February 1st, 2007



For all of us who love to drool over beautiful clothes and can't ever read the Japanese site (and if you use Mozilla Firefox) there is a solution!

A new translating extension adds a small toolbar that will have a button labeled
that, while looking at a site in another language (from your default of course) will change it over to your default in just one click!

It is sort of broken English at times ("you are looking in mail order method") but hey, it works =]

If anyone's interested, it's called FoxLingo

Places to buy lolita shoes

Fan plus friend SHOE sizing question

Hello everybody~ ^.^

I used the search option, but I cannot find the right posting. That's why I want to ask you now, I hope this is ok.
I plan to buy this f+f replica shoes http://www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-366/Gothic-Lolita-Sweet-Crown%26Pearl/Detail
Normally I wear size EU 37 (UK 4,5 and JP 23,5). Should I order one size bigger? Do you have experience with fanplusfriend shoes?
Hello Kitty Rocks

For Once, Dare I Say It, I Hope I Can Find This at Hot Topic...

I just got an email for Lip Service's new items and there was a skirt that jumped out at me for lolita wear. I rarely wear anything black/gothic lolita, but I think for this skirt in black and red I'd make an exception. I think all it needs are some petticoats and the right things up top to co-ordinate it properly (I'm not wild about its matching jacket or that ohmygoth black veil head thingie the model has on) and it would be SWEET... errr... GOTHIC? Of course, it is $78 directly from LS. So, here's hoping Hot Topic gets them in bulk (like they usually do) so I can go to the mall and pick it up for $30 :D

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wanting more clarification

 i think i have a good handeling on what lolita japanese fashion is. to my knowledge it was bassed off of mana who was a crossdressing guy from a j-rock band(i belive malice mazier, not a big japanese music fan). the style was supposed to be doll like, and there is an innocence and politeness that is the style of one that dresses up as a lolita. gothic lolita tends to be darker colors or black, whereas another mainstream style is sweet lolita which is more colorful and playful to my understanding. i read the faq what is egl, and i just need this clarification.

what exactly is the difference between egl and goth besides them originating in two different countries. when i see a style of shoe that i think immitates the chunky baby doll heel shoes that are worn with the outfit, sometimes people say they are more goth than egl...so i am not understanding the difference between the two and want to get clarified more. thank you everyone. :) i've been intersted in this fashion for...at least 4 years, so i havent actually worn it yet, or bought it yet(and i'm not able to sew), but i've been admiring from afar for awhile so i do not consider myself a newbie..just a curious confused person who wants to be educated more.

EDIT:could someone please explain to me some of the slang or abreviated terms such as:DS and WTB?
shia catastrophe

Pictures, hoooo!

Well a couple of Saturdays ago my boyfriend and I went out to take some pictures of some of the new stuff I got over the Fall season! Busy law student that I am, this was the first photoshoot opportunity, so on to the pictures:

Click for larger

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Is there a secret link or something to still buy it? XD ;;
I posted a...post (?) a few months ago with the link of a PICTURE of it, but I don't know if I can search for my posts, so I'm just going to use a Photobucket link of the dress.
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Making a Shirt...

Well, I'm embellishing one. I decided to make one that was gothic-lolita/Dir en grey based...So I got this black tee shirt (yes I know...not very egl sounding....) and some black lace trim and purple ribbon...I'll show you guys when it's done. I was thinking of putting "Cage," in purple puff paint, but now I'm wondering if that may be too much.

I know it's not exactly "lolita," but I'm doing the best I can with what little I can do in the way of sewing/needlework...

Pre-work opinions and suggestions?
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Fuck a doodle doo !
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boring socks question

Hellllooo !

I was just wondering if any of you here got a pair of the latest Meta crown socks ? :

If so, how do they fit ? Are they like extra tight or do they have a decent stretching in them ? Is the crowns are like ... "in the fabric" itself or is it embroidered ?

Thanks tons ! ^.^;