February 26th, 2007


Urban Tea Lounge Photos

kittyhot put together a Chicago meet-up at the Urban Tea Lounge two weeks ago and I'm sure everyone's seen pictures of everyone already, but mine are more hilarious so eh.
I mostly got pictures of the half of the table where I was sitting, so I'm sorry to the other half of the table -_- I feel weird taking pictures of people I don't know so well..
anyway, on to the Collapse )
so the first exposure of my boyfriend to egl was an excellent success and was apparently, "the weirdest event he's ever been to."

A Bit of Humor.

*ahemahemahemahem.* (supposed to sound all proper)

So, being a lolita is, in a great part, about good old old-fashioned femininity.
So, I decided to share with you all a few of my favorite recipes and life suggestions from a book I picked up at a book fair in Baltimore this past fall.
Take these however you please- the recipes may prove useful if you can manage to decipher them and please, I request that you reduce some of the recipes because they are so large that they are effing ridiculous simply impractical.
Yet after the recipes, there are some suggestions for cures of such things (based on the symptoms, I think all of us women know what the vapours really are)... as well as suggestions for lifestyle.
I apologize in advance for any typographical errors.
And now, sweet ladies, I present to you...

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An*Ten*Na group order

As people have read the past post, An*ten*na has Rocking Horse Boots.  I really want a pair but I don't want to pay a huge shipping and fee bill so I'm going to try to do a small group order that is open to everyone and any pair of shoes on the site.  I'm hoping to find other people that would be interested in going in with me.  It will be through Celga and I'm hoping to get about 5 or 6 people in on it.   

People ordering (6 max):
Me - 木底ブーツ・赤 size M
_kasumi_ - ワンストラップレースシューズ・白 size LL
ninedrop_chi -
厚底ワンストラップシューズ・濃茶 size S
industrialkitty -
木底ブーツ・赤 size L, 厚底レースアップロリータブーツ・白 size L
eternityras -
木底ブーツ・赤 size L
sky_tipped - 木底ブーツ・赤 size L

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mourning gown

Valentine Exchange

   Regarding the exchange: I have been trying to look into why people havn't recieved from their partners. So far only 3 people have gotten back to me. 
Personally, I had the same problem as alot of you(only recieved 2). I sent out  5( plus several more to people whose partners droped out at the last mintue.Unfortunatly I can't afford to do that with everyone or I would. Cause I want us all to have a postive experience. We randomly assigned people in the hopes people wouldn't post lots of hate on EGL or in their parnters journals .

        I am keeping track of those who didn't send stuff..incase we do this exchange again. 
 Again really sorry if you didn't recieve anything. 
To those who did: We would love to see pictures of the items you got ^_^

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Portland Oregon

hi! i am going on a trip to portland with some friends of mine in may. They are going to show me what there is to see there (as one of them at least knows the area pretty well). I was wondering if any loli's out there know of any good loli stores nearby the area? Just curious if there was anything particularly loli-able int he area i might want to check out while there. if not, its ok, i've been told there are many beautiful gardens.
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Roughly two years ago I bought this Putumayo ring. The main reason I bought it was that I fell madly in love with the (fake) cameo, the ring itself was... a little bit of a disappointment, quality-wise. For example, when I decided to take it apart and use the cameo for something else I had to do all too little to pry it out of its former setting: it didn't take much more than a knock to the side and it fell clean off.

For many months the cameo sat on the edge of my work desk until this weekend I finally got to making a new setting for it and made it a brooch.

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