January 31st, 2007

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Art/dress design!

Hey all~
During class yesterday (I fail at paying attention, but my professor is sooooooo boring) I made a little sketchy. It started out as a design sketch for my Valentine's Day dress, but I thought it came out really cute so I colored it up in Photoshop.

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(no subject)

so um.... i have a question... ^^; i am working on a dress with this pattern.... http://store.sewingtoday.com/cgi-bin/butterick/shop.cgi?s.item.B3640=x&TI=
I am making the version on the right with MUCH prettier fabric (so scary on the pattern). So here are my questions (ya i have a few lol)

1) how long should i make the under dress?
2) how much race??? i am very sparce in my lace so far. i have some pokin outa the bust, and on the sleeves and probably on the hem of the underskirt.... thats it so far.
3) how much poof? i dont wanna make side panniers and end up like marie antoinette just to go to tea... but how much poof should there be?
4) what to do about accessories? my hair is short and i look rather androginous (spelling?) right now, so i dont want a hat or crown.... but i also hate traditional head pieces. I was thinking a doctored up head band?

any other advice rocks. thank you!

Nightmare Before Xmas dress?

i remember someone making a dress of nightmare before xmas...did the project ever come out? the sketch of the print looked awsome and i wanted to know if they were gonna be selling the dresses or not.

major shout out to aya who took me around while in new york last week, you officially rock my socks! thanks so much, i wouldve been so lost in chinatown lol


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(no subject)

I recently started getting into EGL, and one of the main culprits is this:


I really want a pair of shoes like that, but not for that price. Does anyone happen to know of a place where you can get shoes LIKE that (not exact) for a lower price? I found my victorian boots for a good price, but I'm having trouble finding these.


Also, for a con in September, I'll be working with one of my friends to make some EGL. When I start working on it, I'll post again!
Imai kira birdgcage

Mint green?

I had a dream the other day that i found a mint green dress and shoes and headress in my closet and it was so lovely, which is strange because i cant stand the colour green and i am hardcore for white and dark red. But now i am obsessed and want to see what mint green loli options are out there. So i was wondering if you guys could post pictures from stores, pictures you have, new or ancient of MINT GREEN lolita clothes or accessories :] thanks!


Hey, I have an minor image request and I think you girls would have the best reponses!

I know it's not very Lolita to get a tattoo but I really want to get a vanilla icing strawberry multi-layer cake on my shoulder. This kinda exploded into getting more things likes unicorns and ribbons and stuff.

I'm wondering if any of you girls have a really good picture or ilustration or likeness to the cakes used for the Parfait A La Mode line for AP? That's the cake I want but I can' t find any flat images. Just photos of the dress. Or does someone have a dress they can flatten a part of it and scan? I would be really happy. This tattoo won't be done for a few months (a lot of work / money for it)  but I promise to post photos when it's done!

Thanks in advance!
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Revamping a JSK! Oh man! Excitement!!

Okay so. :D I posted here once before (last year ^^;) with a JSK that I made myself... when I look back at it, it wasn't the best ever (it was my first attempt at making a JSK ever, ever... ever). BUT instead of starting completely over with a new one, since I don't have much time (first year at college, anyone? *die*), I thought I'd just make it better. :D I was thinking of adding lace (not sure exactly where, but... I want at least a little more, so it's not so plain-looking), and definitely, definitely redoing the front (shiny ribbon, anyone? *re-die*). I don't know how I'd make the front better, though. Alllllso, I want to somehow improve my shirt underneath/buy a new one. But remember, college student with no job = very little money. I so wish I could buy a BTSSB blouse... ;_; Oh man. That is my dream. (That and a BTSSB JSK, shoes, socks, headdress... the works, baby, the works. xD;) Er, anyway. And I may do something about the shoes... it depends. Oh yeah!! And I might put pockets on it. I roughly based the whole thing on this BTSSB JSK: http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/jumper/130248.html

Suggestions would be very, very, very, very, very much appreciated. :D!!

EDIT:: P.S. If I were to get new shoes, what color would be good besides black? I'm thinking pink or white... yes?

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Impressions of Brand Quality

Now,  as willing to drop money as I am (just bought a $400 Marc Jacobs dres...oh well, I guess it was time to lose some weight anyway), I like to know what I'm getting myself into.

As I'm starting to seriously consider expanding my loli wardrobe I want to know the quality of various brands.

Is the fabric soft, flowing and high thread count? Is the stiching good? Is the lace too starchy? You can't tell this stuff from a picture online, and I only spend $200+ on designer goods for the most part. In general, will I find brand items to be of comparable quality to American designer stuff?  Or should I just bust out the machine and start sewing?
Wonder Woman

My BTSSB lucky pack~ pictures XDD

hey guys, I had won an auction for a BTSSB lucky pack (yaaaay) through celga and it come today~! *dances*

just thought I would share some pics with you guys to break up the sales posts...I know I at least enjoy picture posts...
sorry they aren't the best but my mom was asleep and I had to use the timer on the camera...(which sucks). and please excuse any obvious photoshopping to my face...my skin looks terrible today >_<
I was a little disappointed with the blouse..not quiet the kind of blouse I was hoping for (it has shirring at different parts of the bodice)...but oh well.  it's covered up so I guess it doesn't matter....
the tote bag isn't pictured. sorry..forgot...
what came with the lucky pack: jumper, blouse, socks, headbow, and tote bag.
please excuse any bad spelling...

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The benefits of wearing frills

Dressy lolita is a very good way to get noticed. I know people talk a lot about the negative aspects of it but I want to know what sort of positive reactions people have recieved when wearing lolita? Do people generally complement you when you're in lolita? What's the nicest thing anyone's said to you about your clothes? Do total strangers come up and tell you they love your outfit? Do men who wouldn't normally take a second glance at you start following you around?

I want to hear what people have said that made you want to hug them instead of hurt them.
snow white

Pirate Lolita? O-o;

Well, since this is my first actual post here (as far as I can recall), I'm a bit apprehensive, but here I go:

Since I see alot of pirate-ish factors in alot of Aristocrat and Punk, and even some other styles, a friend and I were wondering if it would be possible to dress in pirate lolita? She's rather obsessed with pirates, and is new to the fashion, but really wants to get into this way. ^-^ She's very serious about it and I want to encourage her anyway I can.

So also, if anyone had any examples of something that could be considered pirateloli...? I'd really appreciate it if you'd post it, or something. ^-^ Or even just tell me your opinion!
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mj : peace

Lolita Lesbians o_o *gasp* ~ Couples Post

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My sweet Jeshy-kun and I. ^__^ She bought me the dress I am wearing. I tried to get her to wear something more kodona-ish but she insisted on wearing my boots and being taller than me. -__- Don't mind my very black shoes...this was at a school dance and my white ones hadn't come in yet. >__<;;

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So that's me and my lolita-loving lady. ^__^
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  • candyod

Sorry to bother...I need a bit of help

Hello, long time lurker, first time poster here. I just wanted to pick up some opinions concerning a certain dress.
I plan on buying this dress from Metamorphose later this week:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Here is where I need the opinions. I am contemplating between wearing it with an antique white long sleeved blouse with antique white socks, or with a black long sleeved blouse with black socks (blouses will most likely be purchased from fans+friend). I am leaning more towards the antique white idea since my hair is black, and all black seems like it would be a bit overwhelming...but I still sort of like the idea of all black. I would really appreciate some opinions on what I should get before I shell out the cash on a new blouse and socks...thanks :)