stare down at my hands*
This is my first brand clothes (not really, I have a Btssb second hand skirt to), but anyway..

I got one dress, one pair of bloomers, one blouse and one pair of socks. The questions know is, how should I take care of them at the best way? How should I hang them in my closet? (I can´t seem to find anything at the memories)

And last..how do you sit without getting wrinkles all over the back? The best way that I can come up with is to hike up your dress/skirt to the waist and then sit on just your bottom/bloomers. But that´s not very lollilike >_<

Best regards

* I will post some pictues ASAP *
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sorry if this was posted already. i don't remember it being...

they now offer sizes 8.5 & 9 for Summer Lace up Boots, Rhythmical Ballerina, Premier Ballerina.
btw, did anyone ever order the Promenade Rabbit? i remember there was mention of quite a few wanting, but haven't seen anything here.

the Marie Antoinette jsk are up- http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/jumper/131208.html
although i'm unsure about the busy print, nor can i imagine wearing, i think its quite lovely. much nicer than the op (personal opinion)

btw, does anyone know if the btssb bunka ningyo/doll is available yet? i thought they were due out in feb and its almost the end of the month
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This is a question directed at people who own items from Retroscope Fashions.

What is the lace quality like on their items? I'm interested in a jacket form there (the wine-colored one), but can't find any information on what type of lace is used.


This has probably been posted sometime before, but since this community gets like 2908524343 posts a day it's basically impossible to find anything more than a couple days old. And yes, I used the search tool before posting.
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Uhm, I just have a quick question. I have lots of money burning a hole in the pocket, so of course, like a good lolita I'm going to spend it on clothes.

However, this will be my first time ordering from Meta, but I'm worried the clothes I order won't /fit/. My waist is about 29in. I'm a size 8-10 UK (Roughly a size 5-6 US) and I want to know if the clothes will fit me before I spent tons of pounds on clothes. (although, in retrospect if I do order them and they don't fit it at least gives me a reason to loose some weight. xP)