February 7th, 2007



I am seriously considering bidding on this dress, but before I do, I want to run it by all of you to make sure it is loliable. Of course it needs a petticoat, and I'm not sure if that lace jacket would pass as loli... but the dress by itself looks like a really nice summer loli dress.

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Opinions? It's a true steal; this budget-conscious beginner loli is extremely tempted.

Good brands for a "bustmonster" like me?

Actually, that's a nickname my sister gave me once. T_T

Seriously, are there any good loli brands for a girl with a DD bust? I want to wear some of these things (Once I get enough money and figure out wth PayPal is...) around my college campus at some point.

Please don't get mad at me if there's been a post like this before. ;x;
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candy violet petticoats

I was wondering if any of you have bought the candy violet petticoats?  I'm trying to decide between the fluffy and lace petticoat but I don't know which one to get.  I want to find out how they look under a skirt that already has a built in petticoat because I don't want it to look too fluffy(not sure if I'm making sense).  I also wanted to find out about the quality.  can anyone give me a reveiw?

wa loli fabric

I know someone made a post a while back ( I checked the memories, its not there anymore) on good places to find fabric for Wa-loli. I think she listed 2 other sites besides e-quilter.com

If anyone can direct me or has a site in mind please post!
Kino gun

vivcore coupon

Hey guys, I just got the March ShojoBeat in today, and I thought I'd point out something interesting. There's another Vivcore ad, as usual, but this one mentions a 'Spring Sale.' Apparently if you use coupon Code "SHOJOMARCH" you can receive 25% off all orders of over $100. This is valid on any of the vivcore labels, which means Candy Violet is included! It doesn't say when this will go into effect (now or March?) But still, pretty cool.
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South Virginia Meet Up in Hampton Roads area...

Hiyas. I'm trying to plan a meet up on the 11th in virginia somewhere around chesapeake, portsmouth, va beach, and norfolk. (Nobody has thought of exactly where to go, but someone did mention norfolk has good food places...
) It really depends on where we plan to go, but those are the main cities in the area. My community sova_lolitas is a south virginian based community and it's brand new so making a meet up has been kinda hectic. I'm trying to get atleast 4 people to come. There is a web site with lots of info on it ( http://korekawaiidesu.tripod.com/sovalolitas.html ) which also has some really good info on where to get dresses and stuff. :3 Even if you aren't in the area you may find some helpful stuff. But if you are gonna be in the area check us out. XD

Story Time!

I'm sooo happy...

Today I borrowed my boyfriend's jacket while I was in another class than him, and I looked through the pockets. I was just sifting through some papers, not actually reading, whennn lo and behold! BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT caught my eye. He ordered me this charm that I've been wanting for a while for Valentine's Day. I am so surprised/happy. I know it's nothing big, but it means so much to me. We're both in high school and jobless, not to mention how intimidating ordering from BTSSB probably sounds to someone who isn't into lolita (I only JUST ordered from BTSSB last week for the first time). We've only been going out officially for a month or so, and I did some pretty rotten things last week, but he still did that for me. He knows that lolita means a lot to me and I'm just so happy he did that for me (even if I'm not supposed to know)...awwwh.

I'm sure other (probably older/graduated) lolitas out there have supportive mates...tell me about ya'll. I want to hear more stories! :D


Repair a la Momoko

Can anyone recommend some online stores for some gothic, elegant, or gothic-lolita ish appliques? Please?? (I already tried cheeptrims.com.)

EDIT: Either lace ones like this, or embroidered ones? I need to cover up a hole on a skirt and there's no way to repair it with regular stitching.

wa loli, a few questions

I have been scratching some designs down on paper for a couple of waloli outfits, when a question was raised in my mind. ( please delete if off topic). In wa loli especially, are there any references to Maiko, Geisha, or Kabuki in prints or designs? Though its all over western fashion and western fabric prints I have yet to see pictures or prints of say Maiko or Geisha in wa loli, or in japanese street fashion in general. I have some ideas on why, but I was wondering if anyone had any pictures or links etc of this.

Thank you much!

request for picture permission

I want to start a small Lolita based graphics company
that will offer graphics for livejournal,myspace and even the moon (because we all know it could use some Lolita)
for an extremely low cost ($0-5).
I wanted to see if there was a market for it, and there wasn't which is alright, it doesn't hurt to ask and try!
I appreciate all the comments and feedback!

Thank you!

Now I have plenty of graphics in my porfolio...but to get the look across, I don't think a graphic of baseball player
would work...lol

So with that said, I could use pictures from the Gothic Loltia bible..but, I want to use
pictures of every type of Lolita in every skin color and shape and style...

If you want to donate pictures you will be credited to your LJ name source in the shop which
will be a LJ community...

Thank You!
and one of my websites is www.tearsofpearls.com if you want to check that out..
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A not so nice story on being a Lolita

Well, this is the last straw. I'm horribly pissed off right now, and with good reason, I would say. Apparently all lolitas are schizophrenic.

I went to my counseling center at university today, to get some things off my chest and talk with a professional counselor about my problems. Basically, I had a lot of anxiety about my boyfriend...he's a guy who dislikes my lolita clothes, and gets embarrassed whenever I wear them (We are working on that, but it hasn't really worn off yet). Well, to visualize this problem, I tried to explain to the counselor that I liked this "Asian fashion style" based on feminine, Victorian clothes with lots of lace and ruffles. One thing led to another and I also told her I was in the Science Fiction Club at school, we were going to a convention, we were making costumes, etc. I was trying my hardest not to sound too weird (especially for someone who's never heard of lolita style before!) but...

They send me out, then call me back in. Now the supervisor is there as well, and then they inform me of their interest:

Apparently someone from the Residential Life office (the RAs) called them and told them that I was wearing "strange outfits" and that I should come down to the center to be checked out, which is why they were surprised that I came on my own.


So, to my embarrassment:

Counselor: Do you feel like you're being forced to wear these clothes?
Me: ....No....
Counselor: So do you hear voices in your head telling you to wear these clothes:
Me: No. I'm not schizophrenic.

Oh geez. By the time it was over, I was mortified! Someone thought I was crazy enough to warrant a psychological check-up?! I have to say...I know lolita style is unusual, but this is going way too far, and I don't even know if I want to go back there...I just can't believe this is going on.

Sooo, innocent question~

For how many of you lolita is a lifestyle?

And for how many of you you see it only as "fashion" (Wear it, but do not try to act all nice, drink alcohol, do other not lolita supposed to do things)

How do you view lolita? Lifestyle, fashion, escape from real world, making childhood dream real, I am interested and as a newbie want to learn more!!!!

thanx for answering!
Gyaru - Nicole Abe - Tongue Fun

Is there hope?

Recently, I just purchased the yinyics replica of the BTSSB velveteen one piece off of  here. (They're the ebay store), and once I got it, to my utter horror and sadness it didn't fit. And because I was being absolutely stubborn, trying to wriggle into it, I spent a  good half over crying  over how I messed up the zipper something terrible. Now, I know the zipper can be replaced, but my question is can this dress be let out? I know it's made of the velveteen and lined on the inside with satin, which is what makes me doubt it, but can this be fixed?
And yes, I am in the process of losing weight.

Edit: I mistyped my post because I was very upset. I bought the dress of here, and not from yinyics themselves. Sorry.
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Kira Imai?

I was wondering if any of you could post me your archived Kira Imai artwork. I ADORE her lolita art and I can't get enough. Anything you have will be greatly loved. Thank you very much!
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pedo?? shota??
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Still EGL?

Okay, I've got a question for everyone here... I hope that this can be a civil and enlightening discussion, but I have an inkling it could go bad.. but here goes!

Earlier today, I was pretty cranky and got finished posting this rant on my lj regarding an old issue that still bugs me. It basically starts out complaining about the continued use of "EGL", despite the fact that the Japanophile community has become more educated since then.

What is this community's thoughts on people still mislabeling the fashion as "EGL"? Do you think the perpetuation of this misnomer is because of egl's name itself?

Something that bugs me is sites like Cosplay.com and 4chan (and every other site on the web) mislabeling the fashion, and I want to know if anyone else feels the same way....

Edit: Also, I'm not really referring to this community at all, but every other western site on the web that refers to it as EGL.

Thoughts? :D