February 18th, 2007


Baltimore shop info

There is a store in Baltimore (in Hampden, specifically) called Atomic Books. Don't know if it's been mentioned on here before, but they have some Gothic Lolita Bibles, lots of cute items (as well as bizarre ones) - I really wanted to buy the little spoon with the strawberry cake on the end, but I'll be back with more money. They have plushes for lots of weird things - everything from Totoro and pink doughnuts to a plushie smiley tampon (WTF?). They also have a good amount of Gloomy Bear stuff... Including... well, I took some pictures with my cell phone:
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Anyway, thought that would be appreciated.
(They also have bentos, which made me extremely excited, but I'm not sure how lolita they are.)
makoto ^o^ ♥♥♥

Small Question

Please do inform if I need this behind a cut.

I'm wondering about a certain Gothic & Lolita model.
She has the bright long red hair, and wears only Angelic Pretty?
Do you know who I'm talking about? Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture for clarification.

Would you happen to have her name or scans?


Checked the memories but didn't find things about tall Lolis!! And by tall I mean 5'8ish and up (~172 cm). There must be others that are cursed/blessed with height in this community. So if you are out there, what do you do? Most problems occur in length of items for me so is there any brand that you usually go to? What styles do you usually wear? (And if you don't mind, how tall are you?)


Edit: Thanks for all of your responses! It's comforting to know there are others out there with the same problem.


From your experiences, who out of the people who can make custom items would do a good job for EGA style blouses?
Or skirts such as this?
Or jackets such as this?

Reviews, experience, what you've heard from others...all would be appreciated.

Also Picture request!! Please post/link pictures of you or someone else in EGA style.

Thanks much!

Gothic Lolita Fashion Show


Is going to be featured in the MagnumOpus Fashion Show on Mar. 9th, 2007 at the Sacramento Taskopoulos Library Galleria.

AppleSugar will be Showcasing 20 sets of egl girl outfits and 5 kodona/prince outfits.

Check out the fashion show site. This is a fairly new show, but it already gotten much attention within the Sacramento county and nearby counties. This is a great opportunity to introduce Elegant Gothic Lolita fashion into a wider range of people who has never seen it before. Originally this show is exclusive to mainstream fashion, but this year they wanted something new in the mix and pegasusmaiden.com was recommended by one of the photographers we work with. So we got in!



I have heard of the Angelic Pretty catologues and I was wondering if the 2007 one has been released?
For the previous ones, has anyone any scans? Sorry about this, but thank you if you could share.

petticoat. help!

I am sorry about my last post.And hope this post has better grammar.

But i have a question. Ok, so i should know this but can someone give me any advice on how to make a petticoat?
I dont have a petticoat and I really want to try and make one.
How long should it be?
What type of material should it be?
How many layers?
And anything else I need to know about how to make it.
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a question!

Hello, I am new to both livejournal and this community. :)

I have a question about the BodyLine brand sold through Cosmates.  Ive been hearing mixed reviews about the quality and overall satisfaction of their clothing and im not sure if it is worth spending the money on the dress I want to buy.  Im rather new to the lolita scene and I don't have a lot of money to dedicate to it nor can I read japanese so my resources are limited to auctions and the like. :\ so any helpful hints about the brand would be much appreciated! I have also heard that the dresses tend to run very short, but seeing as i am barely five feet tall, this doesnt present itself as a problem. thanks again :)
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Katsu 07 is now over *tear*

Katsu is over and i ran into a few lovley ladies for the photoshoot, unfortunatley i couldnt talk or hear very well due to my cold so i didnt get anyones names T_T but the photos were fun even if it was hard to get more people for the pictures. If you were at katsu and were in the lolita photoshoot let me know ^_^

(i was wearing all black with and holding the plaid gloomy bear)
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