February 20th, 2007

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just wondering is there anyone from TORONTO wants to buy some baby stuff together? 
so we can share the bank transfer fee.

well it's my first time buying from baby's website. i heard that they cannot make IPMO to japan in canada
so if u know a better way to pay plz plz tell me. : )

btw, the dress i'm gonna buy is this one
gothic lolita

A couple of Baby/ Meta blouse/sizing questions! (+ pic request)

OK... I have decided I "need" to buy myself a brand-name blouse, and since I am quite busty I'm thinking the only brands I'd have luck with are Meta and Baby (who I have learned recently have bigger blouses than I'd realized!). BUT! I have a few questions (and searching for things like "sleeve length" doesn't give me anything but DS posts > <).

Sleeve Length
I've noticed that for some of Baby's detachable sleeve shirts there are two sleeve lengths listed. Obviously the shorter sleeve is the smaller measurement... but for the longer measurent, is that the length of just the detachable sleeve, or of the entire sleeve (including the shorter top sleeve) when the detachable sleeve is attached?

Meta Crown Cotton Lace Blouses
I remember being happy when I first found out about Meta's tall sizes... but now that I look at the measurements, I'm pretty sure I'd swim in the tall sized crown cotton lace blouse. However, I'd be just abaout at the max (or a little above) in the regular sized version's bust measurement. I've heard Meta can have off measurements sometimes- is the 38ish inch bust measurement they list for the regular size blouse the largest that will look good on you, or the largest it will go at all, gaping button windows and all? Is the smallest waist measurement on the tall size the smallest it will go without looking absurd, or can you use the back tie to make it slimmer? I'd love to hear from anyone with this blouse!

Specific Blouses- Detachable Sleeves?
There are a few blouses on the Baby website that look like they may have detachable sleeves but don't actually say if they do- does this generally mean they are not detachable? Here's a few I noticed:
http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/blous/131409.html (I can't tell in that last picture if the sleeves are just tucked in front?)
If anybody knows I'd really appreciate it! : o

Picture Request!
And finally, does anyone have pictures of the "She is Sleeping" shirred jumperskirt, preferably in blue? I am dumb and never save stuff from websites and then they get taken down! Baby's official photos, people-wearing-it photos, auction photos... any would be appreciated! Thanks! : )

EDIT: Wah, wonky links O_o

Wearing lolita while travelling... internationally

I'm taking a trip to Europe this summer and I was wondering what people think on the subject of wearing lolita while you're doing the tourist thing.

Is this a good idea or a bad idea?

More specifically, do you think it brings negative attention to yourself? Has anyone done this before and have any interesting stories or useful information to share?

If geographical location matters, I'll be in England most of the time but I'm planning on going to France, Italy and maybe Germany for a few days. The majority of the places I'm thinking of visiting while on the continent are art galleries or museums so I'll be indoors a lot.

Also, anyone know what the Asian population in the aforementioned countries is like? I'm a tall, very pale chinese girl, I'd like to be prepared if I'm going to be stared at. :D


I require models for my lolita fashion show at Otafest in Calgary, AB on either May 19 or 20!

I will mainly be promoting my brand so I'd prefer girls who are interested in buying an outfit from me at an EXCELLENT discount and we do have some more casual items from our collection that can be loaned. Shoes may be loaned also, or also have a great discount! Models will also get a discount from any pre-ordered items (excluding Meta) even if it is not used for the show.

I have about 8 girls already signed up! I'd like to have about 2 girls (I say girls but boys can join too) to represent each sub-style although we may not be able to have all shown. I'd also like to show some other street fashion styles other than lolita, so if you've got an outfit, I'd love to have you! I'm still not sure exactly what day or where it may be, but I have a few ideal times and spaces in mind that I will talk with the execs about.

Original post with more information. Also posted to ab_loli

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New Zealand lolis!


..Or, more specifically, Aucland lolis. ^^*
Me and my friend are thinking about organising a loli meet in Auckland if anyone else is interested. 
So let me know if you are okay!
And I'll get back to you.

It'd be perhaps in April?


ps. other jap street fashions are OK! Casual loli is okay!
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(no subject)

I forgot to save the Meta poodle JSK pictures for reference (I'm making a sorta-repro) and now they're gone. Does anyone have a link to the original page (if it's still up) or have the pictures saved? The one I'm looking for is the one with the sort of 50s feel to it with the double scalloped collar. The same dress in a different print is fine, too.
Anyone? (request)
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Question -- Casual Loli:

OK I swear to God I looked in memories for like fourty five minutes and couldn't find an entry on this so you can't kick me for asking. ;_;

What constitutes as casual Loli? I assume loli elements MUST remain (skirts and the like) but what makes it different from normal loli? T-shirts and sneakers? I've seen a few people wearing casual shirts with their skirts and assume this to be Casual Loli but was wondering if the shirts had to be from a Loli brand or could be anything so long as they didn't stray too far from the principle.

petticoat help!

Hihi egl community~! I need some help..I was wondering if there were any petticoat patterns or tutorials out there, and if so if someone could link me! If that's possible it'd be most appreciated!!  Also..I wonder the same thing about a princess skirt, any tutorials/ect? Thanks a bunch, I hope to hear back!! ^^<3

Question! :D

Hello Lolis!

I'm kind of new to the whole 'lolita' thing, concidering..well..i just cant pull it off. v.v;
but i'm EXTREMELY interested in it. and i know for a fact, somewhere out there, there is a mini little trihorned pirate hat for lolis.
there must be! >_<;

i'm sorry if this isnt allowed, so it can be deleted, but i just have no where else to look.

does anyone know where i can find a mini pirate hat? D;
(pref. black)




thankyouuu! &hearts;

Where to go?

I am hoping that someone can answer these questions ^_^
Hopefully, if all goes well I will be trying my best to go and help a host family learn conversational english over in Japan for about a month or so in the near future
(for Cultural Homestay International..look them up, the whole program sounds very nifty so far ^_^ If anyone has worked with them I would love to hear about it!!!!)

Besides specifying the country you want to go to, you can also request a city. I know Tokyo is huge on lolita, but I am wondering what areas are also good for lolitas to be in also?? I was thinking about Kyoto but I really have no clue how "extreme" the fashion gets there and I would not want to overwhelm my host family ^_^.

I am open to any and all suggestions so fire away!
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Adventures in Stuffed Animal-land

So, I've noticed that I've never posted any pictures of myself in lolita before, so I'd really like to break that today with a couple pictures. Over winter break, I went to my brother's punk rock concert in lolita, but before I went, I decided to take some pictures with my favorite stuffed animals with the (incredibly grainy) camera on my MacBook. Hopefully the cuteness of my animals makes up for the lacking photo quality, and I hope that you all will also share with me some stuffed animal/lolita pictures of your own!
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