February 23rd, 2007



Today is the last day to get in on the group order from Cheeptrims.com, which sells lace, ribbons, appliques, waistband elastic, etc in bulk.

Here is the original post.

At this time, please do not add any new items unless you want to buy the whole spool or package.
All orders will be finalized at 4pm, US Eastern time today. Any spools that have not been taken completely at that time will be dropped from the order.

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New Gothic & Lolita Bible No. 24

There is a new GLB out (now?). I don't know a lot of info about, however. There is a 2 page spread and interview with Trevor Brown (my favourite!) and the cover artwork is done by him, which I find surprising since they usually use manga-like illustrations. Oh, and there are Trevor Brown stickers too! Click on the image to see a larger version.. 

I think that this will be very interesting, since I'm not sure how many of you are fans of his work..

scary happy face n_n

Ruffled Cluny...

Silly noob sewing question, but I recently bought some ruffled cluny and noticed there's some tulle like stuff sewn over top edge... do you just sew it on as is? And is it alright if you wanted to take it off? (although, I don't think I will..)


Animal Print?

( Feel free to delete, if this is too irrelevant. )

Lolita, and animal print. Has it been done?
As we all know, Baby had those horrendous highlighter yellow tartan dresses.
(Who's to say what's next..)
If a brand were to make a animal print dress, would you purchase it?
Or, do you think animal print is too 'busy, or 'loud' for lolita.
It was just a random thought in my head.
I love leopard print, but somehow the idea of a leopard print jsk scares me.

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