February 17th, 2007

London ON Lolis??

Greetings fellow community members,

I was wondering where the London Ontario lolis are. There's a community (which will remain unnamed as I do not have such authorization.) I tried posting, however, no one responded. I know there's also a J-rock community, but no one is really alive there either. Did everyone just move out of the city, or? 

Anyone interested in meeting up sometime? I don't go to school here so it's hard for me to make new friends, let alone any that know anything about the things I like.

If anyone is reading this, because I know a lot of people frequent EGL, please respond even if you are NOT here... ~_~


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Cheeptrims group orders are always favorites, right? Who doesn't love Venice lace for 80 cents a yard instead of eight dollars a yard! I've lost count of how many I've run. I would like to start one up now, so that it will arrive during my spring break. That way I should be able to promptly cut and weigh everyone's packages, since I won't be in school.
**This order is NOT for you if you need lace right away! It usually takes about two weeks after the order just for the lace to get to me from Cheeptrims!**

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HINT : Most comments in item threads by my username seeinglife are the current totals and what portion of a spool they are. Try searching for my username on the page if you want to quickly figure out how much is left of a spool for grabs. I particularly love people who finish off spools for me ;)
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Reduce waistsize?


How much can you reduce this dress waist, with the bow in the back? (without looking horrible). According to Btssb site the waist is 80cm, but my waist for know is 70cm (will probably be smaller soon).

And I just wondering if it would look okey/good to reduce the waist so much?

Best regards
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Colossal con

I was wondering if any lolita's will be attending colossal con because there is going to be a lolita tea party at con hosted by me for any lolita that come. We will be having games, cakes and cookies.
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Fabric Swap Sign Up

Since many people expressed interest in participating in a fabric swap, I've decided to organize one!

Commenting on this post is the ONLY way to participate! You'll have until Friday to sign up. After that, I'll pair up people based on taste and location. I'll post your partners sometime next week. You'll be responsible for exchanging addresses with your partner. You should mail out your fabric by the end of next month. If you're broke, extremely busy, or have limited access to the internet/post office/fabric store, it's probably best if you don't sign up. If there's a certain person you don't want to be paired up with, you can mention that in the "Anything Else?" section and screen your comment.

Without further ado, here's the sign up form:

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Any questions can be asked in the comments of this post. Play nice, ladies. :)
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Fanplusfriend: Any good?

A friend of mine wants me to costume up with him as a pirate for the upcoming release of PoTC 3. I found a few workable items on Fanplusfriend that would make for a very frilly/loli-esqe pirate, but I was wondering if they are any good as far as quality. I don't need the highest quality clothes, I just don't want something that will fall apart with regular use or anything. Cuz yeah, this stuff is expensive.

I'm also thinking of buying a few items not related to the costume as my friend has given me a very convenient excuse to spend way too much money.
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Pattern help?

Hi, everyone~ ^-^

I just bought a really cute dress at the thrift store, but unfortunately it's made of rather thin material. :/ I really like it though, so I want to make a slip-like thing to go underneath it. To give it a little bit of extra poof on its own, I'd like to make hte skirt part of the slip like this:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(Please tell me if these need to be placed under a cut...><)

Problem is, while I know how to make the bodice, and have countless patterns I can use for that part, I have no idea how to make a skirt like that. ^-^; The only difference from the pictures is that the ruffles will most likely go all the way around. So if anyone has any ideas, patterns, or tips they can give me, please speak up!
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Quite possibly the best thing I've ever made.

EDIT: Pictures moved to imageshack because Photobucket decided to suck hardcore. They're visible again ^_^

Hey all~
Remember my post a while back with my Valentine's Dress design sketch? Probably not. XD. Well, I finished the dress, and tonight I got some good pictures of it, So I thought I'd share. Here's the original drawing:

Real-life version under the cut-LOTS OF PICTURES! I'm a picture whore, you have been warned. >.>

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BTSSB Question

This is probably a stupid question but do you think BABY will do luckypacks when they open their shop in Paris since they do that when they open a new one in Japan?

Most probably not, eh?

I'm very excited about the store. Paris, here I come!
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Make up and coordination?

I would like to buy this dress but I am unsure about the accessory.. I usually wear amalolita but would like to change to more gothic styles, especially the elegant gothic lolita. What style of accessory and shoes would be best for this dress? I am also curious about the make up. Thank you~