February 19th, 2007

Stitch Butt


I couldn't find this in the memories, so if it's there I'm sorry ^-^
I ordered from Meta for the first time and I'm wondering if anyone knows if there are custom fees in the United States for Meta and if so how much are they and how you pay the fee. Thanks in advance.

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Hello. On a Lolita forum that is no longer up (lolidollies.com, I believe it was), someone posted a picture of what skirt length girls and women of different ages in the Victorian era wore. (I am almost positive it was taken from a book called something close to What We Wore.)
Do you have either the photo, the name of the book it was from, or anything relating to this?
Help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
Tigger & Rabbit

A follow up to my psychological drama

Hello all...I'm the loli who had a bit of a problem with my counseling center about a week ago. If anyone remembers, the whole story can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/egl/7903200.html

Anyways, I'm totally done with that place. I went back once more, voiced how I felt, and was encouraged to go back there (which I'm not going to do unless I find that I have more sleeping problems). Still, all this fuss has left a toll on me...I feel pretty discouraged now, and I've been feeling like I should give up lolita style in college, and only wear it on weekends or to conventions or whatnot. It's such a blahh feeling, but in my heart I know I don't want to do this. Anyone have any similar stories or advice? To battle this sudden discouragement, I'm going to go casual loli for a while until I can get my guts back. But this was such a strange problem...I'm hoping someone has any advice for me?

*showing off ^^*

Ive recently finished making a blouse a girl ordered me and I thought I could share a few pics with you since Im very happy with the results! It was designed and sewn by me~ and took me forever about 4 days to finish D: it just...never ended XD!
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rose chocolat

I was considering ordering a pair of Rocking Horse Ballerinas form Rose Chocolat at some point... as some of you may already know (since I posted about it) I am a small person.  Which means, I wear size four in childrens!  Now this website says, " If you want the size bigger or smaller than the written size, we will manufacture it when you order more than 2 products of the same model."

Am I correct in understanding this means I must be 3 pairs of shoes, all the special size?

Thank you! ^^

Urban Tea Lounge

Thanks to the lovely Miss kittyhot I was able to attend the Chicago meetup at the Urban Tea Lounge. The food was decent and the presentation was okay, but the service could use some work. But all of us were able to have a good time despite the failing of the lounge. (I will say, though, that it was nice to have someplace that offered more than a list of ten teas for the service.)

I was able to enjoy the evening a lot more because of dykestar's gracious invitation to borrow her Red Riding Hood JSK from BABY. It is a very lovely piece and I'm glad to have been able to wear it.

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Bloomer Question

Hm...so following a historic pattern I made a pair of bloomers, but they didn't work out for what I wanted them for so instead of letting them go to waste I thought I would work with them for another Lolita outfit. The main thing is that they are long. As in below the knee. I've looked for pictures that show this, but haven't found too many. I thought I had come across more. Here's one I found and is about the length mine probably are.


Does anyone else have other pictures or are we talking a Lolita no-no with this?

Thank you everyone!
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Ribbon or not?

Just a quick opinion question from you all if you're bored =].

I've been looking at rocking horse shoes for a while; at the moment I'm scanning through Ling_Lam's site on Yahoo.

Just wondering, what do you guys prefer: Ribbons or hard straps with your rocking shoes? And why? What are the benefits to each versus the disadvantages?

I've always wanted the straps, but now that I'm looking at the pictures...
They aren't as lovely as I always pictured them to be..hmm.

I hope this post isn't breaking any rules or anything ^^;.

Edit: On a side note, if you want to order from her, do you just...talk to her on yahoo O_O?