February 12th, 2007

An*Ten*Na's new Rakuten Store

^^~ I don't know if anyone has seen this yet but An*Ten*Na has a store on Rakuten right now and there are special prices to commemorate their store opening! Please check it out!


Please give them business as they are very optimistic about their Rakuten store ^^!

Remember you can purchase any of their shoes via Celga EGL using the webshop order form <3

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is that right?

i just got my dress from meta, but the postman said they had not paid for the shipping, and i had to sign for it and pay it! this didn't happen with the group order i recently conducted (and the package for that was huge!)

has anyone else had this happen to them? should i email meta and ask wtf is going on?
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questions about care for your clothes

so it'll probably be awhile before i can own any loli items or know how to sew myself, but i was thinking today as i was wearing a skirt a couple of questions:
1.if you have to use the restroom(especially in a public bathroom) how would you manuevere it?  would you hold your skirt up and squat, or would you pull it down so its on the floor and then go?

2.when you have outfits how should you keep them in the closet or draws? should they be hung up somehow? should they have some protection seal their enclosed in?

White Rabbit Xpress?

I'm considering buying a pair of shoe from a japanese website to go with my new BABY jumper and I need a shopping sercive to do so.  I have looked at Celga but they are confusing with their pricing, even though a friend has told me countless times how to do it it is still confusing.  So i'm asking for any reviews about White Rabbit Xpress.  Is it good? 
Thanks :)
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A window display in Clacton...

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This is a shop called 'Bon Marche' in Clacton, very near to where I work. It's changed since I took these pictures, but it specialises in Doll Houses and Victorian porcelin dolls, as well as ornaments and things. I also got my ears pierced there when I was 14! Although they don't do that anymore...
Just thought people'd be interested. What do you think?
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Sewing Machine Question

I've got a brother that I got from wal-mart years ago.  The bobbin tangles and pops out and sometimes the thread breaks, though the tension is set at zero.  (I'm scared to mess with those things depsite looking through the manual several times.)  In addition the thread gets caught.

I'm thinking of getting a new machine.  (unless someone can instruct me as to if I'm doing anything wrong with my old one?) What I really wanted was a Hello Kitty sewing machine.  http://tinyurl.com/3ytjpr   But I went out today and saw the Dressmaker II by Europro for a low price.  ($30) it's a portable machine. I'm not trying to be cheap here as I plan to purchase a better machine soon, but I'd like something that will get me back into sewing and do well with the clothing that I intend to make.  I've also seen some newer model machines of singer and brother.  

Advice is much appreciated.  Thanks.

History of Rocking Horse Shoes

Hi All,

I never post here, but I buy stuff here now and then.  I was wondering if anyone knew when Vivienne Westwood first used rocking horse shoes in her collection?  I think it was 1984 but if anyone knows definitely, I would really appreciate it!  

By the way, I've checked the memories all over for this question and I don't think it's been asked :p

Thanks <3

Red Winter Dress

I wanted to show off a picture of a dress i made. It's made of red italian wool suiting with black braid and black venitian lace. The sweater in the picture is Vivenne Westwood, socks are from Urban Outfitters and the shoes are Demonia.
Please excuse my hipster hair, as i'm in the process of growing it out, and please excuse my living room as it is very crappy.

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Punk Lolita?

So I have been goin through my closet lately sorting through some of my old lolita clothes and I found a few dresses I rarely wear. I thought I might accesorize in hopes to make a nice punk lolita coordinate. I am not sure how I feel about this one though, so suggestions would be wonderful.
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Here's a side question:
Where may I be able to get hair ribbons- be it just simple ribbons or bows?  Other than going to Jo-ann fabrics and buying a spool of ribbon that will unravel anyway after time.....is there such a place I can purchase ribbons that are finished at the ends specifically for hair?