February 15th, 2007

mourning gown

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I was wondering if anyone has recieved thier Valentines from thier parnters yet? 
 If you  havn't recieved yours by Wednesday, let me know . I will try to inquire into what happened. I know the weather and school has made it harder for people to get them mailed out on time. 

Hope you all had fun with the exchange.

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makoto ^o^ ♥♥♥


Hello, excuse this post if it isn't allowed.
I was flipping through the few Gothic & Lolita Bibles that I did own, and I realized I always fell in love with the designs with red.
The thing is, I'm not sure how to mix and match my own outfits with red.
If you have any pictures of anyone wearing a lolita outfit with red, would you please share?

Thanks ! ♥
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Would like to commision a blouse

Blouse Commision

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I would like to commision a blouse kind of like this one but not exactly -

Please post so I can give you details and we can exchange email address, Also if you have feedback somewhere let me know thank you.

Im sorry I dont know why my cut is not working-help on that would be appreaciated

Want to...Find??

This isnt really a wtb becuase I don't intend on buying something right now.  Im looking for a loli backpack/bag that big enough to fit a 10x12" binder comfortably, and strong enough to hold a lot of weight (text books).  A lot of bags I see are very small, and wouldnt make a good school bag.  Any ideas?

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Quick Question

How does everyone feel about Lolita's making a political statement?
I know this sounds odd, but there is a protest again Racism and Nazi's and such occurring in home town and would me being dressed Lolita completely throw off my point?
Do you think I would be taken seriously?