February 5th, 2007

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Mary Magdalene

New Mary Magdalene items up for reserve! Since so many people find a MM dress they like only to find out it sold out within the first couple days of reservation I thought I'd let everyone know there are some very cute new things up. What do you guys think, even if you don't plan on getting something? I myself am definitely getting the Claudia Onepiece, but am glad to see they are bringing their usual floral print back.

Hello there and help with homework :)

I haven't posted in probably over a year, but I was reminded that this would be the place to ask this.

I have a few questions regarding ordering from overseas brands. I'm trying to do a project for my product development and marketing class on market research and since I can't just walk into a shop here stateside, the next most plausible thing is asking how your experiences were with places like Baby, Meta, Bodyline (yeah, I know), F+F, Victorian Maiden, etc. How was the shipping, quality, speed, price, overall look, comparison to replicas or non-Japanese brands and such. If any of you could help me out I'm sure I can rock an A on this project. I'm really excited to be taking a class that will help so much in real life. Yay!

Email me please :)


For those of you wondering what the sizes were on the newest dresses (Strawberry and Tartan print) from Meta, I just got an email this morning back with the max and min. ^^

Dear Lillian,

Hello, thank you for your inquiry.
The size of the dress is
bust 84-120cm (33.0-47.2in), waist 68-110cm (26.7-43.3in)

Thank you.
.*~ Metamorphose temps de fille ~*.
Aya Nakagawa

World Loli Exchange...

YAY~! Mine is in the mail~!

I have been so tempted all this time to post pictures when I was done with it, but I won't spoil the surprise for my partner, I hope she likes my package ~_~

At first I thought it was hard but once I got an idea and ran with it, it was okay. I've never been one for the 'Alice in Wonderland' type lolita obsession, but now I am really obsessed~! I really think it was a great idea, especially since I'm pretty much broke right now =(

So how's everyone else's going? Was it hard to get creative, or relatively easy?  ^_^;;;

~ Relena <3

(Helps if I actually join EGL again... no wonder all my comments were being screened... -_-)

Wa-loli links please T^T

Awhile back, someone posted a link to Yahoo!Jp auctions and it had tons of Wa-loli dresses and ones with short skirts... i've looked for them - can't find. any help? <3 basically, it's just that i guess i don't know how to search for that kind of stuff..

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Strange question

Alright, this is a strange question but...

For those of you who wear skirts more often than pants, how do you deal with leg hair?
I don't want to shave my legs every day, as it takes a really long time and the more I shave, the worse it all gets (thicker hair, bumps, dry skin D:).. Waxing is also not terribly effective, it tends to take forever as my hair doesn't attach to the strips very well and it all grows back very, very quickly.

So what should I do? Should I just suck it up and shave every day.. or get laser hair removal or something? x.x

Lolita is a bit easier since one usually wears knee-high (or over the knee) socks.. but everything that doesn't look good with socks is my problem ;_;


I found this adorable (long) skirt with ruffles and frills and I want to buy it to wear it to the concert, but an aquaintence tells me not to wear skirts. She also says that people could try and lift it...But it's really long anyway. I think it would look cute and I really want to wear it, but I'm scared of perverts.

Have any of you gone to a concert in a skirt? What happened?

Is a skirt a good/bad thing, and should I wear stockings so nothing shows?

Shirt Progress...

Okay, so I trimmed it to a square neck and added the purple ribbon and black lace. I think it's looking okay, but I'm nervous about puffing the sleeves. It's already a (slightly) fitted tee, but it's built for people who are size 16-18, so it's loose on me (I'm straight size 16) in some places, but the armholes are sewn on comfortably.

...Maybe I'll just cut the seam on the top and cinch them?

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rakkasei by [nks]

jumping onto the art band-wagon!

so my friend challenged me to a green/gold(yellow?) color-scheme.
why i chose to work a such not-so-lolita scheme into a
very VERY borderline-lolita genre is beyond me.
please dont take this TOO seriously XD
(warning: erololi. moreso lolita-inspired ero? idunno)
Collapse )

hope you enjoy!
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Finally getting the nerve.. too late? :(

Um. As much as I've always loved lolita, I've not had much of a chance to try. I'm no good with sewing (although usually my designing is ok), and with 2 kids here it's kind of impractical at best.

Still, for someone who (as a kid) wanted to grow up like Strawberry Shortcake, it's still too tempting to let pass. :)

Seriously, I'm going to be 29, and am just starting to drop the extra kid weight from our daughter. It seems like a good opportunity to try and be cute and/or sexy again, instead of slob-Mom. ^_^

I would LOVE just one good outfit. Sugary enough to make a 10 year old need dentures, all the way to americanized gothic "lolita" I'd be at least interested in...

But I'm so afraid I'd just look like a fool. :) Honestly, our daughter has aged me more than she had any right to. ^_^
Do I take the plunge and start planning? Figure out a new haircut? (It's about mid-back, dark blond (reddish summertime) (Although I have tentative plans to do Locks for Love and then dye what's left of it plum)
Or give it up as a lost cause. ;) I have a hard time imagining myself looking sweet and innocent with two kids in tow. *lol*
Input VERY appreciated.
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Meta picture & size request

First off, does anyone have a photo of this style of Meta dress being worn? (I know they've put out a few in different years in different prints. I'm especially curious what it looks like on someone around my size (US Medium). I envision it being cute, but I'm worried about that bodice. Also, if you have it, is the bodice cut high enough to wear it without a blouse and be decent?

Also, anyone own the frill-tuck bustier? After having purchased a couple Meta items with really off sizes I'm wary of their measurements. (I'm almost positive this would be too small for my boobs, but I gotta ask because I love it and because the last thing I bought was bigger than listed.)