February 4th, 2007

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Petticoat - width on brand skirts/dresses?


I have a small question.

It´s like this: I have two petticoats, but they are secondhand and I´m not sure if the have enough poof for brand skirts/dresses. The poofinees (??) is about 78". So my question is, what width does the brand skirts/dresses have? Do I have to buy some other petticoats, ore will does that I have work?

Kind regards
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lolita stores in vancouver?

I've already combed the comm through ljseek and didn't really get much, so I thought I'd ask here ^_^.

I will be in vancouver the lunar new year weekend to visit family for a really short amount of time(1-1 1/2 days :X), and wanted to know if there were any stores in the area that sold any loliable (brand or no-brand)things? I only really know places such as richmond and a small part of vancouver, so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks so much in advance!!

Leather vs. Enamel?

So on Rose Chocolat, you have two options of what material you want your shoes made out of. That is, either enamel or leather.

Could someone explain to me the difference? I know that enamel is shinier, but is it stiffer than leather? Is it hard to walk in?
shia catastrophe

Providence, you out there?

My boyfriend is going to a convention in Providence, RI this summer (June 28-July 1 to be exact) and I'm going to be touristing about without him for the most part. In essence, I'm wondering how many lolitas in the Providence area would be up for a meetup or just hanging out in fun clothing and perusing the town (or helping me with said perusal).
So Providence area lolis, where are you and what are you up for?!

Celga Auction and Search Tip ^^!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are doing well! I was thinking today that maybe you all would like a auction search tip! This is especially useful for finding specific prints in the future! I'm sure some of you have already thought of it but some of you haven't yet maybe? I know that many of you save the images of a specific OP or JSK or item when you like it and then look for it later when it runs out before you can get it! A way that may help you search for it is to copy and save the name of the item you want in its original Kanji or Katakana!

For example:
Many of you have bought the Baby the Stars Shine Bright Stained Glass series items!

Did you know sometimes that Japanese lolitas think and item is popular enough not to even put the brand name in the header!? They will just put the katakan or kanji of the item as the subject for their auction!

This is the name of the stained glass OP in Japanese:
恋月姫ステンド天使柄リボンワンピース(ribbon one piece)

you can copy "恋月姫ステンド天使柄" and search for it in mbok, rakuten. or yahoo japan auctions and sometimes things will come up that aren't in a regular search for Baby the Stars or other things when browsing in general! You can do this for almost anything you are searching for if it isn't too broad! Just copy the part of the name that isn't the item description(like OP, JSK. or blouse- unless you want to narrow it down) and search away!

Hope this has helped!

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administrator approved


After talking with the mods and recieving permission (Thank you missmeganmaude!) I'd like to tell you about my community, japanese_please. It's a community to learn japanese at your own pace.

I myself am still learning, and thought it would be fun (and help me to remember better) if I posted everything I learn online. So please, feel free to have a look and join. Anyone of any skill level is welcome, especially native speakers! Feel free to post questions and comments, or for something to be translated. And of course, lolita related subjects are always welcome ^_^

Arigato gozaimasu~!