February 11th, 2007


Baby, is that a leather dress?

There was rumblings about Meta and leather months back. But what if Baby had used leather to make a dress? Would you still buy it?

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And also Alice and the Pirates looks like it'll be having a new skirt come out --with a new print!!! :D

Teh front.
And the neato new print~

So hopefully this means a bunch of new print stuff. Specially dresses!

Oh, this is the blog I got the info from. The Baby Mito blog is awesome because they seem to update a lot. *^_^*

So whaddya think?
What was once...

Question about Juliette et Justine website [SOLVED, thanks!]

I recently discovered Juliette et Justine. But I have a problem navigating on their website. The main page does appear in Japanese, but everything else appears as "ǂꂾ‚¯–°‚è‚É‚Â". Does anyone else has the same problem? Is there a way to fix it?

As I said, I have Japanese installed on my computer, and the main page appears as it should. I don't understand why the rest doesn't. I can't shop properlyT_T.


Thanks for your help, and sorry for the inconvenience.
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Theme/Picture Post :3

My boyfriend and I were at the library together for an event and decided to take some pictures. Here are 2 couple post pics and 5 normal pictures. :3 He isn't in boy stle or anything, but he is wearing black and white.. ._.; That counts as some sort of matching.. right?? xD;

He looks sad in this one. xD;

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High heels?

Okay, we all know that the most gorgeous shoes are high heeled. Many of us have problems wearing them, including me. They're just so HARD to resist though! I just wanted to recommend: Scholl Party Feet gel pads I LOVE those gelpads. I don't even feel like I'm walking in high heels anymore. So for all lolitas going shopping, but still wanting to look pretty, don't worry~~~~~
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Innocent World Bunny Icons

Posted due to popular demand:

1. 2.

#1 - Aphex Twin "Come to Daddy"
#2 - Mr. T

[EDIT + 1]


Does anyone else have any memes/quotes they want to see put along side the Innocent World bunny keychain? I'm thinking of some with Fight Club quotes ;) I want one of these babys SO BAD since I lost my Meta corsage ;__;

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I spend too much .___.

I finally got the Putu stuff I ordered through Kikiwai~ Although, given the amount of crap stuff I bought between the last big Putu haul and now, I've gotta stop (that and I'm broke). =P Anyway, why worry about that now? =D

( Onto the shiny stuff! (includes Putu, BPN, and more) [image heavy] )

This post has been dedicated to d_angel, for taking me to gosurori stores in Tokyo and introducing me to Putumayo. I'm a lot more broke because of you, but so much love♥♥♥ XDD
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Metamorphose Designer?

I know this may be a dumb request where I don't contribute anything important to this community... But I vaguely remember a picture of the Metamorphose designer and I really love it because she herself wasn't super-OMG-loli skinny and I think she was sitting down... or something?

If somebody could somehow get that lovely picture to me, I would be super grateful!
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Rose Chocolat custom sized orders

Sorry if this has been discussed, I couldn't find anything using the search feature aside from a few general comments about the shop itself.

But has anyone had any experience with ordering the custom larger sized shoes from Rose Chocolat? Specifically, since you have to order 3 shoes or more, and they have A and B styles... I assume that means you can order any three A shoes in custom sizes... but the little list at the bottom of the page only has a few styles even though styles not on the list still say A or B type. Do those still count toward the three pairs?

How is their custom sizing? Do their custom sizes match up pretty well to what you thought they would be like? Are they comfy? Do they look the same as the website examples/are they comparable to the smaller sized shoes of the same styl? Etc... I have size 10/11 feet so the idea of a custom made shoe is very tempting, however I don't really want to spend the money on three pairs at once without knowing what I'm getting into.

Thanks to anyone who has any info on this! : )
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Asia-Jam now has petticoats, $28.

It looks like Asia-Jam is now offering lined white petticoats on their website at not a bad price (only if you've got a 24-32 inch waistline).  Black is out of stock.  With shipping, a petticoat squeaks by at just under $40.  Don't know about their quality, though...

I searched the archive and didn't turn up anything but please delete if it's already been posted. 

Two questions

1) I'm sorry for bothering you all but does anyone happen to have any pictures of the lady who models for Mary Magdalene? If you do please reply and thankyou very much for your time. ^^
2) I tried to bid a dress using Cresent-moon and when I was done with all the requirments and clicked the continue button nothing hapens. Does anyone here know why?

Thanks for your time and trouble. : )


Clothing Help?

I really hope this is allowed. If not, feel free to deleate it.

I have been curious about the loli style, and a friend of mine suggested that I try a Punk Loli style, because I don't think I can quite pull off a more 'girly' loli style.

Well, our budget isn't quite as loose as I would like it, but I would still like to have some spiffy clothes. Ordering clothes online is not an option due to budget constraints (as well as the fact my parents just don't trust it for some strange reason, and they're currently in charge of all my purchases), so I would like to know if there are any places I could just buy clothing that would work for a reasonable price.
I've seen some stuff at Claire's that could work accessory-wise, and some things at Hot Topic that could work clothing wise. However, I'd like to get a little more creative, especially with clothing, as Hot Topic is a little pricy. I've heard that The GAP could actually have some shirts that could work.

So just any suggestions would be nice. Somewhere relativly reasonably priced, and that has a variety of sizes and accessories. I live in Southern California, so any local 'specialty' shops would be great as well!
Also, it would be great if I could get some hair suggestions as well.

Any help would be great! I'm hoping to start hoarding clothing/accessories now, so that once I get into college I can have a fresh, new start clothing-wise :3
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Hair suggestions?

First off, I'm really new to this whole thing. I just joined the community about 2 weeks ago? So I'm really sorry if I say anything to offend anyone, or if this is the wrong place to post..or anything like that. ;__; Apologies to everyone in advance!

Getting back on topic though...--Well I'm a bit unsure about how I want to cut my hair, and I thought you'd all have some neat suggestions for me. n.n; I hope this is allowed...

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Thanks again, everyone. :) ♥~


So, I lost that auction (the one with the cream dress that could be altered to pass as lolita). ;_;
Being an extremely-low-budget lolita (I am TRYING to get a job, but do they call me back?) I have a few questions for finding stuff that can be magically transformed into lolita.

Question 1: What are some good search terms for loliable items? So far I've found "circle skirt" and "sun dress" turn up some good things sometimes.

Question 2: I KNOW, I know... I made a horrible first impression on all of you with my first post asking about square dance dresses. However, in my "circle skirt" search, I found a square dance skirt that looks pretty loliable. My question is NOT "are all square dance skirts okay" because obviously they aren't. My question is, if I find a square dance skirt of reasonable quality, sans petticoat, would it work over a lolita petticoat?
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So... yes. Forgive me if I've violated the rules, lol. There's something about me that loves just finding so-so and random things for less money, fiddling with them, and making them awesome. XD

PS I don't know anything about sewing, so at least for now, I like finding already-made things and making them awesome however I can. ^_^
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(no subject)

Hello, sorry if this has already been asked or if it isn't allowed. If so just ignore or delete I'm rather new to this com.

Tomorrow's a school day and I want to wear my new AatP dress but I've suddenly been gripped with a bout of nervousness. I'm the only one of my friends group at my university so I don't have any friends to go lolita with. I know logically nothing will happen but it doesn't help the butterflies.

So I was wondering if anyone has a "worst case scenario" they've experienced while in lolita at school or out some place that they could share? I need a bit of courage.