February 14th, 2007


Curiosity led me to ask . . .

Okay, so I've been a commenting a lot, and rarely post. And I've just gotten really curious about something.

So recently, I had lent my Japanese teacher my copy of a novel by Takemoto Novala that I really enjoy (ロリヰタ。). And my teacher doesn't really know about lolita. But after a while, she gave me back the book, having read it and she said she really enjoyed it. And I was shocked, and a bit surprised because I thought it wouldn't really suit her fancy, and it ended up doing so.

So I'm just asking out of curiosity. Have you ever recommended lolita, or shown something lolita to somebody you would think would never appreciate it and they ended up liking it?

Btssb Cutsew Picture Request

I'm wondering if someone will post a picture of this being worn:


I want to buy it off of Yahoo Japan Auctions but i'm just not sure how it will look. I'm mainly worried about the length since I dislike really short tops. I know that the main problem people seem to have with shirring is large bust measurements and mine are pretty small, but I just don't want it to be up to my belly button or something.

scamming buyers

I don't know where to begin... but here goes.

A few months back, I decided to sell a dress on ebay. All went well. Buyer paid, I shipped the item. I thought everything was a-ok. UNTIL I received an email from paypal saying that the buyer was filing a dispute against me. I had not received one email from the buyer even after numerous amounts of email from me to her. I tried explaining to paypal that I have a postage receipt for the dress but they simply said that they couldn't do anything, and eventually, they just started ignoring my emails.

I have no idea what to do egl. After I left the buyer negative feedback, she proceeded to verbally attack me.

"you stupid bitch, I WON my case against you because you never sent me my dress? I scammed you? Youre the seller not me! You never sent the dress! What the hell are you talking about!"

Thats the email she sent me

and this is my reply back.

"I sent the dress and I have the receipt to prove it. Paypal turned the case in your favor because they don't take postage receipts as evidence. I don't know why I've been so kind and courteous to you when you've done nothing but use foul language and crude, childish behavior.

Your reluctance to view the evidence leads me to believe you are a scam artist. I have sent you many emails and you have replied to none of them. "

I would go to small claims but the dress was only sold for thirty three dollars.

Any suggestions?

Oh, and sorry for rampant spelling/grammar errors. I'm quite frustrated right now.
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Favourite Gothic Lolita Bibles?

I'm going to buy some new GLBs, as my collection is currently very small (vols. 4, 9, 14, 19) but I can't afford to get them all in one go, so I must decide which issues to purchase next.

To this end, I'd like to hear which are your favourite Bibles!

Are there some that have gorgeous photo shoots you keep looking at? Useful patterns that you swear by? Cute extras like posters and stickers? Which are your three favourite issues and why?

And so this isn't a text-only post:

Éclair says Happy Valentines Day!

WTB x.x

sorry about this -- but i was wondering if anyone had any (head) accessories for sale such as hats, bows, etc?

i would be able to do paypal (a little later this week) or money orders x.x

Riku to Roriita!

Evenin' ladies and gents!

I am pleased to announce, for those of you who thought we were dead, the release of Riku to Roriita volume 3! Released may now be far in between (shooting for two a year, which is cut down to half!), but the magazine is far from done with.

My appologies to those who were disappointed with volume 2. I hope that we have improved with the time it took, and I think we have come to know our audience again.


L and Tea

Sewing Question: Fabric Paint and Stamps?

Hi everyone,

I've got a question for all you seasoned seamstresses and sundry creative-types out there.

I want to make a Putumayo-inspired Punk Loli outfit. But one of the key "points" of Putumayo's style are the graphics printed on the clothes. Is it silk screened on? Looks like; but, then again, sometimes it looks like paint!

If i were to do something like that myself, how best would i go about it?

My bright idea is to use fabric paint (and not the PUFFY kind, gaaaw...) and rubber stamps to make the patterns and so forth on the clothes. I'd test it first, don't worry.

Has anyone done anything like this before?

Please, bestow your wisdom upon me :)

Japan trip

Im planning a trip to Japan in september and i have few questions about the weather...How is the weather in september? What kind of loli clothes should i carry with me? Will i need any type of accesorie like rain boots, umbrella...? Thanks in advance!

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[art post] my one true love!!

I don't have a cute mushy cuddly couple pic of me and my boyfriend to share (other than the ones half of you have seen a million times :b) because the boy spent all weekend trying to rescusitate my dead computer. :x I ended up deciding draw a quick Valentine's lolita doodle this morning before a doctor's appointment~ :D

the silhouette is cooler than the actual image
Collapse )
the dandiest dandy that ever dandied the land.

I apologize for the crappy quality :x Since my comp is dead, I had to use my 5 year old laptop and it doesn't really like tablets for some reason. e.e

But happy Valentine's day to you all~ (-3-)


i drew a doodle...actually i drew a lot and gave them away to kids i work with, but this is one i drew for myself and managed to scan ^^not really valentines day themed *hangs head in shame* but i liked it all the same, don't know how people will react to it, so it should be interesting...Tis Alice Collapse )

New F+F casual sailor loli outfit!

Thought you fellow sailor-loli fans might like to see. :) (Because, whatever anyone else might say, I am madly in love with Fanplusfriend. CHEAP(er) KNOCKOFFS = ♥ ♥ ♥)


I laughed out loud when I saw this on their front page, because the shirt and blouse are actually Meta knock-offs that I commissioned from them about a month and a half ago. xD Anyone else had that happen - commissioned something, and then they started mass-selling it? :P
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BLOOD concert in Boston

I'm not sure how appropriate this is for the community, but I was wondering if anyone else here was planning on going to the BLOOD concert in Boston on March 11th? I really wanna go haha. I don't think tickets are on sale yet, but hopefully soon. I believe it is at the Middle East. Anyone going? Anyone going all dolled up? Just thought I should let people know about it. I can't wait!
Please delte if not appropriate. Thanks!
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Question about skirt pattern cutting

I have a very pretty (ankle length)skirt in my wardrobe made of very soft, light materials and I noticed that it was made from a whole circle of cloth. So when I decided to make my own skirts/skirt-like objects very recently, my first creation was a very simple, short plain skirt like thing with little ruffles that went on top of another lacey skirt that I bought. It was made from a circular pattern just like the long skirt I had.

I decided to look up some pattern for my second "mini project" - a white, flaring above-knee skirt. (i live in a tropical country so it's warm all year round.) So far I noticed that patterns such as this used a different length rectangular strip for each tier instead of 3 round pieces.


Apologies for making it into such a "sewing tip" entry !

Would just like to hear your opinions, if any, about a round pattern skirts and rectangular-strip skirts. I have to admit that I do not have a petticoat since i am only starting out, but i do have decent skirts that i wear underneath for the extra volume. Given my situation, does anyone have anything crucial to point out, or would both type of skirt be about the same ?

Replies are much appreciated !
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Okii, I hope I'm allowed to do this, but...
I searched the memories AND used the nifty search feature (much love for that thing. xD), but I could not find any information on this particular subject...

I've been planning on buying a pair of white Ballerina Rocking Horse shoes for a while, and while most of them are incredibly expensive (such as the brand name ones. ><), I managed to find two "good" deals. I say "good" because I'm unsure of the quality...

So, please help if you can!
The two sites I'm looking at are Refuse to Be Usual, and miwitchDOTcom. While miwitch is much cheaper than RtbU (93 Singapore dollars, which is 61 US dollars?!?!?!), I'm wary about it...the shipping for RtbU is a killer 20 for an already $85 product, but I'm unsure of the shipping from Singapore, and it doesn't say directly on miwitch.

So anyone who's had any experiences with either of these sellers, please share your experience, or at least if anyone has any idea about the general shipping rate from Singapore. :/

Or if someone has a pair of 5-5.5 ones they're looking at selling, that's good too. xD;
(Please also excuse the eccessive use of smilies and the obvious misspelling of the wor eccessive. Two awful habits of mine. I never spell that word the same way more than twice... ._.)
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(no subject)

This is possibly the stupidest question I could ask. >_>

The Meta Melody Note dresses come with a detachable petticoat.. Is it still recommended that one would wear a petticoat with it? Or is the one it comes with fine? Sorry, I know this is really stupid. ._.
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