February 6th, 2007

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Looking for Member for Group order and ebay sales.

Hi. I had post them a while ago and now I have to to repost. I'm looking for one person to join a group order of me and one other person for rosechocolat rocking horse shoes. The shoes are made of foam and we are looking for someone who wants a US size 9. There are two types of shoes to choose from. Please visit Rosechocolat.com to see the shoes. If you are seriously interested please reply or email me at Soranjihime@gmail. The order will take place this week.

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Other Sanrio characters Question plus a little DS/DT

Hey, I was wondering, do many lolis like the other sanrio characters? I mean, Hello Kitty and Charmmy Kitty are pretty common in lolita accessories, but I was wondering if anyone else here has seen ones with other sanrio characters? Or incorporated other characters into their outfits/accessories maybe. I'm just kind of curious, because I think Chococat is really cute, as is Cinamaroll, but I don't see them as much as Hello and Charmmy Kitty.

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silly question

what is the difference of a italoli and a otaloli?
what is rorita? is another form to say lolita?
sorry my ignorance
I am always looking baby dress and ap dresses  that I forget the basic or even didn't care \o\ but know I wanna know just to understand in some dialogs
and I'm kind sleepy
don't hate if was already post before my search box doesn't work 
sorry for the bad english It's 3 :00 almost morning and I still dosen't went sleep

Nanette Lepore...? (Specifically for NYC Lolitas)

Has anyone heard of this store before? It sounds like a good place to find lolita-esque clothing. The description from the Editorial Review (http://newyork.citysearch.com/profile/11351678/new_york_ny/nanette_lepore.html) says this:

"The Goods
Remember the dress you dreamed of as a little girl? Maybe it was pink silk, dotted with tiny white flowers, with a nipped waist and a flared skirt? Nanette Lepore makes that dream dress, in a hundred different variations--white eyelet for summer, brilliant orange flapper dresses for winter--for reasonable prices and in sumptuous fabrics. Also covetable: Smartly cut pants, dainty sweaters, Victorian blouses and button-front skirts."
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For bigger feet-ed lolis!

Imai kira birdgcage

old site thingy?

I swear i had it bookmarked... and i tried searching EGL.. maybe i didnt use good keywords..
But there was a site someone posted a decent time ago that you could type in like.. angelicpretty.com or whatever and it would have old links and stuff from years ago that isnt up any more >_> I dont know how better to explain it, its really neat and i need that link lol. But yea you can look at old pages and images that supposedly were deleted but still exsist on the wonderful world of internets.