February 9th, 2007


When in rome

I scoured the memories, and found a very helpful post on what to expect whilst in Lolita stores in Japan, however I was hoping that people might have new/more recent input?

Basically I am off to japan in May, and will, of course, be shoppin' my little heart out. I was hoping, specifically, that someone might be able to give me a few key Japanese phrases to use whilst shopping brand...

Also (and this might seem a silly question) but how do Japanese lolitas, and shop assistants react to western lolitas - especially western lolitas who don't conform to the traditional lolita 'image' (small, petite, flat-chested, etc)? I imagine that shop assistants would be very polite, since I am told that the Japanese in general are very polite, but have you ever encountered bitchiness or rudeness? What about whilst out and about, on the streets?

Thanks! :D

Further Proof There is a God!

"Dear Tiffany,

I'm so sorry for our mistake.
Today, we sent exchange for your valentine's day.
Your EMS number is ----------
So, please send us back defected dress.
In next order, we would like to something present to you
instead of your shipping cost.
We are really sorry for our bad manage and poor English.

Sincerely yours,


I emailed them and told them my dress had a defect and I wanted it for Valentine's Day (+ was sad)...yayayay btssb is so wonderful!!!


Also, I had a question: Does Akinori Isobe actually sign the custom's forms on packages, or is it just someone else doing that? Or did someone else sign the forms on your package?

Baby order update

Hello to everyone who was in my group order! Since it's going to be a huge wait for Baby to e-mail back, I have a question.

I'd like to just go ahead and do a shopping service, but since it's still a pretty large order, I'd order it in 3-4 mini orders, but I would ship once everything was here (to be fair to everyone!) unless you need it RIGHT AWAY.

Let me know what you think!
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skirt tutorial

A couple weeks ago I posted this skirt and a few people asked for a tutorial. I'm [home sick and watching weird 80s music videos on The Tube and] happy to oblige, but I haven't gotten around to sewing another one so this is illustrated with my mad photoshop skillz. In other words, it may be hard to follow. If something doesn't make sense, please feel free to ask. I tried to be as descriptive/specific as possible, but I know it's a lot harder to tell than show.

Now, onward to --

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...Well, I hope that made some sort of sense ^^; If you use this to make a skirt, please post a picture :)

ETA - the original image files were corrupted, but I've saved and uploaded new files from the originals that should load.

Two questions

So, the first question would be - yes, I know I am probably lucky in the world of lolita fashion to have this advantage: I have VERY tiny feet, and fit into children's shoes. Is there anyone else out there that does as well? Where do you get your shoes? (Or if you don't fit into children's sizes, your younger friends shoes?) I don't want any dumb-looking heels that look like trapezoids, and I don't want cheap-looking stuff. I've been able to be lucky several times, but I want a nice pair of mary janes in a color other than black - preferably white. And not patent. I have some shoes that are like that but they have this weird-ass transluscent sporty sole that doesn't go with the rest of the shoe very much (hard to describe). It looks too childish instead of just being sweet... like, "oh well kids don't know how to walk in dress shoes yet and they'll get them dirty easily so we'll make it easier."

Second question - what are some English gardens in the US? Either in the New England area or the Mid-Atlantic would be preferable, but let me know about any of them because I of course would want to stop by should I travel through another area. XD
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(no subject)

I hope I don't digress too far from the overriding topic, but I feel this is relevant as many of you speak Japanese:

Anywho, after my failed college attempt at learning latin(too many declensions!), I now need to fill a secondary language requirement for college and am curious about Japanese, as it would come in very handy for my personal loli pursuits. ^_^

I'm just wondering how difficult you multi-lingual people find it to learn. I've taken both spanish and latin, so if anyone speaks one of those languages plus Japanese, how do they compare? Is it mostly memorization or is there a ton of crazy, complex grammatic stuff as well? I know this if a vague question, but I would really love to try the language out without being utterly overwhelmed. I'd finally be able to manuever all of my favorite sites, if only at a very basic level..

Jessica McClintock's New Victorian Line

While searching for formal dresses, found a set by dress designer Jessica McClintock (she makes those really cute short prom dresses at Macy's) called New Victorian--some of the longer black dresses are definitely reminiscent of EGL, so I thought I'd share.  Link below:

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Help with colour choice

I just bought this AP dress today.

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But now that I've actually listed the red version of my heart pocket JSK for sale, I'm thinking I should have bought this one instead.

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I wear dark colours more than light, so my reasoning when I bought the grey was that I could both wear a black blouse and co-ordinate with my red rocking horses. But now that I've got it home and tried it on... Now I'm actually tempted to keep the red heart pocket JSK, even though it's not a particularly comfortable thing to wear and I already have it in blue. If I were to go for the red version of the new dress, I'd have to rely on selling the grey here. I keep thinking, too, that I'm going to be wearing this dress at home in Scotland, so possibly red tartan isn't the best idea anyway?

Advice please! I am in a quandary and suck at deciding things.

Loli Noob

I've been in this community for a while, but I mostly lurk. I've always wanted to have my own Lolita style costume outfit., but I've never really had the means or money to go about and acquire a nice one. I'm more of a heavy set person and whenever I've tried on dresses that are kinda Loli (like prom dresses at Dillards or something) I've found that they don't flatter me too much.

I'm not like fat or anything, but the way my body is shaped, loli style just doesn't look great on me. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on something cute and Lolita style, that doesn't only look good on thinner girls. And maybe something in a college student budget as well.

Any websites or store suggestions would be great.


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Edit: I sincerely apologize about calling it a costume. I'm more of an anime fan and sometimes consider it cosplay (since you see a lot of Lolita style outfits in anime) but I know it's a style of dress! I'm just an absolute noob and I apologize for offending anyone!!