February 22nd, 2007


I was wondering..and maybe I'm silly for asking..but is black nail polish loli- acceptable? x-x I mean..I see that it probably is for punk loli, but what about gothic lolita? If it is..which ways would make it okay, and if it isn't then that kind of polish is right? ^^;; thanks in advance..and sorry for being a noob ^^;

More Questions- Candy Violet?

OK I'm just brimming with a jillion questions, I know!

I have a couple of questions for anyone out there who owns the Candy Violet dress sets(and this is recent stuff so I know probably very few people have bought it yet, I haven't seen photos of anything from her other than the t-shirts and hats).

A) How do the bustiers fit, if you are, well, busty? I want to get the cards skirt in blue but I haven't decided if I want to get the set or just the skirt. I haven't seen any worn photos of them, do they pucker and wrinkle if you're busty? It's just such an expanse of plain fabric that that kind of thing would be really visible (and I'm G-cup > <).

B) How well does Candy Violet blue match various brands' blues? I'm mostly thinking for things like socks (especially Meta or Baby!) but I've been eyeing this Baby pinafore in blue and am curious if it would match Candy Violet's skirts at all (since there's no way I can fit into Baby's skirts!). If anyone knows the same for their pink, I'm curious as well.

Thanks in anyone can help! : D
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It feels like I've been posting a lot...

However, I need some help! I know a while ago there was a discussion about mini top hats and I have decided I want to make one. Someone mentioned the tiny hats they have for bears and dolls they sell at Michael's, buying one of these and adding lining and accessories. I'm wonder if anyone has done that? I bought one of the hats and some extra stuff but I'm unsure how to go about adding a new lining to it. What should I use? and how would you go about this? I don't want to put some ugly crappy thing on my head and look like a doofus! So if anyone has tips, tutorials, or pictures or anything I'd love to hear it :3

EDIT: links to decently priced tops hats are appreciated too :)
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Malaysian Lolita Club, now open!

Calling all Malaysian Lolitas!

The Malaysian Lolita Club is now officially open. Our aim is to gather those with a love for Lolita fashion from all around Malaysia. The website is about 80% done and you can view it by clicking on the banner above or at this link: ( http://www.freewebs.com/malaysianlolitaclub/index.html ) Please join and help make this club a success! <3 (As the form for joining is not up yet, do leave a comment or email me at fracky00[at]gmail[dot]com to join.)

Pictures of the first outing are also on the website. The 2nd Malaysian Lolita Club Outing will be held sometime between 10-15 March 2007. Please refer to this link for further details.
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Question about Victorian Maiden Beth

So, I want to buy a dress from Beth and of course need a shopping service to get it. I already compared different shopping services and I settled on one (Not a final decision but yeah).

Just, does the VM shop in MaruiOne stock Beth items? Or can you only order from the Beth site? Sorry, if this is a stupid question. It really isn't that important but I would like to know.

Thanks for answering! And I did check the memos but couldn't find anything. If there is an answer feel free to choke me with your lace! ;)
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Image request - Sailor Lolita!

Im really getting into the Sailor Lolita fashion and I want to look at images with this theme for inspiration on how to grow my own wardrobe. Ive found a couple using the Goggle image search but I want MORE! Im pretty much looking for everything Sailor Lolita but full body models like this that show the whole outfit, headdress, socks shoes is perfect so I can get ideas on coordination! P.S. Im quite partial to gray outfits with black accents. <3__<3

Please help ^_^ TY!
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Image Request

This may be a little weird (and feel free to delete this if it doesn't fall in the rules) but does anyone have some high res scans of gothic lolita ads that feature Caucasian women? Kind of how the Juliette-et-Justine features Caucasian girls on its website and I think H.Naoto did that for a while too....

Thank you very much for your help! :3
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Hiding my hands?

Hi, I have a quick question about gloves and the like. My job requires that I work with food, so I can't grow my nails out, wear fake ones, or paint them because I also work up front with customers. I was wondering what I should do to hide my hands when wearing loli clothing? I know gloves are an option, but is it really okay to wear them with the summer months comming up and it getting warmer?

Question Kera Maniax

Hi there;)

I´m Isa from Germany.
I was phoptographed at Wave Gotik Treffen last year for the Kera magazine. Can anyone here send me a scan of the article of Wave Gotik Treffen 06=??? It should be at the Vol 7 I guess=???
Has anyone seen me in the Keramag=???
Thanks a lot "!!!

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Okay, I am a wonderfully bright person and I keep track of emails I get from comment notifications. ...Only, not so much. I posted about mini tophats and someone commented me with an offer--I lost your little comment, would you comment me here?

And also--About how long does ITS usually take to get things to you? I looked on the site for a friend and maybe we're distracted, but on average for you guys, how has it been? [If this needs placed under a cut just lemme know and I'll get right on it.] Thanks in advance! [Really, it's so awesome that I can just...post here and people who actually KNOW stuff wil answer me.]