February 25th, 2007

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Question -- Petticoats?

So i'm picking through my far too giant pile of possible purchases, and I came down to the petticoats. Here we have This ooooorrr This OR This. My question is: which one in your ladies opinion is better? Is there a difference that I am not aware of other than fullness? If so, please explain. Thanks in advance.
Baby Snow White

Fanplusfriend boots to return!

Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a great evening!

I made a post asking about the popular Btssb replica Baby boots a few days ago and said that I would post again if they replied. They just got back to me tonight with this message:

"HI, Thanks for your contacting. We would arrange new boots and shoes very soon. Currently the boots product is being rescheduled.

Thanks again!
Bo. Hai
Customer Supporter"

That sounds like good news!

Jesus Diamante Clips relpicas

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^-^ yepyep there is a set white pearls in there XD

For those who have ordered
winter_plum/postoned_heart/pauvre_lola ^-^ those in the pictures are yours they will be shipped tomorrow

muier_noir + aein o.o please reply my email, for I cannot make yours till you reply.

For those who wish to order in the future^0^
I am at a complete hault at the moment. I cannot continue till I can find the right pearls again. The original craft store apparently -_- only imports four boxes every so often and now I have runned out of pearls. Suggestions as to where i can find whole sale would be muchly appreciated XD!!!!!!

I am now working on o.o pearly earings *heads up!*

hopefully the clips will be back in time for my website opening O_O *hint hint*
2of a Kind

Need help with a drawing!

I was wondering if you guys could help meT_T
So im sitting here WEEE*draw draw draw*...but
then i realized "wait..what are they sitting on?GOD THE AIR"
With the amount of pastries lolis seem to consume i doubt
we can all float on air lol so do you have any ideas what would
look alright for them to be sitting on?

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[metronome] Riu lightblue

Brand blog feeds

Hey everyone,

I finally remembered to look into the option of syndicating brand blogs on LJ, and after a little shuffling around, created the following:

angelicp_blog (Angelic Pretty)
atelierp_blog (Atelier Pierrot)
btssb_blog (Baby, the stars shine bright)
metamor_blog (Metamorphose Kato's blog)
vmpress_blog (Victorian Maiden Press)

For those unaware of what syndicating/feeds mean, it's basically getting the entries of another blog (on another provider) slammed on your f-list here in Livejournal Land. Brand blogs are really interesting as they often display pictures of upcoming items, plans etc. However, I'm assuming not everyone religiously checks them as much as their lj friends lists, so getting them syndicated there is killing two birds at one stone.

You can add a feed by adding the above normally.

Does anyone know any other pre-existing blog feeds? Or interesting RSS/XML -compatible brand blogs in general? The above were added after a brief googling around, but there's probably more, so please share (either links to the blog sites or the feeds itself)! You need a paid account to create feeds (IIRC), but throw me a link and I'll turn it into a feed for everyone to share.

mostly x-posted to my own journal

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(no subject)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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Woo! You guys responded to my post so quickly O_O ~ Thank you oodles!

So in responce to it i sort of ..took variouse peoples advice and cramed
it all together. One girl is sitting, one is ..floating. Not so much on a log,
but sort of a swing(but still not quite) and *scritchs at her head* well, its
a "thing" Lol. She is sittingon,well, a "thing". ^__^;;

Now to color it..BUMBUMBUMMMM I think im going to stick to the soft
pinks,minty greens and that kinda color sceme*nod*

ETC question

this isn't a wtb.
does anyone know (and can share pics) if there was anything cinderella related by emily temple cute? i accidentally saved over a file and can't help but wonder...

thanks in advance!
Imai kira birdgcage

More like this?

I magically stumbled apon this and practically urinated myself! Everythign is so sweet and tasty and lovely! I know that a lot of people are only into lolita for the clothes.. but what about decorations, eating stuff, household items.. all that jazz. I mean, theyre so pretty! Id love to eat with these!
Post more of things like this! Fancy eating wear (im a sucker for kitchen goods, and confectionaries. Especially cute treat themed items! MOAR MOAR MOAR!!

Every loli should dine with the finest!

[edit] Also, i have no idea how to navigate rakuten... so there could be lots more!
lolier than thou
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Little Tokyo, LA?

Hye everyone. A friend of mine will be going to Little Tokyo in LA soon and I swear I've combed the memories section and also loligoth_dbs but I found nothing. So is there anything loli to be found there? Thanks!
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music tights or socks..

I have gone on a musical lolita kick, and I am looking for some tights in black and white, or white and black with musical notes printed on them. Thigh highs and knee socks are also welcome, so if anyone has any idea of where I can purchase such a thing please post!

Thank you!


((hope this hasn't been posted yet))

I went to nyc kinokuniya yesterday and saw that they're not selling btssb anymore! ToT they still have the books but not the clothes and accessories. ;o; does anyone know why? me and my friends are really upset and im sure other lolis are too. T^T

EDIT:: kokonotsu_9 said that kinokuniya still has the btssb clothes :D yay
books books books books books books books books
------------------ stairs ------------------
wall clothing btssb doll mooks books wall
wall clothing clothing mooks books wall
wall clothing clothing loli mooks books wall

so sorry to everyone that got sad. xD i didnt know it was hidden. sorry for the confusion ^^;;

BTSSB Group Order

Is anyone interested in hosting a btssb group order? (I promise to love you forever n_n;)I live in Canada and whenever I order direct I get burned by customs so bad >.< That and bank orders are a big hassle.

little thought...

I was wondering if anyone has purchsaed a Candy Violet petticoat - fluffy or lacey?
and if they had any reviews on it..

Also if there are any new reviews on petticoats made by
In the Starlight
and any other brands.

Thank you!
Keiyuu, kra

Skirt and blouse~

There's nothing more motivating to sew than a 3 1/2 month holiday ne? After finishing my last jsk, I started on my blouse when behold! I found this gorgeous fabric that I just had to make something with. Thus, two weeks ago, I managed to finish both my blouse and skirt :D~ Definately the best I've done to date (which may not be much XD)...

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EDIT: OMG~ I somehow disabled the comment feature D:~
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WTB: Gosu Loli Pattern Books/Some Advise?

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Also, can anyone who's made dresses from the patterns in the Gosu Loli books give me some advise? I've heard that you have to trace your own copy off a pattern sheet, the same as with the GLBs. What are the sizes like? I'm only 5'5" and 32"/26"/34" so I don't usually have problems, but it they're any trend for skirts coming up short or something in these patterns I'd like to know about it! I usually have to adjust bodices because obviously the clothes aren't made for men (Well, Moi Meme Moitie maybe XD) but since most lolita clothes are made for small busted women I don't normally have to do much - do the Gosu Loli's hold true to this?

Also, I can't read much Japanese - Is it feasible to expect to be able to follow the patterns with just a basic guide to the Kanji and a good idea of what goes where? I don't anticipate there being a problem as I've got a lot of sewing and pattern making experience (I never follow the instructions on English patterns anyway!) but I thought I'd ask.
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(no subject)

I know this isn't directly lolita related but its in regards to the gift exchange from Valentine's Day. I hope this doesn't come off as bitchy but I have yet to receive anything from either of the people I sent items to. I spend a good deal of time and money to put together gifts and get them sent to the recipients in time for Valentine's Day. I haven't gotten anything in return; not even an email stating they received them, let alone a thank you. Normally I wouldn't be so annoyed but I took the time to get valentines together for total strangers.

Has anyone else -not- received their items? I appreciate the ladies who set up this exchange and sorted out the partners (I'm not blaming you at all) but unfortunately after this experience I highly doubt I will take place in another exchange. :/
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Photo postt~!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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So iv been trapped inside with a bout of serious
cabin fever and insomnia and decided "ohh my neighbor's
got evicted i can take photos at their house today!"

And that was the agenda^_^. I had a black F+F
dress from Retroscopefashions.com (*shoves you*
go order from the nice lady!) that well, i prefure in
its pretty bergandy color-so i changed it up a bit for
the sake of bored creativity and tossed on the prettiest
hood user *cringe:imsosorryialwaysforgethowtospellit*
neroizm made for me.*flaps arms* the arms of the dress
are very baggy on me even in the smallest size i have yet
to figure a way to fix that *sulks* Ne how!Iran around the
upstairs hoping no one popped their head in like "...wtf?" haha
that would be an awkward way to meet ppl being shown the apt lol

Nee way.Ordinarily i HATE HATE HATE black lipstick.It
tends to look ehh...cakey, tacky and minimizes the volume
of lips.But i was bored so... yeah. *scritches at her head*

I ordinarily wear white and pink when i dress traditional
lolita but i thought since i was trying to do something a little
different( and everyone yells at me that i cant carry sweet LOL)
that id try something ..that most assuredly ppl might not like T_T
gothic lolita (BUMBUMBUMMMM)

Collapse ) so please dont
eat me*offers cupcakes of peacee*O_O <3
[tp] my name is agent dale cooper

(no subject)

Hello everyone and long time no see~

^_^;; A few months ago, I hosted a group BABY order. I posted several updates before, but I still have two items from two members of the order that have not paid me for shipping. To be precise, one Black Headdress and a BABY Tote Bag. I have them ready to ship, so if you're the two members--please contact me asap. :/


Ah, laila_astri, I was wondering if the Country Sweets order group order ever went through? ^_^;; You can email me personally if you wish. (My emails is on my userinfo)


Lastly, does anyone have any Lsized White Tea Party shoes they'd be willing to sell? I missed the order once again. T__T;
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(no subject)

A little while ago, josephineisevil of Chicago was hanging out in my neighborhood, so I grabbed fellow lolita markidesade and we went out to dinner at Tomo, a nice Japanese restaurant that is also in my neighborhood. We had a little sushi, a little sake, and a good time.

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And one last stupid photo, which I beg of you not to take seriously, because I was just playing around before class and I do adore the Beatles:
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Moar invasions! See you guys next photo batch.