January 30th, 2007

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Late night question for curvy loli's

Due to the late hour of this contemplation, please forgive the total lack of coherance.

Edt!!! At the bottom of the post

But does Anybody have any idea WHY there seems to be this giant protest of admiting you got curves and not trying to cover them up like a nun in lolita? I've gotten the, maybe wear a blouse so your cleavage doesn't show, comments before. Which makes no real sence to me. When did being a lolita make us not adult woman? (those of us who are mind) I find covering up larger breasts completely just makes for loaf boobs. Like you don't know how to dress yourself properly. A little boob showing, specially on larger breasts, generally means 90% is still very hidden below clothing and the generall Wham giant boobies, is diminished a little. Yeah, they're there, had em since I was 12. Also got a tiny waist and big chunky child bearing hips. Meta's eslastizied jsk's(the long ones)cover the width And height of my chest, making the dress a babydoll AND maintaining a good inch of cleavage.
Now if I cover up, unless I wear clothing entirely tailored to my body shape, I look about 40 pounds heavier than I am. And than, with tailored clothing, I'm probably gunna look a little 'ero' lolita simply cuz I got more curves than a rap video.

So here's my question. Do you think it's possible, in your opinion, to be lolita and still look like a curvy, shape defined woman?
To Have a little cleavage, to have swishy hips, be sensual and wear big girl heels, while still being sweet/country/shiro/casual/princess lolita without adding in that 'adult appropriate' styles such as classic, gothic and punk?

p.s. I only get cleavage when I wear my jsk's and no they are not low cut. At all.

The edit:
Thank you all for your thoughts. Once I was awake enough to be coherant I got a good laugh in as well. and I think one girl got my vague sleepy annoyance into clarity and what had been annoying me for awhile now about the whole sweet lolita lifestyle.
I would like to add, When I said swishy hips, I meant my hips are swishy sitting Down. It's an involuntary swishy sensualness. The bigger skirts tend to accent this even More. The narrow waist just makes it even Worse. It's like a pendalim. I see myself walking in a mirror and I hear my bellydance teacher talking during the shimmy. Ti-ta ti-ta ti-ta. Trying to cage this swishy ends up with me tripping cuz I'm not walking propperly. XD;; that is all. Thank you all again.

specific style

I had a post sort of similar to this some time ago, but this is sort of narrowing it down and getting to what I really meant. ^^;

I'm pretty much head over heels for the cut of this dress:

It's WAY too freaking small for me. But, it's one of the few that I've found that has sort of a frame around the bust. I am very short and have been mistaken for being quite young, and although I love the youthfulness of lolita fashion, I do not want to look younger. I sort of need to accentuate the bustline, because I have a good amount up there; if I have a cut that just goes straight down, it will look like baby fat or just plain chub (totally unwanted, especially with my round face).
I'm on a constant search for blouses and dresses that have this, so I was looking for some help. (FYI - I'm not into the maid look, and unfortunately I think that cuts out a lot; there seem to be a good deal of underbust type maid things.)
Also, I'm not going to flip if it's not a brand name. I just want style.
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My new necklace- babytssb replica selfmade~

My boyfriend's mother is very good in sewing and doing handicratfs- so I should her before christmas a baby necklace, which I wanted to buy- and she said: Wait I will make it for you. Now it's finished and I want to show it! I hope you enjoy it :)
I like it more than the original, because everything (ribbons, the crown etc) is smaller! ^^

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so 'holy crap', meta finally updates and gets in white crew socks. I have been WAITING for such an item for forever, but shipping from japan=o_O; i upgraded my paypal account just for this one thing.

i have never been in or done a group order before, but i am fair and honest, and i'm a long-term member of this community and I also run
i'm also easy to get ahold of because i'm online frequently.

so if you're interested in a meta group order, please leave a comment. i'll probably cap it at $200USD (154 euros, 100GBP, Y24300).

I will make a post and/or email you once the items are ordered, and then i will make a post once i receive the items as well.

i accept any kind of paypal, but if you can only do check/money order or concealed (US) cash, let me know in a comment. i'd like to order at the latest tomorrow morning (American Eastern Standard time 9:00 am).

thanks guys! :D
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Question about a cutsew >.>

hello everyone ^^ I come bearing another question about baby >.> This time it's abotu this cutsew:


it says body width 82cm to 100cm...so, I know this might seem like a silly question but I guess it's reffering to the bust area? o.O or all aroudn body width? I'm guessing if the bust is less than 100cm (me = 36.5 in) it should be ok? Sorry for the silly question :x...I just want to make sure it fits before I send my friend on another chase ._.......

Any help is greatly appreciated *o*~

make that 3 questions total >.< what about skirts liek this one:
they don't state any specific size, so does that mean that it can fit almost anyone or am I jsut not seeing the size or what? X_x and what about Baby skirts that say the waist can be adjussted in the rear soemwhat (the ones with bows on the back) how much is "somewhat"? Has anyone had any experiences?

THanks again!
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Art Post! <3 ~

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Sorry for the generic-ness of the outfits and the crotch heart lmaorofl xD. It's just what I came up with. >_< They're supposed to be classic, sweet, and goth loli sisters. I'd like ideas for colors, so if you have any, please post them. ^^

wa-loli shoes...take a looksie!

I was searching around the internets..and found this lovely site. I would say that these shoes are Okobo-esque in style and would be FANTASTICAL for walolis. I do not know how they are structure wise but they are only 30 dollars and come in a bunch of nice colors, so its worth a shot. The straps, or to be more correct Hanao could be changed by simply sewing on some new fabric. Lace or snap on bows would look adorable!!

Take a look ^_^!

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A few discussion(?)-type questions~

I was looking through the memories because I was wondering where the various styles and other things originated from (I had a few questions and this helped answer some of them♥), but I was wondering more specifically about punk lolita/punk goth style (think h. Naoto, Putumayo, BPN, &tc). Does it have a visual kei influence or vice versa? And, slightly unrelated, what exactly was the rococo period Momoko talks about in Shimotsuma? Also, when did brand stores start appearing and which were some of the first ones?

Does the time/occasion of when someone dresses in loli clothes vary between those in Japan or those outside of it (I've heard vague things like they only dress in loli on Sundays in Japan but I could've sworn I've seen the odd one or two dress up on another night)? For everyone here, does anyone just dress for specific occasions or whenever they feel like it?
Tigger &amp; Rabbit

What's your confrontational style?

Dear lolitas,

Well, here I am stuck at work again, when I thought it would be a neat idea to measure how aggressive or non-aggressive most lolitas are. What would you do if somebody yelled at you, or started laughing in your face? Would you ignore, say something nasty and confront them directly, or just give them a sideways glance?

I'm a mixture of give a nasty state/ignore them. But all in all, the best thing for me is to ignore...after all, people just do mean things in front of others to be acknowledged, right? Note that this isn't a whiny "ahh someone made fun of me!" post, I just want to see how you gals handle mean peeeps.

Perhaps we can think of this as a psychological poll (kinda).
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I was looking around on ebay when I found this

 And I thought let's share it with you guys and girls! I've heard different things about momo's handicrafts store around here but I was wondering what can go wrong with shoes huh? Appart from the slow shipping Momo seems to be famous for.
I really do love these shoes but...has anyone ever bought shoes from Momo?

Two meta questions

About the new dress

1. What exactly do they mean by "antique white"? like off-white? It looks pretty white to me.

2. What do you think about this whole 'mini-length' thing? I've never seen that before. 18.5 inches doesnt seem THAT mini....(my ITS skirt I'm getting will be 19 inches).


I just stumbled across these on ebay. Tea party replicas! I've never seen them on ebay before. The brand name printed inside the shoe looks like"Secret Shop" which I've never heard of either.
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Couples theme!

THis is such a cute idea! Unfortunately my boyfriend and I live in separate states, so I have very few pictures of us together...but here's what I could find. It's not a very flattering pic.-_-

That's me in sakurafairy's birthday cake dress with my boyfriend, sadistic_apollo, at Otakon 2006.

Omg that dress makes me look sooooooo flat-chested. o.o

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This is a cute theme ^_^

Angelic Pretty Skirt Photos?

I'm looking for some photos of a skirt from this past year, made by AP. It was a fairly simple skirt, except that it had a (ribbon) trim that looped in the shape of a heart on the front right side of it.
Thanks for any help!
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