February 21st, 2007

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Does anyone knows what's going on now concerning lolitasnap? It says "Lolitasnap will be up in 2 weeks." since more than 2 weeks now^^
I was just wondering, specially because I'm curious about what and how it changed now.

OMGskirts in stores.

Wow. It's been so long since I've posted here.

I'm in desperate need of new skirts and I've exhausted all my options at the mall (that I know of .. I work there, so I'm always checking around in two or three *possible* stores). Has anyone noticed any interesting skirts in any stores recently? I'm finding it all but impossible to find a longer skirt around here. Everything's a mini or a pleated-mini or mid-calf length.

No shortage of cute baby doll tees for my casual look I'm happy to report. Lots of cute screen tees and such.

But the skirts are my priority. I'm probably going to be hunting for JSKs in the near future as well. I hear they're indispensable in a loli wardrobe. X3 I'm so behind. Money's been tight for awhile. Now I can spend somewhat freely. XD

And ohgod shoes. I'm gonna be on a shoe spree in a moment. I have big feet though. >_>;

Any help = greatly appreciated. You have no idea.
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Merchant question

Hi, I have a question about Rakuen Fashion. For those of you who've gotten dresses from them, how long did it take for you to receive your order?

I'm thinking of buying this, mainly because I want to get as much mileage out of the pieces as possible. I like it because it doesn't seem to have as much lace as some of the others, and appears to be pretty versatile. Opinions?

Thank you!


Cheeptrims sells lace by the spool. They sell Venice lace for 50c-$1/yd, cluny and eyelet laces for as little as 20cents for some laces, and 3/4" elastic for thirteen cents a yard! Last day to get in on the order is Feb 23! Click here to see the original post and join in. There are lots of spools that are partially taken that need to be finished off.

Just curious

I'm trying to send payment to a fellow egl member but here is the problem They don't have paypal and are in Australia. I offered to send a Postal IMO, and to my surprise, such thing does not exist(for Australia). Ive contacted several banks to no avail, and I priced Western Union, and the fee is more then the item itself. So, how have you send money to Australia, cause I'm stumped here :(
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hey guys, i had some questions, about too much poof ( i know there was a post about this earlier- but i have pictures!) and about skirt patterns. i thought someone said to use a circle skirt, upon searching the memories and search engine, i found that it was NOT to use a circle skirt, in fear of looking like a country dancer. But it said to use a trapazoid or reqtangle skirt. i found the free patterns people made but was wondering if tehre were any actual real patterns out there that people have and could reconmend to me? (like simplicity etc) i can wait for the dollar patterns sale at my hancock to get them. heres a link to the old post with the photos, it was in there with the ATL skate party, so i guess not to many people noticed me askign questions. thanks for your imput!
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a little art dump ^^

i did a little vector doll not too long ago, quite simple though. since i was a bit bored now i changed the whole doll a bit and gave her a classic-lolita outfit resembling to one of the new angelic pretty dresses. i thought some of you might like this ^^ enjoy. (img background + floral dress pattern taken from the internet)

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Public Service Announcement

I've noticed lots of people are asking questions about shoe fit here and I just wanted to make an announcement about how to tell your Japanese shoe size since you can't always trust conversion tables. It -should- work for all shoes in Japanese sizes, although it may not but this method seems more reliable than just simple conversion tables. This was told me to me by my suppliers at the Secret Shop factory here in China so it really should work for Secret Shop shoes ^^

Place a piece of paper on the ground. Step on it with your whole foot. Trace it, probably best to have someone else trace it while you stand to get a proper measurement. Measure the length from your heel to your longest toe - which may not be your big toe! The measurement in cm should be your size according to Japanese shoes.
It also is advised you do this just to know the measurement of your foot if you are buying shoes online. You should ask the seller for the inner measurement of the shoe (which can be hard to get it accurate, I know) and compare to your foot, although there should be some room for comfort.
More about shoe sizes and feet here

seattle lolitas

I will be coming to Seattle in a couple of weeks and would like to connect with other Lolitas (while I am in town visiting frineds)

PLEASE do feel free to email me (directly) if you would like to connect in person
(would love to hear from you over the next few days so we can better arrange)
by emailing me at


and please DO put seattle lolita in the subject line so I can spot your messege

look forward to seeing you

Valentines Day Reminder

There was a post a week or so back from the organizer of the Valentines Day lolita card and/or accessory swap. The organizer told us to wait until Wednesday to email them about the lack of a gift. :O

Just a reminder to those that didn't recieved anything.
I emailed. xD;

Hair Combs

There are some lovely loli hair combs out there, but however stupid this may sound..I have no idea how to wear them with out them falling out and messing up my hair. Does anyone have any pictures or links to places that give directions?

A Lolita Dessert?

Hello! I hope this isn't too off-topic for you guys. But if anyone is bothered, please let me know and I'll just delete the post (or the mods can). ^^!
I made a lolita inspired plated dessert! This is something I was wanting to do for a while, and when I came upon a recipe in a book it seemed perfect! So I give you...

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I had question on fake nails o.o as far as I can see, fake nails also have this double sticky tape thing you can put on your nail and on the other side can also stick to the fake nail....

my question is, by doing so o.o are fake nails re usable??

and if what i'mt alking about the sticky thing is this?http://thumbnail.image.rakuten.co.jp/s/?@0_gold/nail-yasan/img/img10521069002.jpeg
is it really used that way?