February 16th, 2007

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  • grimy13

First time poster and picture request

Hello ladies.

I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of Innocent World's Alice Tramp serious? Or if you know if the white is an off white or a pure white? I was looking at the skirt and the offical pictures and the one with the girl wearing it makes it look like a pure white but the others make it look like an off white. @-@ It's been confusing me for a while now.

Thank you!

Traversing Harajuku in March

To the members in Tokyo or those that have visited in March-

I'm making my first trip to Tokyo in March and am planning to spend a good chunk of my day on Sunday the 11th in Harajuku and Yoyogi Park to check out the egl-finery and bands. I'll only be bringing one lolita outfit on my trip to wear that day, so I need suggestions on what I should plan on bringing - I want to coordinate a cute little outfit but I don't want to freeze to death. Are earmuffs too much? Is a good thick coat a must or will I roast? Is a suit jacket too little? :D

Thanks for your suggestions!
L and Tea

Loli Icons of Lurve

Because mparf just posted these Binsen scans here and because i clearly have nothing better to do, i've put together some icons.
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Credit would be lurved, but it's not required (credit me and the artists and get into Icon Heaven easy). I can't quite get the clarity i'd like on a lot of these (stupid GIMP). And on some, the details are pretty faint...they may seem like bases. Therefore, please use as you see fit :) Have fun.

Do i have anything better to do? No.
[Nana] Shin-Loli by oshidori

Lolita shops in Kanazawa?

I have a feeling the answer is none, but in case there may be some sort of shop in the city, maybe of a smaller less known brand? Or a secondhand shop?

My husband and I will be in Osaka for about a day before we head over to Kanazawa for my friend's wedding, but I don't think that's enough time to go poking around for Lolita shops. Besides, I like to savor my shopping and not rush it lol

Thanks for any help in advance!
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(no subject)

Lately I have seen really cute nails posted here and been thinking of getting some, like these:

I know that most people will get them put on professionally and they will last about 2 weeks, then they will remove them and end up having damaged nails for a while. I want to know if I could put nails like this on for only a day, then carefully take them off and reuse them multiple times. I've been thinking that maybe if I put some super glue on them, they could last for a day if I was careful, but I could still take them off by the end of the day without destroying them, but I really don't know anything about fake nails -_-. Please tell me if you think this could work or not.

  • clarice

about baby waistbands...

I'm curious how much fabric is in the waistband of baby's standard 62-68 cm waistband skirts. I normally just sew my own, but there are two or three prints that I see on YJ frequently that I'd absolutely love to have, but they're too small (and I lack the willpower to give up my favorite foods ;p) If you have one of these skirts, is there a bit of waistband fabric still bunched on the elastic when it's stretched to 68 cm? That is, taking the elastic out would be fairly simple, but it's not worth the trouble of getting the skirt and being disappointed if the waistband only has 68 cms of fabric in it. (I'd need 70 cm.) thanks ^^
  • ayameh

WTFind and DEMONIA Basic Black Maryjane Platforms for DS

So I wanted a simple, low-inclination platform maryjane that I could wear everyday. After some deliberation, I went with SIN made by Demonia. I had bought Demonia boots before and knew from experience that their shoes ran pretty big, so for caution I bought a 7 (I'm a straightup US 8). When they arrived, they were still about a half size too large, but thought it would be fine if I just wore thick socks. The first day I tried them, I wore some of those thick lounging booties and trouser socks over them. I would have been fine if they were low to the ground, but due to the elastic at the buckle and the platform, my feet hurt worse at the end of the day than when I wear these boots.

So anyways, does anyone know where I could get some basic platform maryjanes (the higher the better) that come in half sizes/are true to size, and AREN'T Demonia? xD

I've looked in many places that are listed here and they were either just too extravagant (resulting in high expense), or the inclination was just too high for everyday comfort. (And quality is obviously not an issue if I bought Demonia.)

In other news, anyone interested in buying the shoes I complained about? xD LJ-cut for details.

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Thanks for any help, guys. >>
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Lolita at school

Today I decided to wear lolita to school for the first time. People are more open minded than I thought and I didn't get too much weird looks either. I also managed to squeeze my puffy butt into the tiny lecture hall seat. Everything turned out just fine =)
I didn't take my camera to the school with me today, but here's a few quick shots of what I wear today:
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  • kyomu

Sizing Question

This is a pretty specific question so I don't know if anyone is going to have the answer but does anyone know how the sizing on Sexy Dynamite Choice's skirts runs? Any idea what measurements their xs, s, and m correspond to? If it helps I have a 23 inch waist and 35 inch hips and was wondering which size I need (specifically in their purple plaid skirts).
Baby Snow White

Fanplusfriend boots taken down?

Hi everyone!

I was just wondering if anyone could help me find the BtSSB boot replicas on FanplusFriend. I looked around in the accessories and I could only find the AP replica crown shoes. Did they take them down or anything?

I know the link was: http://tinyurl.com/2ozmnf but they are saying that it's unavaliable.

If this has been posted about, I'm sorry!

Thank you!