February 3rd, 2007

Sewing a blouse

Dear seamstresses,
How would one go about sewing a blouse? Would you consider it "difficult" or "easy" on a scale of 1-10? (1 being easy and 10 being hard). I want to make one because all the blouses I find do not really fit me and I don't have the money to buy OMFGBRAND! :(

EDIT: Does any seamstresses have pictures of blouses that have made from scratch? :)
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(no subject)

Thank you Closet Child, for making my day. I had a pretty bad day today, but when I got home there was confirmation from closet child about two beautiful items I was certain I missed out on. It made me feel completely better.

Does this happen for anyone else? Can lolita make you happy? Or am I just a silly girl who loves clothes too much? xD;

By the way, this is what I bought,
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I bought a pair of Ling Lam shoes maybe a week or week and a half ago...I paid, and I already received my new pair, but today I got an email from eBay saying some weeeird stuff about a removed listing. Anyone know what's up? There's not really a problem 'cause I have the shoes, but I don't really understand lol.

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(no subject)

As a lot of members here know, I make jewellery and post here often with my Lolita/Punk inspired items ^_^ I've been thinking for some time to start doing some select pieces in sterling silver and wanted to ask if this would be of interested to girls in the community? This would mainly be necklaces to begin with..not plain per say, but, chained necklaces with very beautiful pendants and in time, pearled necklaces with sterling silver accents. Dependant on how well my initial pieces sell. Would this interest anyone here?

I know a lot of girls don't wear costume because of skin ailments - I'm the same and come out in terrible rashes along my neck and chest very similar to a burn ;_; So right now make costume items that are nickle free to avoid that kind of thing happening! But I know girls are still weary just incase. So sterling, I figured, would appeal to more of those people ^_^b Anyway, feedback would be appreciative!

vivienne westwood orb necklace


i am looking for VW orb necklaces on ebay and they are listed at a BIN price of like $17 plus $7 shipping. is that right? the auction looks like they're authentic but i thought these necklaces would be a lot more expensive. the vivenne westwood site lists them for about 50 pounds so i have no idea what is going on *A*. i really don't want to end up with a knockoff =__=. anyhow, here is the auction.

thank you :3

[ EDIT: it seems very silly of me now, because glass orb in the auction i linked to is a BEAD. lulz i didn't get that. anyhow, i'd like to get your opinion on this auction because i can't seem to find any faults. the reserve hasn't been met though and i'm not sure how high this seller is expecting it to go D: ]
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Baby the stars shine bright group order?

To [info]honey_rivenwolf , Hopefully this isn't an inconvenience to anyone--regarding the bssb order, since there's a delay and my part of the order is the largest and most inconvenient, you can go ahead and take me off. Since this is my first time doing business I apologize for the inconvenience, but the details we talked about would be just fine--money order is great, just as soon as you can. Thank you for including me in the order in the first place, and I'm sorry to inconvenience you.[Unknown LJ tag]

Where to buy~

Where can I get some pretty pastel striped tights? I'm looking specifically for baby blue and white, and baby pink and white striped ones, and I cant find them anywhere all help appreciated ^^
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doubt about paypal

When I receive money from something I sell like a dress
the money go to only a paypal accountant or to the credit card that I use to pay things in papypal?
if the money go to to paypal there's any away to send the money for my credit card?
I'm sorry for the silly question, I just received a payment from other day from a girl here and want to know where the money goes
and Yes I should known before sell things * felling really stupid *
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Two Questions...

First, can anyone tell me when the metamorphose summer lucky packs come out?

Second, I ordered a parasol from Baby the Stars Shine Bright and intended to pay with a IPMO... until I read in their confirmation email that you can't do a IPMO from the UK to Japan... gutted... I had to cancel because I dont want to/cant pay an extra £20 for the bank transfer fee... it makes the £18 parasol go from £33 total to £54.... :( I guess I just wondered if anyone knows why not. I'll think I'll ask the post office just in case. *flails arms* If not, I guess a group order is the best solution so the shipping/fees get split up between a group of people...?
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Shopping in Hong Kong

Hello, I'll be moving to Zhuhai for the next 3 months, and I was wondering about shopping in HK. After searching the memories, I found replies from 2004-2006 which I complied into a shoplist. Sometimes the places differed, sometimes the shopnames differed....Iso could anyone please verify the locations? Thanks very much!

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Credit to: tamulove, gcute, blue_meddy, lolime and matel9. Complied by tsu_.

Second question, are there any lolitas in HK right now? It'll be nice to meet up with people and eat lut zi dan kou~ (chestnut cake)