February 2nd, 2007

New Mini Indies Brand Report Up!

Hi everyone again everyone ^^! It has been a long time! Sorry ;(!

It is me, Frozen, again letting you all know I have put up a new Lolita Indies Brand report on the Celga EGL Page! You can view them here ^^! This week the indies brand Zenith, Seraphim, and Deep Forest are being featured! They are great finds for classic and sweet lolita so I hope you will check them out ^^!

Also, please don't forget to check out the regular major site links on the side of our main page for new and used (yes that is right ;p closet-child isn't the only 2nd hand store out there though it seems that many people don't know that - check our page!) Gothic and Lolita Clothing Web shops that you can order from via Celga EGL ^^!

In addition, the Yahoo Auction Search Term page on my LJ is almost finished up so I encourage all you gothic and lolita users out there to use it ^^- there are many different search terms for each brand you can use on Yahoo Auctions (which are already pre linked there) or enter them in on Mbok when searching on Mbok^^! And if you have any questions about using Celga ordering, Sizing, or Search terms please feel free to look through my livejournal on the main page where I think many questions are already answered- and if not please feel free to ask!

I hope you all have a good day!

Frozen ♪

shirred dress/skirt patterns?

I am new to shirring with elastic thread ( I usually do multiple channels with actual elastic). Could anyone suggest some sewing patterns to me that have shirring instead of zips or snaps? I am especially looking for dress patterns so I can learn how its all put together for future drafting purposes.

thank you ^_^
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SFSU Meeting

From everyone's input, I decided that we can have the meeting NEXT Friday, February 9 at 4:00 pm; possibly at the Student Center/Bookstore (a weekend meeting I think is more convenient for everyone). If anyone thinks Sunday or Saturday is a better day, let me know! I'll remind everyone a day before and also the day of. Don't forget to dress up too! If there's anymore suggestions (this is a "meet-and-greet" casual meet) as to what else we should do, comment here~ Thanks everyone :D

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So far so good!

Hey there! This is my first sewing project EVER! thanks mom for helping me not to totally botch this! i just wanted to show you what i've been working on since we've had nothing but sucky weather for the past few days... please note i am no where near done, and i know that the under dress doesnt match, but i hardly think running around with nothing under it would have looked good lol. feed back is welcome!

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Hey, guys. There was a technical problem with the voting last time so I'm going to have to get you to vote again. I'm sorry it's taken me this long to get the new voting, but I've been busy and I had to find a good way to get the votes.
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Edit: If you tried to vote and it gave you an error message go back and try again. (I exceeded my free trial, but I fixed it.)
Edit #2: Voting will last until 6pm central time on Sunday.

Qutie Frash shopping sites wanted please

Hello everyone!
    I was wondering if anyone can help me find places to buy "Qutie Frash". I know about the Kera Shop online and their main site. But their main site I can't purchase from.
So I am asking you guys if you have any store links that have Qutie Frash could you please tell me!

Here is how its written in Japanese:

So any help would be very nice, and thank you all!

I am looking to buy items "NEW", so if you find any store that sells never used items. That would be prefered.
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Empire waist dresses

I need help making a pattern for a empire waisted jumper dress. Like this one, sort of. I'm going to do it in a print, so I don't really want the shirring in the front of the bust because I think it'd look too busy (The print is blue teacups on a cream background). I'm still going to do the thing in the middle with the lace and ribbon crossing. So is the shirring essential to the fit? Or can I just use a piece that looks like this:

(obviously with correct proportions) I'd still do the shirring in the back, and possible add darts on the bottom of the bust-line. Just wondering if someone's ever made a dress like that. I'm like a/b cup so I don't need too much shaping but I'm not flat either.
Also does anyone have a magic proportion for the fullness of the skirt (like the 3x your waist formula for skirts)? I imagine it wouldn't need to be quite that full for that kind of dress. Maybe 2.5 or 2.25 times my under-bust? I've never really made a dress this style before.

Shoes ;_;

*wail* Why must shoes be such a difficult thing to size? Why must there be so many variations within a single size?

I ordered a pair of plain black Demonia-brand platform mary-janes off of ebay from dressed2the9s in what I thought was my size and they were plenty wide, for I have slender feet, but my toes rammed into the front! ;_; so much for my first loli-esque shoe-buying experience. I suppose I must return them now for a larger size, but I have to pay shipping and handling for both directions! For that price I may as well have bought better quality shoes in the first place. It all seems very inconvenient. Every shoe in my closet is US 8.5-9 and it said nowhere that these ran small.

I now have an acute paranoia of purchasing loli shoes from the internet. So I must know...What is the best way to go about purchasing shoes? Is it really that tricky or did I just have bad luck? Any brands you'd recommend or watch out for? Any that tend to run small? Should I simply return them and buy from somewhere else?

Any help is appreciated! Thank you! <3
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