February 10th, 2007

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Different Hairstyles

Sadly, I know this topic will get burried since I'm not in a time zone that the majority are in. Anyway, I was inspired by a post a little back about crayola hair. I want to know if any of the members here have different hair styles. I'm not talking maybe you wear pigtails or curl it. I mean maybe you have multi colored braids or a mohawk( which I would love to see actually worked into any kind of Japanese street fashion, I'm a big fan of the cornrow mowhawk, my sister does it very well). I guess since I posted it, I will start. I have dreads. DUN DUN DUN!!! Most people know this, I've had them fro the past two and half years. I've yet to wear a lolita outfit since my hair got so long but I bring you pics of my head. Anyone else have a different hairstyle that they wear with lolita.


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Hi, this isn't a DS or DA post yet, but I was just curious and wanted to know if anyone here was interested in purchasing some BA-TSU Ties of mine (the ones Kyo designed).
I have 4 that I'm willing to sell (because I have doubles of them, yes I am freak who buys more than 1 of the same tie! lol) which are (ok I'm not very good at describing things so please bear with me).

Black tie with skull, the cross with the numbers X0216
Black tie with numbers 0334995353 with the B
Red tie with the dragon with the scribbles with the numbers E (looks more like 3 dashes, 3 in Japanese? E0216
and lastly I have a rare Battle Royale tie (the uniform one featured in the first movie) made by BA-TSU.

They are all in excellent condition and I am planning on selling each at around $80 including shipping worldwide, packaging & paypal fee (even though I bought each of these for $90+! and the Battle Royale one for $100+! Most of these ties I see on ebay sometime and the prices are well over $100 which I really think is a jip so I hope my price is reasonable)
My camera is dead at the moment so I haven't taken any pics yet but if anyone is interested I will take some a.s.a.p.
Just wanted to know if anyone is interested.
Thank you!
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Coordination help?

I actually just sent out my payment on this jumper skirt (in off white/natural). What kind of shoes would look best with it? Also, would it be a huge faux-pas to wear it without a blouse? If I were to wear a blouse, would natural or pure white look best?

Thanks ♥
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KATSUCON...who's going?!

Alright ladies! I know there was a thread posted a few weeks ago about any lolis going to Katsucon, but no one seemed to reply. There's exactly a week left until Katsucon, so I would think people would know if they're going or not. So...who's going? I would love to stage a get-together and photoshoot for the con! They have an adorable gazebo in the back that would be perfect for taking cute photos!
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momo's handicrafts?

Hello lovelies! A quick question - I searched the memories (and that nifty search function!) and no luck with this, but if I missed it and it has been mentioned, feel free to delete this. I'm trying to see if anyone had mentioned their satisfaction with Momo's Handicrafts Store. Has anyone ordered from them, and would you share your thoughts on the quality and craftsmanship with me? I'm thinking about buying this blouse from them, so I'd like to know if it will be money well spent. Thanks! =)
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Fabric Swap

How many people would be interested in participating in a lolita-themed fabric swap?

If there's enough of a demand, I'd be happy to organize one.
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Photo Post ~~

I went to visit a friend at my old school yesterday.
It was 3°C outside so I wore many, MANY layers x_x
thus, making me look .. blocky around the waist O_o
[I wore 5 layers on my upper body, including a corset that doesn't make you look smaller]

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also, It's my first actual post here * waii
[[hopes the cut worked]]
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Good places to work in loli?

Well, I'm in a bit of a pinch and I'm in the need of some extra cash.

Is there any place where you can work in lolita whether its casual or even more?

Now I'm not looking for a job where you can wear lolita precisely, I'm just asking so I can have more options to add to the small list of jobs I have now.

Also, I might have more options since I'm turning 18 on Tuesday ^^...