February 8th, 2007

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Hello^-^ yay question time again gomen m(-,-)m

Quite a while back people posted some Victorian sites that had from furnitures -> tea cupts -> clothing/parasols/socks o.o

sadly my computer reformated and the search box thing will only pop up Victorian Maiden x.x..

thanx in advance viki
wtf r u doin rori
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Photo post: Angelic Pretty Tartan JSK (Blue)

Today I went for a formal meeting with the Mayor of Toyota-shi (a city near Nagoya) to thank the city for the scholarship they gave me for some reason. There was much keigo-ing and bowing, and unexpectedly I and the two others with whom I went were interviewed for local television (:D).

I hate having my photo taken, and I only do this because I love this dress to distraction and today was its first outing and it was a tokubetsu na occasion and I just felt really awesome in it. And I was on TV.

Dress: Angelic Pretty
Petticoat: MAM
Cutsew: BPN
Shoes: Double Decker
Tights: Kichijoji sock shop ♥
Hair & Makeup: Brought to you by an eighteen-hour day and the letters 'falling asleep on the Shinkansen'

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Socks - size?


Sorry to bother with another question so soon.

But were to the measure the socks, from the toe ore the ankle? I don´t now if I skould buy socks that are 38 cm ore 49 cm.

Quick help wpuld be great.

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hey guys! i was just wondering if any of you wear tarina tarantino. i think some of her products would make fantastic lolita accessories - like some of Collapse )

also, do any of you guys incorporate western fashion into your lolita? i love to wear my dresses with my favourite pair of juicy couture ballet flats, and some of the darker outfits look wonderful with leggings. i know i could get slammed for this for not being a 'traditional lolita' but sometimes slight modifications look amazing. what do you think?
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Lolita Craft Magazine!

Today at the local Stop&Shop I bought the spring edition of Adorn Magazine. It is chock-full of Lolita crafts, including:

-embroidering your own napkins with hearts, cherries, and petit fours;
-petit fours recipe;
-various 'ladylike' fashion touches, which include a ribbon rose tutorial, how to add ribbon corseting to blazers, making your own locket with pearls, and various other accents;
-tips for painting teapots/throwing a spring tea party
-an entire section on adding ruffle accents to clothes, with ruffled rose tutorial;
-how to translate Japanese patterns and tips on the Japanese crafting world;
-ads for interesting craft items, such as fabric paints, beads and books

Best of all, it only cost $4.99! (Compared to, say, the imported G&L Bible of $19!)


I think this is what happens when sweet Lolitas grow up, just like Gothic lolitas turn into aristocrats :)

I hope someone else enjoys a copy, I know I'm thoroughly in love with mine!
rarity stylin


In honor of yuki_dragon coming out to the city, after she and the Philly lolitas so graciously hosted me at a meetup of theirs, and the long weekend that is Presidents Day weekend, we're throwing a meetup!Specifically, old-school style (imo) with lunch at Alice's Tea Cup and karaoke at Duet35!

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Hope to see you there!

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Hello Everyone !

I have been lurking in the community for quite sometime, so first of all, I would like to say hi to everyone.

I go EGL only on once-in-a-blue-moon special occasions, or when I go out with friends who doesn't mind the style. I'm in t-shirt and jeans 99% of the time. Most of the time I modify my existing cloths and make them more loli-ish. I like the style but prefer to be not-extremely "striking", if you get what i mean. Also, I live in a place where sometimes stare at you like you're going to cook kids for lunch if you are too "outlandish". Not that I mind, though ... it's just something to get used to. ^^;

Anyway, sorry to bore you with the introduction. Just saying hi. ^^

I've been quite busy with school these few months, and haven't been able to do any shopping ... Therefore, I have a where-to-buy question ... I hope you won't mind !

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Any replies will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance !

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while reading on the runway collection, there were words like "gingham" and "pinafore"
those words are not limited to the egl companies, however it sounded like it was discribing
gothic lolita dresses


There was talk about lolitas with untraditional hair colours. Well, now I'm asking about dreads. Not messy dreads, I mean like Synth dreads, like this (www.neko-designs.com/hair/clients/shannonw4.html). Because I've been seriously thinking getting them, but I want to know if it would look good in lolita too.

I would consider dread falls, but....I have a pair (see my icon), and I don't like them very much. they're time consuming and hard to put in.
momiji by [nks]

rainy-day outfit

its raining pouring outside.
so, decided to dress in punkish lolita to cheer up the gloomy mood.
(but not the best outfits so i dont ruin it in the rain XD;)

here are the photos of me
(i noticed i had never posted myself dressed in lolita-esque outfits here before o.o)
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PS: yay for platform boots in the rain puddles.

In need of help finding something

I was wondering if anyone had a link to the list which had all the feedback of buyers and sellers from this community? i tried to search through the archives but i couldnt find it. I would really appreciate it if someone could help.
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Shoesize - confused


Sorry to bother again but..

I´m utterly confused about shoesizes. I´m a Euro 38, what size in should I have? (for AP/Btssb..shoes)

I have looked trough alot of pages, and everyone says different things. The forst site told me that I was a 6 US and 5 UK and 23,5 Japan. But then I was browsing through ebay and "Little chili lolita shoes" and there it says that I´m a 7,5-8 US and a 24 Japan.

That´s some major difference between the US sizes.

And beacuse it´s quite boring with theese question..

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LOVE baby

pattern help

ok so i was using scans from this site:

and I came across a pattern i could use.

All would be find and dandy IF i could find the page that has the measurements for that bodice.

this is the pattern i want to do: http://www.cosplay.janchan.com/patterns/gl/large/glb11.jpg

part of the pattern is on this page: http://www.cosplay.janchan.com/patterns/gl/large/glb9].jpg

which tells me to go to this page. but I can't find it in the scans. (piece 21)

: / help?

or was it  a premade pattern that came with that issue? *shakes fist* noooo.
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Headpiece Design Challenge Results!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Sorry it took so long to get the results up; my vote counting was inefficient. Anyways, here are the winners:
1st place: atomicgypsy
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2nd place: sakurafairy
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3rd place: mizunotohru
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Congratulations! There were 11 submissions and ~80 votes! Thank you guys for participating.
atomicgypsy please tell me whether you'd like the purse or the Maisen mook for your prize. You also get a chibi comic drawn by carnet_atelier. Please talk to her, too.
sakurafairy, your prize is either the strawberry purse or the Maisen mook, whichever one atomicgypsy doesn't pick, and also a chibi character (probably of you, or someone else if you like) drawn by carnet_atelier. Please talk to her.
mizunotohru, your prize is a chibi character drawn by carnet_atelier. It can be of you, someone else, or someone imaginary. Please talk to her.
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Hope everyone had a good time, and that there can be another contest sometime soon ^_^
Dinosaur comics

An Idea

Why don't we create a separate community for just EGL sales? I don't know about the rest of you but I'm getting a little bugged by all of the WTB and DS posts. . .

I don't mean to offend anyone (I've sold and bought stuff here too) But it's really cluttering this community.

Sometimes I log on just to see if anyone has posted any new pictures or interesting topics. . . but I get annoyed with wading though the sales posts so I just leave.

Please delete this if it's not allowed.


Edit: Ok. . so it's been tried before and it hasn't worked. Sorry for bringing it up again but Maybe we could add links to the Egl Salles Comms on the info page? And direct sales there? I'm sure if we narrowed it down to one sales comm and directed all sales traffic there it would help. But It's not relaly important I guess if most people like the Sales posts.

+Maybe I'm going about this backwards. . maybe there should be a comm just for discusions and picture posts?
Kyo [ K ]

Ordering from Double Decker

Hi ladies!

I read at the lolita_handbook that Double Decker sells Rockinghorse shoes and I've been dying for a pair for a while now. I went to their site though, and since I can't understand Japanese I directly e-mailed them to ask if they ship to my country (Philippines) and if they accept credit card payments. I still have yet to receive a reply and it's been over a week now, so I thought I'd ask if anyone has experience ordering from their site can answer my question? Thanks for the help in advance. :)

I'm not sure if this is a lolita-related question, but I've been wanting to buy something for my boyfriend in this site. Does anyone have any reviews on the quality of the clothing here? I notice they're a bit less expensive compared to other sites I've checked in although maybe it's just me. I also e-mailed them asking if they ship to my country and if they accept credit card but I thought I'd ask here anyway.

Thanks again to anyone who answers! :)
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San Francisco/ Bay area California meet up?

I was wondering if any of you lovely lolis would be interested in organizing a Bay area lolita meet up for March the 3rd? I say the 3rd because there are a ton of events happening around that day, such as

The Chinese New Year Parade in SF

Sleeping Beauty the Ballet will be running at the War Memorial Opera house at 2pm or 8pm. Which will give us a chance to get super FANCEH!
( tickets start at $8 dollars and go up to $200)

The Conservatory Baroque Ensemble will be performing Bach's "Magnificat" at 8pm at the San Francisco Music Conservatory